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HPW User Profile: Jay-DC

Jay-DC is a smaller time user who occasionally makes the rounds on the Huffington Post talkback threads. He doesn't post very often but has made up for it in venom. He attacks Israel in the usual form of slanders, but he also makes racist comments about Israelis. When people disagree with him, he also has no problem laying into them with ad hominem attacks and insults. I have a feeling that many of his previous comments have been deleted, but regardless we are sure to see more in the future. Oh, and by the way, he claims to be Palestinian, though he never has any personal stories or insights into the situation beyond what others have said.

Jay-DC has been active since February 2010 and has 69 posts. Notable fans include Theou,  lbsaltzman, Londoncall, Macready, phute, Sentientbeing09, and Tasies.

"Out of curiosity, what did Israel really learn from the Holocaust?­? 
Because it appears the landscape in 2011 is very similar to Germany 1930s and 40s: there's a bloody and oppressive occupation­, Jews have been segregated from the rest of the population and given their own communitie­s (from ghettos to settlement­s) in which to live, AND Jews were/are forced to travel on Jewish-onl­y roads to get to and from their segregated housing. 
Oh i see! It's not truly anti-semit­ism if you treat Jews BETTER---n­evermind the whole 'treat Jews differentl­y' as the essence of anti-semit­ism---No, No, only when such deferentia­l treatment is for the benefit of the Jews, does this cease to be anti-semit­ism. "

Israeli Referendum Bill
"I imagine all Zionists to be holding the hearts of Palestinian children as they casually take bites from it like Eve snacking on an Apple. But it's hard not to have that image after 400 children were massacred a couple years ago."

Israeli Referendum Bill
"Jews never had a state either, and the 63 years in which they have had one, it's been nothing but bloodshed, occupation, colonization, ethnic cleansing, apartheid, starvation, and the intentional killing of thousands of children."

Israeli Referendum Bill
Time for a universal referendum on the prohibition of Zionism as a political ideology. It can be personally believed, however, it must and should not have any place in a Multi-ethnic land such as Historic Palestine, and world for that matter.
There needs to be a Messiah for the Holy Land, cuz the Zionists need to reminded where they came from. They need to be reminded that the worst part of the holocaust and the russian pogroms, was that it happened, not only that it happened specifically to Jews. The world was a victim during the Holocaust, and today, we are a victim of Zionism.
Would we ever justify Black-Americans enslaving Mexicans? So how can we justify what Zionism is doing to Palestine, America and Democracy?

Israel Condemns Web List of Gaza Soldiers
Boycott divest and Sanction the criminal Jewish state...that is how you want to be recognized, as the Jewish State? 

 Being Gay is a Crime in Over 70 Countries
 You're actually right this time...the caption on the picture should read "Israel makes it unlawful to be Arab, punishable by imprisonment, expulsion or death"

 Peace Process Is a Foreign Term in East Jerusalem and Gaza
 “Of course you would think a 3-state solution would be best. One state for Jordan, one state for Egypt, and one state for Israel. That sounds like the solution you would prefer: anything but a State where Palestinians are treated like humans.
And by cutting off, genius, he means effectively preventing any Palestinian living in the West Bank from seeing friends and family in Gaza, and vice versa. Palestinians in Gaza cannot leave for any reason, and in many cases, Palestinian prisoners in Israel are often released to Gaza even though they live in the West Bank--they've turned Gaza into Auschwitz.
If there ever was a country in modern times that can effectively turn a strip of land into a concentration camp, it is Israel. Congratulations, they've acheived their 62 year goal of disenfranchising the indigenous population to realize the goal of Eretz Israel.”

Has Chuck Schumer Ever Criticized Israel or its Leadership in the Way He Just Unloaded on Obama?
 “Schumer is merely one of several American politicians that are arguably more worried about Israel maintaining a Jewish majority in the 'Holy Land' than ending the occupation and giving the Palestinians the civil rights they've been denied for over 62 years now.
Our nation should never have any politician that is so affiliated with another, especially a country that represents the evils that we as a people have moved away from: namely racism, persecution and oppression
Having a politician so brazenly represent and fight for the lies and the protection of a nation over 6,000 miles away tells us that our government is currently heading in the wrong direction. We need to cut our ties and affiliation with a nation that tramples every notion of Democracy.
..equality, justice and fairness.” 
“It sure does RZofnat, it lives on as a pariah state, refusing to abide by the norms and laws of the civil world.
62 years of the same crimes. and 62 years of the same injustices” 

 Bibi's Next Move
"Not surprising. It must be a HUGE relief for Israeli sympathizers to not have to read about the moral failure that Israel has become. It must be a relief not having to read about the forced expulsion of human beings.
"It must be a relief to not have to read about the illegal theft of land, and a declaration of a theocracy
"It must be a relief not to read about the murder of Human Beings by Israel in order to maintain Jewish superiority over the territory.
"You must love not having to deal with reality."

 Israel Warns Palestine Not To Declare State
“Ah Tallen, there's nothing like a big bowl of racism for breakfast.
What to have for lunch? Maybe a salad with a side of hanging. And for dinner? a grilled chicken breast, mashed potatoes and the white phosphorous bombing of brown children”

Textbooks, Grasshoppers, and the Question of Incitement
“Chaim, you could not have said it better my friend. "They got what they voted for"-- i couldn't expect a better response from an israeli-sympathizer.
You blame the murder of hundreds of civilians on themselves for exercising the ONLY freedom they did have. Any semblance of democracy that was to grow from that monumental day when the freest and fairest election ever in the Arab World occurred, was shot down instantly when Israel refused to recognize Freedom...refused to recognize the Palestinians have spoken up as humans was too hard for Israel to see that the Palestinians are people and are not the animals they have been torturing for the past 62 years.
The fact you say they got what they voted for does not make you any better than those racist rabbi's. You sir, have just advocated and celebrated the massacre of human beings.
You must have memorabilia from the Baruch Goldstein tourist landmark.”

Netanyahu Continues to Hide Behind Hollow Slogans
“Sorry bubba, but your an idiot. International law has forbidden annexation of territory not part of a state prior to a war. So stop being a true Israeli supporter and twisting history and facts. It really shows how desperate your side has become.
SO desperate and fearful that the world will see you for what you truly are, a malignant cancerous thorn in the rib of human rights and justice.” 

Open Letter to Berkeley Students on Their Historic Israeli Divestment Bill

Do you really think that anyone will believe the crap youre spewing? Hamas and Hizbulah I presume are to blame for the expulsion of Palestinians fin '48 and '67. Hamas and Hizballah are to blame for the 500,000 illegal colonizers in Occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. Hamas and Hizballah should be blamed for the lack of shoes, clothes, food, medicine, pasta, crayons, school books, light bulbs, cooking oil etc. from Occupied Gaza.
[Edited for length]

Heckuva Job, AIPAC ++ Names of Members of Congress Backing Netanyahu
“While I support partly what Mr. Rosenberg is saying, I do have some reservations with his statement that the Israeli people are appalled by Bibi's behavior.
Did these people not elect Bibi? Did they not go to the polls soon after the massacre in Gaza and the murder of nearly 1,000 civilians, and elect a party such as Likud and a man such as Bibi, who have a long record of keeping peace at bay and the setltements and evictions at full strength?
The people of Israel knew very well the man they were electing. That is what's appalling, citizen complicity.”
 [What's ironic is the in the following thread he rails against Israel using the same "citizen complicity" argument to justify Cast Lead.]

Heckuva Job, AIPAC ++ Names of Members of Congress Backing Netanyahu

“Suzy-G, I would be very careful when making the claim the Palestinians have retreated to pre-Oslo. Sweetie you're treading in dangerous waters when you make a claim that's more outrageous than the congressional letter being sent around.
If the Palestiians have retreated to pre-Oslo to refuse to negotiate with a racist, Pariah state, they are merely exercising their free will. Yes, that's right. The one freedom the Israeli's are not able to suppress among the Palestinians--free will.
If the Palestinians have retreated to pre-Oslo, the Israeli's have retreated pre-civilized society. They have retreated to an era where laws are merely words on a tablet. There's a golden calf in the middle of East Jerusalem, goading the Israelis. Turn away it's a trap”

The Break on Palestine
 “Tizzy--your comment about getting rid of the democratically elected hamas is exactly the kind of undermining that the so-called only Democracy has done: they have ruined the first ever freest and fairest election in the Middle East.
Using your logic, it is fair for Hamas to launch rockets at all of Israel's civilians because of their election of racist supremacists-from Labor, to Kadima to Likud.
But it's not surprising an israeli sympathizer would not care at the deliberate attempt to block democracy.” 

Clashes Erupt In Jerusalem As Hamas Declares 'Day Of Rage' (VIDEO)
your insult is almost as ignorant as your question. The fact that it's difficult for you to understand that the problem lies with Israel declaring a part of occupied palestinian territory as part of theirs.
Is that to difficult for you to understand? I wish I could hand write a letter in crayon to better explain this for you. Better yet, let's play connect the dots.
Israel occupies east jerusalem in 1967...slo
wly but surely it begins it's ethnic cleansing, or judaization, if you may...Palestinians in E. Jerusalem are forced from the homes in many instances to make way for those friendly a blink of an eye, tens of thousands of ziobigots now account for the population in occupied East Jerusalem...ziobigots need a place of worship for their ziobigot comes Israel and opens a synagogue in Occupied East the ziobigots from Israel will have a reason to move to occupied East, Jerusalem as a Palestine capital has been permanently precluded...making peace merely a surrender” 
 “Last time i checked, there happened to be millions of non-Jews under a military siege and occupation by the 'tolerant' Jewish goverment.
What is the central reason for this occupation and expropriation of Palestinian land? Because they are not Jewish, plain and simple.
You should tell the millions of refugees who have been denied their right to return to their homes that Judaism caters to people of all faiths, I'm sure they'll agree with you.
Why won't Israel allow the right of return to the refugees? Because it will jeopardize the Jewish integrity of Israel. How can you not be cognizant of that?”  
“Doesn't seem the Jews have been playing fairly for quite some time now. If they are so kind to the other religions, please explain to me why they continue to oppress people not of their religion?” 
“Arabs rejected partition, Jews rejected unity. Let's face it, the jews could have live as equals with arabs in a a single state back in 1948. They were told that instead of partitioning they would share it. But that wasn't good enough, because how can a jew be equal to an arab--we are the chosen ones.
Zionists turned down equality for a reason, their ideology does not permit them to see non-jews as equals. The same mantra white supremacists live by, non-whites cannot be treated equally.
Can anyone explain the difference to me? i'm very interested” 
 “"The world is not flat and one-dimensional"
But blaming resistance to decades of oppression as the root cause of these 'unlawful' searches, as opposed to the oppression, is indicative of a multi-dimensional world?
But you are right though, kind of. First came terrorism then came oppression:
--The Jewish terrorists and their bombs, dispossession and intimidation towards the Palestiniains was quickly followed by more than a half a century of oppressive policies by these same terrorists.” 
“OH NO! the same Turks that opposed an un-provoked war in Iraq! How dare they not coalesce to our governments demand that "you're either with us, or against us".
Turkey and about 95% of the world vehemently opposed our government's criminal actions. Should we punish the rest of the world for expressing a valid and grounded argument, that there were other alternatives to war in Iraq??
My guess is you would definately jump on that bandwagon, for those same countries that opposed the war in Iraq also opposed Israel's deliberate, racist massacre of non-Jewish humans last year. Give it up kid, you're in the wrong.” 
“Well, for Israeli supporters it's either all or nothing: comprising is for rational people” 
 “Wow, your ignorance is staggering. But you're right, you are living in Alice's version of wonderland.” 
A kingdom that only came into being after murder and annihaltion of men, women and children.
Predictable and unjust, but in keeping w/the M.O practiced currently in Israel.” 
[Edited for lemgth]
"Dont know what effective control is? i can explain, gaza's air-space, radiowaves, water sources, borders, goods coming in and out, sea-way, etc. etc.etc., are all controlled by Israel. While the vegetable sharon claimed to be fully disengaging, he failed to mention that Israel will maintain control over these aspects. It's quite unfortunate that Isreal sitll occupies Palestine. When will they learn that oppression leads to violence? Stupid Israeli's, occupation is for murderers.”"
“It seems this professor never played connect the dots. The rise in extremism and violence in Palestine is directly related to the ongoing deprivation of food, medicine, shelter and more importantly freedom. How many of us reading this can honestly say "i'm free"?
I can promise you one thing, if you're in Palestine right now, not one person can honestly and confidently say "i'm free". Israel has taken every vicious and brutal path to silence the 'extremists', yet they have intentionally neglected to extend equality and justice to these victims. When will the israeli supporters realize that by staying silent, they are in effect, giving a drug addict more drugs to kill themselves with.
Very disgusting to see what Israel has become, but it's not surprising, when you consider the tragedy created at it's inception” 

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