Tuesday, April 27, 2010

HPW: Hamas' Gilad Shalit Cartoon

The Huffington Post covered the story about Hamas sending Israel a cartoon about Noam Schalit's possible future distress over the death of his son. The thread was fully moderated, and I know that some long-standing comments were removed by the time I came back for the "watch" post. Anyway, there are about 280 comments right now, with more probably to come. Click below for the ones of note. There weren't many.

it's a shame what happened to Schalit...
actually not really.
A soldier in occupation forces knows damn-well what they're getting into when they put on the uniform of an army that militarily occupies and oppresses another people for the sole purpose of maintaining racial superiority and majority on the land.
Schalit and other soldiers had this coming for them. If Schalit is a 'peaceful' person, then he should've been a conscientous objector, or a 'refusenik' and refuse to serve in brigades that directly occupy the Palestinians.
I feel bad for the 10,000+ Palestinians who are sitting in Israeli prisons for some of the most heinous crimes ever...like crossing Jewish-only roads in the West Bank, being Arab, and not being born of the Jewish faith. These Palestinians are such terrible people!
Why did the Palestinian cross road 334? To get to the other side of his house of course! 
 There is no way you're going to make me take this scam seriously. The only outrage is that The Family Guy didn't think of it first. Geeze, I guess the boys down at Production are buckling under the political pressure. 
Did the world forget how Sharon whispered lies about Palestinians in the Phalangist Leader's ear to provoke him to slaughter Palestinians, and later ordered the IDF to surround the Palestinian camps in Lebanon, Sabra and Shatilla, while the Lebanese Phalangists massacred thousands [not] of innocent Palestinians refugees who had nowhere to run to, because the IDF had the place surrounded??? 

Coffin? Coffin? Was there a Miller Lite sticker on the side with a brief blurb that read, "At Schlomo's Mortuary There are No Buried Costs"? 
I can't decide which I like better Israeli settlers teaching their children to hate Arabs and attack them every chance they get or Israeli children writing on missiles that killed innocent Lebanese children. A jew talking about tolerance of other religions lol this coming from the "chosen people" is laughable.

lol@lob missiles at innocent civilians, good one in 10 yrs these toy rockets have killed 23 people, the Israelis kill more civilians in 1 min than these toy rockets have killed in 10 yrs.
IDF soldiers are so brave using human shields and bombing schools with white phosphorus, its been proven the IDF can't fight on the ground, the IDF with all the latest modern US equipment got their tails kicked by hezbollah fighters using 80s made Russian equipment. 15,000 IDF soldiers and reservists couldn't beat 3,000 hezbollah fighters.
I will admit one thing the IDF is good at is bombing and killing innocent men, women, and children. 
A grand sense of entitlement.
Israel has had Gaza under siege for 3 years, went on a killing spree a year ago, and have since killed more than 90 additional Gazans.
To expect cheerleading for Israel because of this one pathetic gesture - which is an obligation under the Geneva Convention - is gross. Get off the kool-aid and open your eyes. 
The Palestinians love their childrens that is why they are resisting the occupation so that their children born and grow in a free world and not in concentration camps. 
How is this any different to the Israel PR machine continually squawking about terrorism, suicide bombs and anti-semitism?
The horrendous results of the recent school survey are testimony to the racist indoctrination of children in Israel. You might disagree, but I refuse point-blank to believe Israelis are born racist.
[edited for length]

Apparently the Zionists on this site believe threatening people changes their minds. And other Zionists defend those threats.
Kinda the same stup1d policies as Israel. 


  1. The huffpo is a cesspool. The dregs of humanity congregate there.

  2. Daily Kos is just as bad.

    It's just crawling with people who despise Israel and want to rob the Jews of sovereignty.


  3. The palestinians love their children? Is that why they send them to their deaths as suicide bombers? They use their children as human targets and fire off their rockets from civilian areas and schools? You have all been suckered in by the BBC propoganda campaign. Jews are not a violent people, I live in Australia and have never heard of a Jewish gang.. but know of Lebanese gangs in every state.Violence seems to be in their blood. Is it a crime for a Jew to defend ourselves in he hope of living in peace?

  4. You are anti-semetic pieces of shit israel dont do it to start a war they do it to defend the jewish state and jews all over the world. We are not taught to hate arabs it is completely the opposite way. You have been fooled by BBC. AND I AM A PROUD JEWISH PERSON

  5. oh and i forgot to say that at 18 after High School men and women are sent to the IDF to defend their state. after these groups of young men and women have gone out of the IDF do u really think that killing these thousands of inocents people makes them feel good about them selves WELL IT DOESNT they regret they ever did it. The IDF before bombing buildings warn the people in them that they are going to because there is arms in the buildings. again I AM A PROUD JEW


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