Friday, May 7, 2010

HuffPoWatch User Profile: Nwo2012

The user Nwo2012 is a recent arrival, having joined the Huffington Post in April of 2010. Since his arrival he has single minded attacked Israel and it's supporters. Most of his 400 comments are criticism of Israel which is (though harsh) fair and relatively truthful, and so is not included on this page. It is where his comments cross the line to slander and distortion, as well as racism against Israelis, that convinced me to cover him in a profile. Lately he has also been extremely pro-violence against Israelis. He is also quite willing to insult and berate people who disagree with him, in forms that we have come to expect. I'll let the comments below speak for themselves.

He has also been caught in a lie here and here.

Fans of note include lbsaltzman, Macready, Londoncall, skialethia, muck-racker and Fein.

"israel is decrepit pit of racism and apartheid. Its an embarrassm­ent to democratic states everywhere­."

"Getting greedy arent we boy?
3 Billion dollars a year is plenty. Now go and tidy your room."

"I wouldn't shed a tear if a handful of occupation soldiers died by their own incompeten­ce.
Good riddance to agents of a brutal, thieving, belligeren­t, violent, occupying power."

“Killing soldiers who are occupying your land by force isn't murder.” [Referring to the Ramallah lynching of two unarmed reservists.]

“Nothing cultural about it. I've heard of American soldiers collecting body parts of dead Iraqis as souvenirs. Nice culture the US army has. Ive seen photo of them posing for photos with Iraqi corpses. Nice culture America has.
So he killed an israel soldier walking through his country like he owned the place. So what.” [same]

“It was a valid question. I'm wondering if you're of low intelligen­ce or just immature.”

israeli certainly kicks Palestinia­ns out of their homes. They do it every day and have been doing it continuall­y for 63 years.

Yes I am. Accidents like this should have taken out three or four members of israels brutal and belligeren­t occupying army. It would have saved some Palestinia­ns kids lives. 

“Killing armed and lawless invaders who are occupying your land by force isn't murder.” [Referring to the Fogel family]

"No peace for israel.
No security for israel.
Boycott, Divest, Sanction."

"I don't know what sucks more. Israel or its spit-dribb­ling supporters­."

"Sounds a bit racist that though youre a Zionist, so its expected."

“Maybe the IOF should have left them intact, then? Or handed them back to the families on the day after the attack?
You cant have it both ways. If the IOF want to destroy evidence then they shouldn't complain people not believing a word out of their lying, murdering mouths.”

“Cover ups take time. The Israelis know this. They're liars.”

 Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Jews Rally Against School Integration Ruling (VIDEO)
“Israel. Blazing a trail and eagerly leading the world into the twelfth century.”

Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Jews Rally Against School Integration Ruling (VIDEO)
"America funds the occupation and directly supports these racist Neanderthals.” 

The Tragic Fraying of the Turkey-Israel Relationship

IHH: International Hyperventilated Hypocrisy
"You don't seriously expect anybody to believe anything the IDF about this incident? They are known and proven liars. They fake photos, audio, evidence and witness statements.
They're liars and murderers.” 

Rethinking Israeli Security
“Nuclear duplicity, hypocrisy and double standards from pro-Israel posters. Never gets old.”

After the Flotilla Raid, Progressives Show Their True Colors

“I don't recall discussing anti-Semitism in Europe on these boards. I also fail to see any connection with it to Israeli hubris, arrogance, elitism and sense of entitlement.”

In Defense of Helen Thomas -- On Apologizing to Apologists
"I'd speculate her employer was placed under pressure by noisy, petulant, over-represented pro-Israel and pro-occupation mouthbreathers.”

Supporting Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions Against Israel

“Messy is a worthless forum troll. Nothing more.”

 Bar Refaeli BUSTED For iPad At Tel Aviv Airport
 “Shes an Israeli citizen. Of course shes above the law. All the others are.”

Obama Asks Congress To Approve $205 Million In Aid For Israel 'Iron Dome,' Rocket Defense
“You see "axis of evil". They see "Coalition of the willing for regime change in Israel"”

Israel Minister: Iran, Syria, And North Korea Are New 'Axis Of Evil'
“Wow hubris alert. Where did your victimhood go all of a sudden? Where did your existential threats disappear to?
Did they even exist?”

Hypocrisy Now!: The Pro-Israel Crowd's Sins of Omission
“Cut the Israeli bums loose.” 

Israel Minister: Iran, Syria, And North Korea Are New 'Axis Of Evil'
“The IDF not only targets civilians but regularly uses them as human shields as a matter of policy."

Obama Asks Congress To Approve $205 Million In Aid For Israel 'Iron Dome,' Rocket Defense
"No [Israel is] Americas parasite.” 

Hubbub About a Snub -- The Truth About Obama and Netanyahu
“You forgot about the cherry tomatoes Hasbara meme. Tell us about those.
How is everyone doing over at anyway?”

Moment of Truth Has Arrived
“Israel has no friends and it is hemorrhaging support by the week.
Support for Israel and its international influence has never been so poor. It is quickly becoming an isolated pariah state.” 

It Takes Two Sides to Achieve Two States, or Why Mearsheimer Is Wrong on Israel
“Why should neighboring states support and underwrite a policy of ethnic cleansing to benefit Israel and its settler freaks?
You're expecting other nations to be complicit in Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity?”

Debunking the Gaza Seige Myth
“There you go! Now were talking.
Sigh. Last resort of the clumsy, fumbling, pro-Israel apologist.”

Israel and North Korea: Separated at Birth?
“Israel is nothing like America. Dont be ridiculous. Israel is a land-grabbing expansionist rogue state. It deserves no support from the US. Its policies are racist, backward and antiquated.
Cut the bums loose.”

Israel and North Korea: Separated at Birth?
"Israel is a rogue state by whatever definition you use to identify the term.”

Debunking the Gaza Seige Myth
"Call me an anti-Semite because I think the IDF are reckless, brutal, undisciplined occupiers. Go on. Lower the bar and dilute the definition.” [Many posts indicating he feels like the term "anti-Semitism" is being devalued by Jews. Hardly the first person to do so.]

Israel and North Korea: Separated at Birth?
“Yes. The comparison of Israel with Talibanistan is appropriate.”

Debunking the Gaza Seige Myth
“BubbaC, the IDF are unlike Gazan militants with only one distinction - the IDF wear uniforms.”

Welcoming President Ahmadinejad to the U.S.
“Disputing the holocaust may show a poor grasp of history, but it has no effect on Iran's nuclear posture nor its foreign policies."

'Obama's Shack' Demolished By Israeli Security Forces
“Ah anti-semitism. The last refuge for Israel apologists.”

'Obama's Shack' Demolished By Israeli Security Forces
“I like it. You can see who the targets are for misuse of the 'abuse' tag, and which commenters scare Hasbarabots.
Skialethia is a common target, as is Thelonious.”

Obama's Israel Stance 'Increasing Danger In The World,' GOP Congressman Says
“Why not go click your meds bottle open?
Its time for your nap.”

Mahmoud Abbas Invited To White House As Progress Seen
“Ah Palestine. Yes.
So its a real place then, despite the recent attempts of neo-Zionists to wipe it off the map.” [Neo-Zionists?]

Schumer: Obama's 'Counter-Productive' Israel Policy 'Has To Stop'
“Lobbying the government to the detriment of the US and to the benefit of Israel is treason.”

Mahmoud Abbas Invited To White House As Progress Seen
“A boycott IS a compromise. The world would prefer if better if Israel obeyed international law and common morality.
They wont. So a boycott is the compromise.”

Mahmoud Abbas Invited To White House As Progress Seen
“Maybe Israel shouldn't have slaughtered all those Gazan kids last year.”

Has Chuck Schumer Ever Criticized Israel or its Leadership in the Way He Just Unloaded on Obama?
“If you get the time, check out 'The Israel lobby - The influence of AIPAC on US Foreign Policy'
It'll explain everything.”

Has Chuck Schumer Ever Criticized Israel or its Leadership in the Way He Just Unloaded on Obama?
"Modern, liberal Israel. Eagerly leading the region into 2010 and embracing the 12th century with open arms.”

Schumer and Dershowitz vs. Obama
"Call me when AIPAC registers with the Justice Department as a foreign agent of Israel and ill show some interest.”

J Street Can No Longer Claim to Be Pro Israel
"When Aipac fully discloses their financial and political ties to a cadre of paid Israei agents, sycophants, and factotums the entire house of cards will fall.”

Can Israel Be Its Own Worst Enemy?
“Opposition to Zionism and rejection of a racist Israeli occupation isn't racism.
Nice try, racist!”

Can Israel Be Its Own Worst Enemy?
“Zionism is a racist ideology. But you knew that already. Defining a state on religious or ethnic grounds is backward and antiquated. But you knew that already.
Israel has more in common with Saudi Arabia or Talibanistan than the US or any EU country.”

Can Israel Be Its Own Worst Enemy?
“Racism over democracy. Theology over secularism.
So you freely admit when Israel becomes a fully-self
-identified and recognized Jewish state, it is DEAD as a democracy.”

Can Israel Be Its Own Worst Enemy?
“'The Zionists' are anybody who believes racist, antiquated and prehistoric political values have a place in the 21st century; and try to base a modern state around their beliefs while claiming its a modern, liberal democracy.”

The Obama Administration's Conflicting Messages on Iran
“More duplicity, hypocrisy and warmongering from Israeli nuclear program supporters.
Do they never tire of it?”

Israeli Defense Minister: Occupation Must End
Israels actions are grotesque, inhumane and illegitimate. Israel deserves all the criticism it gets and more.”

New Iranian Nuclear Deterrent: Israeli Drone the Size of a 737
“Cry me a river. Israel needs a slap.
Long deserved.”

New Iranian Nuclear Deterrent: Israeli Drone the Size of a 737
“Israel cant be trusted with weapons of mass destruction.
They are one of the few countries in the Middle East to regularly use them.”

Benjamin Netanyahu Urges 'Crippling Sanctions' Against Iran
“Inane drivel.”

Benjamin Netanyahu Urges 'Crippling Sanctions' Against Iran
“Two-faced and duplicitous.”

Benjamin Netanyahu Urges 'Crippling Sanctions' Against Iran
“Vanunu did the right thing by exposing Israels lies, treachery and hypocrisy.
He deserves a medal.”

Official List: Did Your Congressman Sign a Letter Telling Obama to Back Netanyahu?
“No I'm obviously not, because I dont support the settler paramilitaries and Israeli civilian militia ,nor do I support the IDF - the worlds only uniformed terrorists.”

Official List: Did Your Congressman Sign a Letter Telling Obama to Back Netanyahu?
If you're American, admit you're a traitor and be done with it.
If you're Israeli, start getting used to a cooling of blind US patronage.
The honeymoon is over.”

Official List: Did Your Congressman Sign a Letter Telling Obama to Back Netanyahu?
“I doubt you bothered to read either article.
You saw the names of the bloggers and reflexively rushed to post an empty, snide comment devoid of any content.
Autopilot Israel supporter.”

Divesting From Injustice
“The IDF are notorious for targetting civilians. They are also known for using teenage Palestinians as human shields. They are also known for arresting, incarcerating and interrogarting children, a practice which is illegal under international law.
Israel is a rogue state by any definition you choose”

Divesting From Injustice
“Israel creates terrorism by killing children, targeting civilians, stealing land and water resources and humiliating a population of millions of people.”

Berkeley's Israel Boycott, the Occupation's New Friend
“Israel is a modern, artificial invention. It is 60 years old.
Before 1948, a couple thousand goat herders wandering around living in tents desert doesn't qualify as a state.”

US-Israel Row Over East Jerusalem Continues
"Israeli arrogance and hubris knows no bounds.”

US-Israel Row Over East Jerusalem Continues
“I've an idea- cut the ungrateful, parasitic Israeli bums loose, and lets give the 3 billion dollars of US tax payers cash directly back to US weapons developers and directly into the US economy WHERE IT BELONGS."

Israel Warns Palestine Not To Declare State
“Atrocities committed by third parties against any population isnt justification for Israels grotesque behavior in the occupied territories and elsewhere.
You're an Israeli apologist. Nothing more.”


  1. Aren't all these comments available on HP? Why do you post them again here?

  2. The comments are posted here to record instances of criticism of Israel that goes over the line from disagreements on ideology and policy. It focuses on ad hominem attacks on supporters of Israel, American officials who support the Jewish State and on Israeli officials. This website also draws attention to comments that express hatred of the Jews and which advocate boycott, divestment and sanctions as well calls for Israel's destruction. Monitoring anti-Israel extremists helps people to understand who they are and what drives them. It does not restrict their freedom of speech. But that does not mean the rest of us have to listen to what they say.

  3. You have new "User Profiles" posted.

    Do you inform those people, and all of the others, that you have listed them as antisemitic on this site, so that they have the minimal "right of reply" to which all people (even the ones you dislike) are entitled?
    Many would probably not bother, but even a murderer has the right to defend himself and have his "day in court".

  4. Anonymous, just because someone is profiled on the site does not mean that we consider them to be anti-Semitic. Nwo2012, for instance, is not someone I believe to be anti-Semitic, but has made sufficient abusive comments to be profiled. When we *do* believe that someone is anti-Semitic, we say that in the introductory paragraph. Look at "lagunalady" for example.

    As for your request, we do not talk about the blog on the Huffington Post talkback section. The problem is that there is no other way for these users to be contacted. That being said, if they find the site another way, they of course can contact us at the email address on the sidebar and present their case. Does that answer your question?

  5. Curious.

    Presumably, you want people to look at your site. I would have though that talking about it in the HP itself would be an excellent way to encourage more hits.

    Leaving discovery of the site to chance discovery by the people you are listing, whether for anti-semitism, abusive comments or anything else seems rather iniquitous.

  6. I can see why you might think that. And I want like to discuss these things on the HP as well. But you're going to have to trust me when I say that this decision is out of our hands. This is the best we can do.

  7. Why might it be "out of our hands"?

    Why cannot you identify yourselves as "Brotherof Judea1" and "BrotherofJudea2" for example?

    Has HP put some sort of block on you because, if it has, I would strongly object to Arianna herself. Her site is supposed to be open to comments, and if you are denied the opportunity to comment, while properly identifying yourselves as "The Brothers of Judea", that bothers me.

    Why, and how, are you made to hide?

    Perhaps you have other conditionalities, outside HP, that influence you.

    This is not HP, it is YOUR blog, and you can disclose any strictures that you are subjected to either by HP or other considerations.

    So tell us.

  8. Here's the story, Anonymous. When we first made this blog, it apparently made some of the higher-ups on the HP upset because they thought the blog was dedicated to attacking the HP itself, rather than identifying abusive users. As a result, our HP accounts were suspended. After informing the HP about what our blog was really about, our accounts were reinstated with the condition that we wouldn't link to the blog ourselves or discuss it, just because a) it's self-promotion, which is awfully similar to spam and b) HP bloggers raised a stink about our blog before, so if we can just blog a little under the radar the HP would appreciate it.

    This seemed understandable, because the HP is a private site and if we want to go there we have to play by their rules. Zach and I felt it was more important that we could continue participating in the discussions on the HP without self-promotion, so we accepted the deal. You may disagree, but that's what we decided. However, if you want to post relevant links to our blog you can go right ahead.

  9. Seems like censorship to me. I've protested to HP, though I don't suppose it will make any difference.

  10. I think most of the regular AZ crowd knows exactly who they are, since they regularly call them Matt and Zach. They also occasionally mention brotherofjudea. (That's actually how I first heard about the site)

  11. NWO has resurrected several times, she went and occasionally still goes under Bluebonnet, but more frequently as 123123 and true to her form, claims that killing IDF soldiers is a moral obligation!


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