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Huffington Post Blogger Archive

This post will be used as a reference page for future posts about or in response to Huffington Post bloggers, not including HuffPoWatches.

Faisal Abbas
Faisal Abbas Deploys the Ethereal Standard

Majida Abu Rahmah
Huffington Post Blogger Exploits MLK For Anti-Israel Agenda 

Nedda Alammar
Nedda Alammar Is Not Funny

Maen Rashid Areikat
PLO Representative is New Huffington Post Blogger

Alice Bach
Alice Bach Plays the Victim

Omar Baddar
How Omar Baddar Takes Criticism
Omar Baddar Steps Up to Bat 

Elmira Bayrasli
Huffington Post Blogger (Appears To) Deny Armenian Genocide

Medea Benjamin
Medea Benjamin's Desperation

Alon Ben-Meir
Alon Ben-Meir Gets Back On the Soapbox
Alon Ben-Meir Freaks Out
Alon Ben-Meir "Thank Yous" Racist Comment Toward Israelis

Phyllis Bennis
Phyllis Bennis Whips Up Israel Hatred 

Max Blumenthal
Max Blumenthal Kicks Israel When Its Down
Max Blumenthal On Corrie Trial
Max Blumenthal Battles "Media Blackout" 
Max Blumenthal Covers a Pro-Israel Rally 

Bradley Burston
Richard Landes Takes Down Bradley Burston
Countering Burston's "Israel Needs Goldstone"

Michael Carmichael
Anti-Semitic Myths Alive and Well on the Huffington Post

Adam Chandler
Adam Chandler on the Israeli Left

Michelle Chen
Michelle Chen Cheerleads Palestinian "Resistance"

Ira Chernus
Not Even J Street is Polarized Enough for the HuffPo
Ira Chernus and "Myths"
Ira Chernus and More "Myths" (Part 2)(Part 3)
Ira Chernus' Wishful Thinking
Ira Chernus is Hysterical

Steve Clemons
Steve Clemons' Selective Outrage

Ben Cohen
A Response to Ben Cohen's "Inconvenient Truth"
Ben Cohen Clarifies His Position
Ben Cohen Hits the Hardline Too

Charles Cogan
Dr. Charles Cogan Stretches It 

Kevin Coval
Fisking Kevin Coval

Joseph Dana
Joseph Dana's Selective Outrage
Joseph Dana On Pandelas

Lawrence Davidson
Lawrence Davidson and "Zionist Lobbies" 

Patricia Degenno
Patricia DeGenno Is Ridiculous

Hagai El-Ad
Hagai El-Ad Tells Half the Story

Noura Erekat
Noura Erekat On the March
Noura Erekat Tries Her Hand at Lawfare [and Circular Logic] 

Erich Erhmann
Erich Ehrmann Pushes Dual Loyalty Charge

Ru Freeman
Ru Freemans Disinformation

Lara Friedman
Lara Friedman: Nothing New To Say  
Lara Friedman's Half Truths

Larry Gellman
Larry Gellman Incites Jew Hatred

Joseph Grieboski
Joseph Grieboski Turns Over Rocks 

Ariel Gonzalez
Ariel Gonzalez Gets on Board 

Amy Goodman
Second Rachel Corrie Thread, Journalistic Integrity Still Absent

Mya Guarnieri
HuffPo Blogger Calls For Israel's Destruction 
Mya Guarnieri Shrinks Heads
Mya Guarnieri Tries To Scare Us
May Guarnieri Loses Touch
Mya Guarnieri's Latest Complaint
Mya Guarnieri Never Stops Whining
May Guarnieri's Hypocritical Whining

Richard Greener
Richard Greener on Israeli Settlements
Richard Greener Vs "The Self-Hating Jew Myth"
Richard Greener Laments Jewish Influence

Melinda Gopher
Huffington Post Blogger Pushes Conspiracy Theories 

Nadia Hijab
EoZ on Nadia Hijab's Article
Nadia Hijab's Obvious Agenda

Paul Jay
Paul Jay Enlisted to Defend Helen Thomas

Ami Kaufman
Ami Kaufman's Latest Complaint
Ami Kaufman Lights a Fire
Ami Kaufman Loves the ZOG

Ian Katz
Ian Katz Cries and Lies 

Kathy Kelly
Kathy Kelly Keeps Writing, HuffPo Keeps Publishing

Amy Klein
Amy Klein Has Choice Words for the Jews

Stanley Kober
Stanley Kober On Why the US Should Break Its Word 

Daoud Kuttab
Daoud Kuttab Propagandizes Again
Daoud Kuttab Breaks the Silence
Daoud Kuttab Reflects On a Year Gone By
Daoud Kuttab Picks a Side
Daoud Kuttab Starts Defining Things
Daoud Kuttab's Comment
Daoud Kuttab Plays the Race Card
Daoud Kuttab's False Dilemma
Daoud Kuttab Strikes Again
Daoud Kuttab On the General Petraeus Saga
Daoud Kuttab Tells Half the Story
Daoud Kuttab Exemplifies Palestinian Arguments

Barry Lando
Barry Lando Looks Away

Iara Lee
Iara Lee And The "Good Guys" of IHH 

Andrew Levine
Andrew Levine: "Israel Is A Threat To Us All."

Salam Al-Marayati
Salam Al-Marayati Needs to Reread the Constitution 

Lida Milazzo

Milazzo Strikes Back
BDS Episode VI: Return of the Milazzo
Linda Milazzo Revives Dual Loyalty Canard
Linda Milazzo Lies Like a Rug

Sami Moubayed
Sami Moubayed and "Liberating" The Golan

Ahmed Moor
Fisking Ahmed Moor's "Zionism Is Not Judaism"
Ahmed Moor's: "The Zionist State"
The Case Against Ahmed Moor's "Case For One State Solution"
Ahmed Moor on Senator Schumer
Ahmed Moor On the West Bank (Part 1)
Ahmed Moor On the West Bank (Part 2)
Ahmed Moor: Pro-Palestinian?
Ahmed Moor: Destroy Israel! (Part 1)
Ahmed Moor: Destroy Israel! (Part 2)
Ahmed Moor: Destroy Israel! (Part 3)
War With Iran? Ahmed Moor Tells Us Who To Blame
Ahmed Moor: Destroy Israel! (Part 4)
Ahmed Moor Calls for Dissolution of Palestinian Authority

Ayed Morrar
Ayed Morrar Rewrites History
The HP's Resident Pandela Speaks

Robert Naiman
Robert Naiman Steps In It
Robert Naiman Exploits Jews and Judaism to Help Hamas
After Rafah Opening Robert Naiman Struggles To Stay Relevant
Robert Naiman Reveals His Prejudices
Robert Naiman Plays the Victim
Robert Naiman Supports Terrorism
Robert Naiman's Palestinian Propaganda
Robert Naiman Strikes Again
Sharmine Narwani 
Narwani Vs Zogby Round 2
Sharmine Narwani Chants "America Go Home"
Sharmine Narwani: Hypocrite
More Narwani Attacks on David Harris
Sharmine Narwani Lies Through Her Teeth
Sharmine Narwani's Hypocrisy
Sharmine Narwani on American Jews 
Sharmine Narwani Insults User, Admits Her Biases
Narwani On Arrigoni
How Sharmine Narwani Reacts To a Bus Bombing
The Quotable Sharmine Narwani Video
Sharmine Narwani Supports Terrorism
Sharmine Narwani Quotes of the Day
Sharmine Narwani Defends Holocaust Denial
Sharmine Narwani On Jews
Sharmine Narwani On Zionism
Sharmine Narwani and Palestinian Hubris
Sharmine Narwani Goes To Dreamland
Sharmine Narwani Returns, More Extremist Than Ever [Part 2]
Narwani Demands Humanization For Some
Narwani On Israel's Government
Narwani Back On the Boards
Sharmine Narwani Continues Use of "Judeo-Facist"
Narwani Seeks to Justify Murder of Settlers (Part 2)
Narwani Seeks to Justify Murder of Settlers (Part 1)
Narwani Continues to Blur Journalism and Propaganda
Sharmine Narwani On Human Rights
Narwani Hits the Hardline
Narwani Tells It Like It Is
Sharmine Narwani Mouths Off Again
Is that a Threat, Sharmine Narwani?
Nawarni: "Palestinians Don't Need To Do Diddly"
Sharmine Narwani Flips Out
Sharmine Narwani Defends Terrorism
BoJ Exclusive: Narwani = EnMasse?
Sharmine Narwani Calls For the Destruction of Israel 
Sharmine Narwani Goes On the Offensive
Sharmine Narwani Attacks "Jewish Groups," Defends Hezbollah (Part 1)
Sharmine Narwani Attacks "Jewish Groups," Defends Hezbollah (Part 2)
Sharmine Narwani Gets It Backwards
Sharmine Narwani Spreads Falsehoods
The Triumphant Return of Sharmine Narwani
Narwani vs Friedman: Nobody's Right If Everybody's Wrong
Interview With a "Terrorist"

Jared Malsin
Jared Malsin Finds A Home on the Huffington Post

Christine Patterson
Christine Patterson Throws a Pity Party

Alison Ramer
Alison Ramer Criticizes J Street for Not Supporting One State

Taufiq Rahim
HuffPo Blogger Attacks Israel's Legitimacy

Josh Ruebner
Josh Ruebner Guzzles the Haterade 

MJ Rosenberg
HuffPo's MJ Rosenberg Making Abusive Comments
MJ Rosenberg's Latest Strawman
MJ Rosenberg Strawmans Again
MJ Rosenberg Keeps "Jews Control the Media" Myth Alive
MJ Rosenberg's "Sable Video"
MJ Rosenberg Stereotypes AIPAC
MJ Rosenberg Tries to Make Something From Nothing
MJ Rosenberg's False Dichotomy
MJ Rosenberg: Mind Reader and Ad Hominem Master
MJ Rosenberg Gets Taken Down
MJ Rosenberg Puts His Blinders On
Elder of Ziyon vs MJ Rosenberg
MJ Rosenberg Plays the Race Card
MJ Rosenberg: "AIPAC Owns the Senate"
My Letter to the HP (MJ Rosenberg Edition)
MJ Rosenberg At TPM
MJ Rosenberg Stereotypes Again
MJ Rosenberg Weaves a Tangled Web
MJ Rosnberg: Israel "Ethnic Cleansing," Carrying Out a "Pogrom."
MJ Rosenberg On Shalala Incident
MJ Rosenberg Weighs In On Hebron Massacre [Postscript]
MJR And The "Firsters"
MJRs Sterling Counter-Argument (and Backtrack)
MJR And Israeli Spies
MJ Rosenberg Weighs In On "Obstacles" To Peace
MJR Objects to Name Calling
Jpost Tears Into MJR
MJ Rosenberg's Selective Outrage
MJ Rosenberg Starting to Wake Up?
MJR And All the Young Jews
MJR Back to His Usual Fare
 The HP And the ADL Kiss and Make Up
MJR/ADL/GB Saga Continues
MJ Rosenberg Can't Contain Himself
MJ Rosenberg Brings Out the Anti-Semites
MJ Rosenberg On Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia
MJ Rosenberg Steps In It
MJ Rosenberg Gets Desperate
MJ Rosenberg Reacts to Palestine Papers
MJR On Jews Controlling Congress
MJ Rosenberg Lies, Whines
Responding to MJ Rosenberg's Latest Article
MJ Rosenberg Oversimplifies, Complains
MJ Rosenberg Reacts to Stabbing Attack
MJ Rosenberg Tries to Pull a Fast One
Cross-Post: MJ Rosenberg Spits on Liz Taylor's Grave
MJ Rosenberg Dances With Goldstone
MJ Rosenberg is Furious!
MJ Rosenberg Plays With Numbers
MJ Rosenberg Lies Like a Rug
MJ Rosenberg's Hypocrisy
MJ Rosenberg Goes Off the Deep End
MJ Rosenberg Changes His Tune (Again)
MJ Rosenberg Doesn't Hide It Anymore
MJ Rosenberg Back: Nothing New
MJ Rosenberg is Boring Me
MJ Rosenberg Lies About Palestinian Prisoners
MJ Rosenberg Lives in His Own Little World
MJ Rosenberg Is Mistaken
MJ Rosenberg's Moral Equivalence
MJ Rosenberg is Insane

David Samel
David Samel and the Misuse of Human Rights Language [plus comment] 

Brent Sasley
Brent Sasley's Attempt at Moral Equivalence

Dahlia Scheindlin
Dahlia Scheindlin Overreaches (Part 1)
Dahlia Scheindlin Overreaches (Part 2)

Sam Sedaei
Sam Sedaei Lies, Revises History on the HP

David Shasha
What Israel Means to David Shasha (Part 1): The Image of the Jew
What Israel Means to David Shasha (Part 2): The Raging Bull
What Israel Means to David Shasha (Part 3): The Racism Comes Out

Henry Siegman
Henry Siegman's One-Sided "Deceptions" 
Henry Siegman's One-Sided "Deceptions" (Part 2)

Jerome Slater
Jerome Slater Denies Israel's Right to "Self-Defense"
Jerome Slater Returns With Old Arguments

Joshua Stanton
Joshua Stanton and Jewish-Presbysterian Relations 

Robert David Steele
"Israel Right Now Is a Cancer That Must Be Treated"

Mira Sucharov
Mira Sucharov Nails Some Hard Truths
Mira Sucharov Really Doesn't Get It 
Mira Sucharov Continues to Not Get It

Sandy Tolan
Sandy Tolan Thinks We're Stupid

Cenk Uygar
Furkan Dogan and The Anatomy of an Execution

Vincent Warren
Vincent Warren On the Corrie Trial 

Geoffrey Wawro
Geoffrey Wawro Distorts History To Make Offensive Comparison

Sarah Leah Witson
HRW's Sarah Leah Witson Plays the Race Card 

Boaz Yakin
Boaz Yakin's Logical Fallacy

James Zogby
James Zogby Throws a Tantrum
James Zogby and His One Issue Column
James Zogby Hops On the ZOG Wagon
James Zogby And the Abuse of Holocaust Memory
James Zogby Brings Some Sanity

Stephen Zunes
Stephen Zunes Tries His Hand At Law
Stephen Zunes Is Funny

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