Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

Matt and I have been receiving a lot of the same questions through various forms of communication, and I thought that I would take this time to answer some of them. If anyone would like more information, please leave a comment on this post or send us an email at the address in the sidebar. If there are more frequently asked questions, this post will be updated as they come in.

Hey! I keep trying to ask you questions/harass you on the Huffington Post and you don't respond! What's up with that?
-We don't discuss the blog in the Huffington Post talkback sections. If you ask us something about it, we won't respond. If you would like your question answered, leave a comment or send us an email.

Why do you collect abusive comments from the Huffington Post?
-We answered that question here.

No, I mean what's the point? Couldn't I just look them up myself?
-You could, but many users have told us that they find it useful not to have to comb through pages of non abusive comments just for one or two that are. Many "watch" sites exist to serve this purpose. 

Why do you focus on anti-Semitism, anti-Jewish and anti-Israel comments? What about other forms of racism or bigotry?
-We answer that question here. As I said there, if anyone would like to guest write and track abusive comments of other form of bigotry, we would love to hear from you. Simply put, we don't have enough time to catch all the anti-Semitism on the Huffington Post, expanding our focus simply is not feasible.

Where do you draw the line between legitimate criticism of Israel and anti-Semitism? Aren't you just trying to silence all criticism of Israel?
-We use the European Union's Working Definition of Anti-Semitism. It seems to cover it pretty well. If you think that we track everyone who criticizes Israel, please compare an HPW to the actual Huffington Post thread. There are plenty of comments that are not included. If we tried to claim that every criticism of Israel on the Huffington Post was anti-Semitic we would never stop writing. Quite simply, to say that we are branding all criticism of Israel with that label only indicates that you have not read the blog very long.

Why do you keep a list of user profiles?
-We answered that question here.

Okay...but it still seems kind of McCarthyist to me.
-I can see why you might think that, but again it is a common part of "watch" sites. There are many, many users of the Huffington Post who are strongly critical of Israel but will never be profiled here, because they are not abusive and don't say anti-Semitic (or even borderline) things. That being said, if you really believe that a user has been placed on the list unfairly, send us an email and present your case. We are very open to outside input.

If someone is profiled on this site, does that mean you think he or she is an anti-Semite?
-Not generally. For someone to be profiled they usually have a history of making abusive or racist comments. If we do believe that a user is considered to be anti-Semitic (by us) than that will be written in the top paragraph of the profile page. Here's an example. If it isn't there, we don't think the user is anti-Semitic.

Was it you who just deleted my comment/banned my profile?
-I'm going to say this one: WE ARE NOT MODERATORS. We have no more power in the Huffington Post talkback section than you do. For a comment to be deleted, or for a user to be banned, a moderator must have considered it/him/her to be worthy of removal. Matt and I cannot influence the moderators beyond our role as humble users. If you choose to continue to believe in some kind of Zionist conspiracy theory, though, don't let me stop you.

Zach, what's up with your screenname? Are you saying you're a god?
-It's a reference to the television series Doctor Who. Specifically episode 3.9 "The Family of Blood."

Matt, what's up with your screenname? Are you saying you're a saint?
-It's a reference to Dungeons and Dragons.

How much does Israel/AIPAC/The Jewish Lobby/The Elders of Ziyon pay you to do this?
-We are private individuals who have yet to see a single cent for anything we do on the Huffington Post or here. And we don't intend to start. If you don't believe me, quite frankly, you know what you can do. 


  1. Ahh yes, the Elders gab thrown in there. If Jews had that kind of power, a website like this one would be superfluous. But reason gets lost on the critics of Israel.

  2. How are your posts entered on your various lists?

    Are they chronological, most recent first, or most recent last, or are they random?

    Is there ANY order?

  3. For User Profiles, it is simply as the users come up. The most recent is on the bottom.

    For HPW Articles, it is reversed. The most recent article posted is on the top.

    For HP Bloggers, it is first done in alphabetical order by the bloggers last name. After that, the most recent is on top.

  4. The pictures that head this blog appear to be the same person in left and right profiles.

    Do you have a photo that shows you side by side with you brother in full face that has not been photoshopped?

  5. It does give that impression, doesn't it? We look very similar.

    We aren't posting a picture of ourselves that is that clear because we want to preserve anonymity. That's the best you are going to get, sorry.

  6. Hilarious!

    In a population the size of the US, and allowing that you attend the occasional event, who do you believe you are that you need to "preserve anonymity"?

    Do you seriously think that you have a significance that might make "anonymity" necessary?

    If so, your arrogance and mistakenness is huge.

  7. McCarthyism = America at its worst. This list is a disgrace. Get on HP and argue with these people. Man up, guys.

  8. HP poster here who has been trying to track down LonelyGod on HP to ask a question.

    6 weeks ago there was some vandalism in the local Jewish cemetary. Since the Jewish population here is essentially nil compared to 1940, the place is maintained by non Jews.

    We had a work group meet today to try to clean it up and repair the damage.

    Around the 40 acres of cemetary is a 2 meter high wall of our ubiquitious limestone blocks.

    At random intervals and heights some stones were painted green. It was obvious they were painted after being laid, and that the green paint had been repainted at times over the years.

    Why? Is this something within the faith, something within the faith in this locale, or means nothing?

  9. I'm no expert in Jewish cemetaries but I have never heard or seen one doing that before. So I guess I can't help you, sorry.

  10. I'm curious why you just scrubbed a comment I took the time to write. I got here because the HP is disgusting and getting worse. I wrote a short piece that ended with quotes of various Zionists to make my argument for me since it's useless to argue with a religion and the quotes are very revealing. Did I just answer my own question?

  11. really appreciate you guys doing this... HuffPo is really annoying with all the hateful stuff the let through, plus articles that are inciteful, rather than insightful


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