Friday, October 23, 2009

HuffPoWatch: Scientist Arrested on Spy Charges

An article was posted on the Huffington Post last Monday about an American scientist accused of spying after he was arrested by FBI agents. The FBI agents who set up the sting to arrest him were posing as Mossad agents, and so naturally the HPers were all over the thread. Let's go through what they had to say.

There was one guy who assumed since the scientist worked for an Israeli company, naturally he's more loyal to them than the US:

"He was a paid consultant for an Israeli defence company, which is were the suspicions began. Hes [sic] in it up to his neck, as is Israel."

We had the complainers about America's relationship to Israel (there was quite a lot of those). They were very concerned that the US was Israel's servant, etc., etc.

"Very true - now you tell me why on Earth we are serving Israel's interests for DECADES now...?"

"...So, let me see here. They bring terror to our shores by taking our money and spending it on the worlds [sic] only violently enforced colonial settler movement, an activity so despised in the middle east that bill clinton referred to it as the "the philosophical underpinning of middle eastern terrorism"...They refuse to stop this odious behavior. They seek to drag us into a truly disastrous war with Iran...And they SPY on us at every turn. High level AIPAC people spy on us. Jane Harman takes graft money in return for helping them get off.
What precisely is the nature of this "special relationship" that we have? I will say, its [sic] pretty special."

"Bunk ! $225k in consulting fees was probably the red flag that got the FBI onto the guy's trail. Isreal is as much a threat to the security of the USA as Al Qaeda. Isreali [sic] interests are NOT OURS. Time to cut them loose."

"Yet, again, Israel is caught spying on the US....either they have the poorest record of spying on America or they are just inept....either way, they are proving that they hate this place just as much as they do Iran, Gaza, etc....They are among the richest people in the world and we accept their spying while paying them billions.....AND OUR POLITICIANS DO NOTHING BUT TAKE MORE MONEY FROM AIPAC!!!!"

And, of course, that Israel had infiltrated and controls the US:

[In response to a joke that the FBI is controlled by Israel] "NICE ONE!!!!...
I can't understand the surprise people are expressing over this story?"

Then there was the people complaining because apparently, the Israelis accuse everyone who criticizes them of anti-Semitism, even those with legitimate criticism, and isn't that unfair:

"So, the FBI poses as Mossad....­.apparentl­ly they also are bigots and anti semites...anyone who dares to oppose Israel is branded...well, too damn bad...there is no Israel, there is only Occupied Palestine, and the mythical state of Israel will eventually collapse or be forced to accommodate the rightful owners...Israel is caught so many times spying on this country, our own police can catch many by imitating Mossad....what a laugh..."
(notice the call for Israel's destruction in this post as well)

"Of course, he will get away clean becauses any criticism of Israel is considered ''antisemitic''...the perfect scam conjured up by the perfect scammers."

"Because they [Israel] have become used to getting away with playing the "poor little us" card, which is actually a Race Card. If you don't like them playing the Poor Little Us card, you are anti-Semitic. That's supposed to keep you from complaining about them."

There was the classic "blame Israel for 9/11 arguments":

"Israel's has [sic] a strange power over the political establishment in the US. We have paid dearly for our partiality to Israel, which was a factor galvanizing the US into waging the Gulf War, which left US troops in Saudi Arabia, which was a primary grievance leading to 9/11."

"do you realize that HUNDREDS of Israeli spies where arrest [sic] during the 911 inquiry .google "5 dancing Israelis""

And lastly, some complaints about Israel's existence:

"That cannot happen as long as you do not acknowledge the histrorical [sic] injustice; basically that the creation of Israel itselfis [sic] an injustice"

Yep, just another day on the Huffington Post. We'll see how many of these posts stick around, but I'm not holding my breath. Please refer to Zach's previous post about why these posts are offensive, if that's not immediately apparent.

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