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The user persianadvocate spends most of his time on the HP, as you might expect, defending Iran about various issues. I am not well versed enough in the controversy surrounding Iran's current status and it's history to comment on whether or not he is honest when he discusses those issues. What I do know is that when he discusses Israel he sticks to the Palestinian byline and more often than not crosses the line into anti-Semitism.

His anti-Semitic comments most commonly take the form of claims that AIPAC controls American, Israel is acting like the Nazis, and that Joe Lieberman and March Ginsberg are Israeli spies, among others. But because he often repeats himself he does have quite a few comments worthy of note, as you can see below.

persiandvocate has been active since December 2008, has about 1700 comments and 130 fans.

 U.S.: Israel Settlement Freeze Demand Dropped
"AIP AC controls our people. www.stopai­"

U.S.: Israel Settlement Freeze Demand Dropped
“The BIGGEST producer of terrorism in the Middle East = Israel"

U.S.: Israel Settlement Freeze Demand Dropped
"Remind us what we owe them again? I am seriously calling for an invasion of Israel. Why? They have stolen our nuclear secrets and refuse to heed a 189 nation demand to come clean about their nukes."

U.S.: Israel Settlement Freeze Demand Dropped
The oligarchy needs to manipulate the media to stay alive. The Internet allows us a free media of expression they cannot control. It is now time to use our Gore-given right (hehe) to publish and make heard and read what is true. Let all Americans know what John F. Kennedy was put to death for in front of the entire country.”[Conspiracy theories abound.]

U.S.: Israel Settlement Freeze Demand Dropped

Israel's Haifa Fire Caused By Teen's Water Pipe, Police Say
“200+ nukes and no fire hoses. Let's hope Israel shows that it is a "democracy
­" as its policies kill another 41 innocent people, snuffing their souls and their dreams, leaving children without a mother or father, and eliminates the people who were elected and on duty when this occurred.
It's not just Yishai, it goes all the way to Netanyahu. The entire right-wing establishm­ent was the cause of this and nothing more should be said. I give deference to the Israelis to effect change in their "democracy­". They've been touting it for so many years. Well, let's see it.”

"The Mavi Marmara was Israel's first public chance to react to a flotilla and they engaged in the exact type of mongloid zionism that boosts their opponents wholly. Zionists are unabashed in their stupidity and racism. Half of them don't even hide it, the others are busy rewriting history to hide that dirty work lol"

The Almathea: Israel Orders Gaza-Bound Aid Ship To Egypt
“You cry of holocaust yet you commit one to the people you occupy? Shame.”

The Almathea: Israel Orders Gaza-Bound Aid Ship To Egypt
“HPers please take note of this liar and hasbara propagandist.”

Gaza Flotilla Raid Report: Israel Blames Flawed Planning For Botched Operation
“Wrong about what? That they raped the sacred memory of the Shoah? Nope, sorry. You can ask Ashkenazi why he would do such a thing.”

Gaza Flotilla Raid Report: Israel Blames Flawed Planning For Botched Operation
“Ya, and let's blame the Iraqi civilians for forcing the US to invade Iraq and topple Saddam without falsified documents care of Israeli intelligence and a congress-grip by AIPAC....”

Gaza Flotilla Raid Report: Israel Blames Flawed Planning For Botched Operation
They wronged, committed illegalities, and now need to (1) shutup with the bad defenses and (2) own up to the wrongs before the world somehow forces punishment on to this arrogant sliver of land no bigger than New Jersey.”

Gaza Flotilla Raid Report: Israel Blames Flawed Planning For Botched Operation
“Meh, Max, this person KNOWS they're wrong. THey're just ultra-nationalist and would wipe your entire family from the Earth to save one un-deserving member of his "tribe".”

Gaza Flotilla Raid Report: Israel Blames Flawed Planning For Botched Operation
“Does anyone sitting in the Hasbara tent care to address this question?”

Gaza Flotilla Raid Report: Israel Blames Flawed Planning For Botched Operation
“I suppose demeaning the Shoah is acceptable when defending murder.”

Gaza Flotilla Raid Report: Israel Blames Flawed Planning For Botched Operation
“In other words, the IDF raped the very memory of the Holocaust which they should respect. Anything more despicable? Oh ya, killing Palestinian babies, that's up there... 300+ killed in Cast Lead alone.

Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani, Iran Mother, Could Be Stoned To Death At Any Moment
“You are an ignorant child. Learn history, get an education, and come back to me.”

Israeli Soldiers Dodge Punishment For Ke$ha Dance (VIDEO)
“Kev, it's like you sent a love note to Joran Van Der Sloot bud ;p You're always gonna get hated on if you crush on the ones that murder 300+ innocent children in 1 week of 2009 alone.”

Israeli Soldiers Dodge Punishment For Ke$ha Dance (VIDEO)
“It was intended to appear that way. The same army that hasn't hesitated to snuff the souls of well over 300 Palestinian children in just 1 week of 2009 alone. Not to mention the 1000+ other dead children who would like to give you a stern reply.
I'm not disappointed in you, Andy. I think you are just such a good person that you wouldn't recognize evil in others if you saw it at times.”

Obama Yields to Bibi, Plus Me vs. Petraeus
“I find today that I've been provided with a bait and switch. I am frustrated that it appears that I've pledged allegiance to the State of Israel, a country that, without explanation, has "unbreakable" bonds with my country. Huh? How could that be when Israel is a country that violates American principles to the core?
At this point and with much sadness, I am seriously considering expatriating if the current situation does not ameliorate. I would rather risk death amongst the very Mullahs who executed much of my family post-revolution than to live in a country that violates, to the very foundations, my integrity and humane-minded beliefs.”

Israeli Soldiers Dodge Punishment For Ke$ha Dance (VIDEO)
“Who finds this humor appropriate when the IDF is accused, with solid basis and justification, for apartheid-like policies, causing humanitarian concerns in line with genocidal actions, murder, torture, oppression, and piracy?
What Chutzpah -- it deserves a backhanded slap straight to the lips. Petty child...”

Israeli Soldiers Dodge Punishment For Ke$ha Dance (VIDEO)
“Discipline for showing an amiable side but ZERO discipline for commuting international violations against the law, like the killing of BABIES (YES, BABIES), children, women and the elderly, who clearly could not have been a part of Hamas during Cast Lead?
*spits on everything Israel stands for then*”

Obama Meets With Netanyahu, Says U.S.-Israeli Bond Is 'Unbreakable'
“A lobby has ahold of our government. They represent the lobby's interests, not the people's. It's time we all recognized that and did something about it instead of just

Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani, Iran Mother, Could Be Stoned To Death At Any Moment
“lol that's just racist. You do realize Iranians brought you the very fundamental facets of civilization, etiquette and manners? Lol nah, too busy watching the US government lie to you on behalf of Israelis and their controlling lobbies to prepare for an attack on Iran (and lose American lives for no reason other than to fatten corrupt pockets)”

The U.S. Military 'Mainstreams' Hezbollah and Hamas
“This is the truth and what you realize once you start doing real research, not just reading Western media sources controlled in large part by the pro-Israeli PAC and warmongering lobbies (including CNN and even TIME Magazine) and have been PUBLICLY DISCLOSED to collude with intelligence agencies.”

Gunmen Trash UN Gaza Summer Camp
“And what do the Israelis teach their children by systematically starving 1.5 million+ over 4 years in an enclosed prison camp and bombing them without remorse for life? What do they teach their children when they take a 1000 man navy out 90 miles to sea and ambush people on a mission to free the encamped from the IDF's (SS) grasp, then execute them with far superior weapons?”

We've Changed Our General, Now It's Time to Change Our Policy in Afghanistan
“No possibility of change in any foreign policy without undoing AIPAC's death-grip on our government and media. How can politicians pretend to be independent in this arena when fact and history reveal itself to show that AIPAC literally writes the text into bills, such as unilateral sanctions against Iran, that steer us directly into wars on Israel's behalf?
Will Mr. Cicilline be any different?”

Spain's Pro-Israel Tag Team
“No, I abhor genocidal and racist policies, and am a fervent defender of the truth - this puts me in diametric opposition with the Israeli government. I have several Israeli friends - we disagree on a lot.”

Spain's Pro-Israel Tag Team
“I'm in NYC currently and far more American than you will ever be sitting in that hasbara tent getting paid by Israel to spread disinformation.”

Spain's Pro-Israel Tag Team
“Israelis aren't the only Semites and you can convert to Judaism within most modern Jewish groups. Stop misusing the word anti-Semitic.”

Spain's Pro-Israel Tag Team
“What duty do I, as a non-Jew have, to believe that Israel is a perpetual victim when it is doing basically ALL the killing and collective punishment in reality? Further, why is there ANY link between Israel of 1948 and on, a land created by essentially taking it away from others by force and violence, with the West?
It's boring all this misinformation. Israel must pay for its wrondoings if it wants to prevent ANY anti-Semitism (and not do more evil). 'nuff said.”

Is Iran Actually Containing the U.S.?
“Marc [Ginsberg] doesn't work for the United States. He works for his country, Israel. Time to call a spade a spade.”

U.S.-Born Al Qaeda Spokesman Rips 'Serpentine' Obama, Warns Of New Deadly Attacks (VIDEO)
“Go sheeple! Flock on towards Joe Lieberman et. al. as you willingly let them rob your country's wealth and power from under you. The irony is bittersweet.”

And Iran? Utopia's Understanding of the Word Culture. Hands up, With Romain Goupil
“You cannot speak of Israel and not speak of the atrocities committed ARROGANTLY to Palestinians and now those in support of them around the world. Most resolutions against Israel than ANY other in the UN... that means deviations from International law. STOP BEING CRIMINAL!”

Clinton: Iran Will 'Pull Some Stunt'
“and please, you never even bothered denying you put Israel first. You'd be willing to sacrifice any Gentile lives possible in America for the well-being of your motherland, quite possibly a country younger than you by a few days.”

Israel Navy Kills Four Palestinian Militants Off Gaza Coast
“We have to take every word Israel and its deranged supporters lie about seriously, and when faced with the facts, it's UNFAIR and MEANINGLESS. “

Clinton: Iran Will 'Pull Some Stunt'
“If there are politicians bought out by AIPAC, Hillary Clinton is a pinata stuffed with pro-Israeli PAC money. It's disgusting how tightly wound she is around Israeli fingers. Why anyone made her Secretary is beyond me....her tact with words, especially concerning Iran, leaves FAR more to be desired.”

To the Free Gaza Movement
“That's how low the hasbara has gotten - to deny the virtual holocaust they are committing against 1.5 million people.”

Netanyahu Defends Flotilla Raid, Gaza Blockade (VIDEO)
“They ACTUALLY did what the Nazis did to them. Kesafata”

Israel's Actions on the High Seas: Part Justified and Part Chutzpah
“despicable act by the Israeli Pirate Force”

Israeli Flotilla Raid VIDEO: More Mavi Marmara Footage Released By Israel
“They weren't prepared for those type of heavy arms so they just snuffed a few souls all in the name of Hashem. Thought they'd learn to be good last time He sent them wandering the desert...”

Israel Deports Activists Detained During Flotilla Raid
“I actually saw the video and laughed at the idiotic IDF teenager being thrown a deck down.”

Israel Deports Activists Detained During Flotilla Raid
“Not only that, but under US MONITORED ELECTIONS. Another lie brought to you by our resident hasbara pro-Zionists on HP (they are paid by the Israeli government to post here and defend Israel, google "Hasbara")”

The Second Gaza War: Israel Lost at Sea
“"The parallels between Israel and -- gulp -- North Korea are becoming pretty eerie. True, Israel's economy is thriving and North Korea's is not. That said, both countries are diplomatically isolated except for their ties to a great power benefactor. Both countries are pursuing autarkic policies that immiserate millions of people. The majority of the population in both countries seem blithely unaware of what the rest of the world thinks. Both countries face hostile regional environments. Both countries keep getting referred to the United Nations. And, in the past month, the great power benefactor is finding it more and more difficult to defend their behavior to the rest of the world." -Dan Drezden” [Spammed four times]

Israel's Actions Were Entirely Lawful Though Probably Unwise
“What is the difference between the Somali Pirates and the IDF?
The Somali Pirates don't kill civilians.”

'Rachel Corrie' Aid Ship Headed Toward Gaza
“IDF doesn't pay you enough as a spokesman to buy a clue apparently ;P”

Israel Boat Raid Sparks International Outcry
“There are strongly supported accusations that Israel has had a foreign agent operating as a lobby here in the US for years. In 1962, AIPAC, this lobby, was asked to register as a foreign agent by the Department of Justice but refused. The problem is that AIPAC has been pretty much manhandling our foreign policy in the Middle East for as long as it has been around."

Israel Attacks Palestinian Aid Flotilla
“Khoda nemibakshe een hayvoonaro
"God will not forgive these animals"”

Israel Attacks Palestinian Aid Flotilla
“The US takes the heat for Israel. It's time we drew the line in the sand and separated from this parasite.”

Myths and Realities
“How can you say that Jewish money and influence is a myth? That's the astonishing thing. AIPAC's $65 million dollar budget begs to differ. Literally, AIPAC writes text into bills and pushes them through that could put us at a point of no return with Iran -- they've done it twice already! A coalition of peace activists stopped AIPAC from passing a naval blockade of Iran -- an act of war & had they not, the bill would have passed! HOW SCARY!”

Nuke Conference Achieves Deal; US May Backtrack on Mideast Conference [Updated]
“Incorrect, when you compare people to Nazis you are telling them an inconvenient truth that they know in their hearts may be true.”

Rahm Emanuel Heckled By Protesters In Israel
“Pretty much sums up the Final Solution right there -- hope you weren't being serious.”

Netanyahu To Visit White House, Is Invited By Rahm
“They'd rub you down with massage oil made from Palestinian baby tears.”

Hezbollah: We'll Hit Israel Ships In New War
“Israeli culture, as a whole, is very racist towards Arabs, and not shy about it either. Just look at the comments on the leading newspapers from the country.”

Sex And The City 2 Reviews: Critic Calls Film 'Anti-Muslim'
“Hey Skender, how many Jewish states in the world are democratic? ZERO. A democracy doesn't try to sell rogue nuclear arms to an apartheid South Africa in the 70s and continue to commit a near-genocide on a collective mass of millions of people. How many non-Muslim countries are considered a democracy?”

My Generation Ruined Israel. Yours Could Save It.
“I am ashamed that a 2% population in the democracy I call home can create a 30+ elected official "Jewish Caucus" to basically berate (reprimand) our present for standing up to Israel's nonsense. That was all AIPAC's work.”

My Generation Ruined Israel. Yours Could Save It.
“That's glorifying and propagandizing arguable Israeli aggressions and cold-calculated land-grabbing maneuvers throughout history. No one is going to put anything above apartheid-supporting, underground nuke dealing, pseudo-fascist Israeli government. Sorry, better luck with a revolution ;)”

Guardian: How Israel Offered To Sell South Africa Nuclear Weapons
“Please don't dig for any more excuses for this racist apartheid regime.”

Guardian: How Israel Offered To Sell South Africa Nuclear Weapons
“The Israeli lobby prevents that fund being touched via the various pressures it is able to exert on our politicians and manipulations of our social and political atmosphere via the media (Hollywood movies like Ironman 2, 300, etc. included). They also prevented the attorney general from reclassifying AIPAC as the foreign lobby it actually is.”

US Disses Turkey/Brazil -- Sticking With AIPAC Strategy
“We can thank AIPAC, Hillary, Rahm and all the other bastards who will soon come out of the woodwork if Israel attacks Iran (but only 10 years later and after 4 million+ already dead) for this one !!!! :D”

Iran & Turkey Agree To Uranium Swap In Nuclear Deal
“No, they are not engaged in an overt war. But, on behalf of pro-Israeli factions, many US groups, including the CIA, and some to their own proportional interests, have engaged in economic espionage, the spreading of lies, propaganda, etc. to diminish Iran's regional and global standing in many ways (economically, socially, politically, domestic and foreign, etc.).”

Iran & Turkey Agree To Uranium Swap In Nuclear Deal
“Countries capable of making these fuel rods were pressured by the US (whenever I say the US here, I mean the AIPAC controlled US foreign policy) to agree to exchange fuel rods only under a swap.”

Iran & Turkey Agree To Uranium Swap In Nuclear Deal
“This is what happens when our politicians are led by AIPAC, the same people causing Israel to implode currently.”

Israel Minister: Iran, Syria, And North Korea Are New 'Axis Of Evil'
“Israel's lean on our politicians via it's foreign entity disguised as domestic lobby, AIPAC, helps to dictate US foreign policy. His disagreement is that Israel is manipulating US foreign policy TOO much, in addition to having made past policy mistakes. In the US, and supposedly Israel, you are allowed to criticize your government and its actions at any time. In the US, bigoted remarks like yours are shunned.”

Israel Minister: Iran, Syria, And North Korea Are New 'Axis Of Evil'
“is the H in your name for ... ... ... HITLER??!!”

Israel Minister: Iran, Syria, And North Korea Are New 'Axis Of Evil'
“When looking at a piece of trash like this, one wonders: were mommy and daddy siblings?”

Clinton, Ahmadinejad Trade Barbs At UN Nuclear Conference (VIDEO)
“The Associated Press should be revealed for what it is: a propaganda machine for Zionists and alike to continue to assail Iran in anyway possible to preserve Israel's military and financial superiority over its neighbors.”

Obama and the Deafening Silence of American Jewry
What of the Zionists who continue to commit immoral and inhumane, even murderous, behavior towards non-Zionists using a 60 year old tragedy as their fuel to do so?” [“Zionists” being a substitute for “Jews.”]

Clinton: Israel Faces 'Difficult' Choices
“I just thought it was humorous how this terrorist organization (which is actually aligned with Israel's Mossad) followed in the footsteps of the Israeli lobby. Birds of a feather, flock together, they say...”

Clinton: Israel Faces 'Difficult' Choices
“In addition, we are going against our forefathers' directives by allying with a state that continually lies to the world, commits near-genocide of a people and causes much damage through out the world in various ways, including hijacking our government with their foreign lobbyist agents.
Time to disengage and let Israel handle its own problems. After all, an invisible being in the sky didn't come to us, Americans, and tell us that we were entitled to rip the land out of Arab hands with blood and violence.”

US, Israel Seek To Defuse Tensions
“Nice attempt to mislabel this organization with your racist anti-Arabist slant. This is an organization concerned with putting American foreign policy BACK into American hands. Call it a rumor if you want ;) We'll see what happens next... G/L to you, Israeli-firster.”

Iran: Airlines Must Say 'Persian Gulf' Or Face Airspace Ban
“Don't worry Israel already has them and they're killing Palestinian babies right at home ! :)”

Obama Says US, Allies Discussing Iran Sanctions
Take on the Israeli lobby now and deliver the masses the information we need for change!”

Adolf Storms, Former SS Sergeant, Charged In Germany For Nazi-Era Crimes
"The picture of those poor concentration camp detainees looks an awful lot like the poor Gazans kept in Israel's militarily blockaded and fenced in borders today."”

UN: Once-Secret Iran Nuclear Facility To Start In 2011
“Oleg, so far the "nations of the world" include namely Israel and any American factions manipulated and controlled by the Israeli lobby. America can't win out following an Israeli agenda. It's not in our interest, even if Iran's nuclear program is stopped by some miraculous event.”

"Qum" Buy Ya
“It's quite apparent that, after reading the objective facts, Ambassador Ginsberg's statements are no more than talking points of the Israeli lobby to which he swears allegiance.”

Israel Stands Alone
“Not MY American flag. The flag of politicians who are controlled and paid by the Israeli lobbies.”

Russia "Nyet!" and China "Bu Shi!" to Tougher Iran Sanctions
“Israel is not our national interest but the interest of a lobby known as AIPAC. This lobby should be labeled correctly as a foreign entity, but much $$$ and hands on politician's throats enables them to avoid something like that from happening.”

Iran Election Results: Ahmadinejad, Rival Both Claim Election Win
“btw, in case anyone forgot when they're comparing this election theft to the one that occurred in 2000 here in the US -- JOE LIEBERMAN WAS GORE'S VP. I almost think it would have been just as bad if it ended in a Gore victory...maybe even worse considering he's an Israeli spy.”

US-Nicaragua Aid Cut Due To Concerns Over Democracy
“Earth to America: Cut $3 billion in blind-funding you give to the Israelis who kill starved babies in Gaza with tanks bought by that money as state policy!”

Taking a Stand Against Iran
“Iranians side with the truth, always, and Israel has never, ever represented that.”

Hamas Endorses Obama's Israeli Settlement Demands
“Oh boy, you pulled out the terrorist supporter card! Oh well! I guess I am !!!! YAY TERRORISTS !!!
But on a serious note, Katyusha rockets were the hallmark of Hezbollah. Although Hamas did launch some Grad-type rockets (older tech than even WWII), it was after Israel invaded Gaza and began slaughtering civilians and from make-shift launchers (not the actual truck mounted launcher that gives the weapon efficiency, if any).”

Obama Shoe Photo Seen As "Insult" By Some Israelis
“They manipulate our media and politicians so that we can live in a perpetual state of ignorance.. and that's bliss! ;)”

Taking a Stand Against Iran
“Hedonist - are you insane? The man is FAR MORE studied on Middle East politics than Dershowitz, a lawyer interested only in Israeli genocidal policies and lies.”

Update: John Bolton Still Crazy
“Except when they practiced on a Gaza model for 18 months before the invasion that killed 1400+ innocents, including several hundred infants.”

Netanyahu Calls On Arabs To Normalize Ties, Promises "Concrete" Steps For Peace
“Nope, they are systematically conducting a slow-genocide and ethnic cleansing supported by our politicians in the US. Calls to break ties with Israel would be wonderful just about now, considering that a significant portion of our tax money goes to Israel's murderous rampages.”

Netanyahu Calls On Arabs To Normalize Ties, Promises "Concrete" Steps For Peace
“Oh I dunno, could it be that the Israeli military killed over 1400 innocent women and children in an inhumane raid against a population they already starved for 18 months prior of essentials?...So, to you, Hasbara (the government Israeli propaganda machine), I say move on.”

Petraeus: Israel Might Attack Iran
“I didn't hate Israel until I saw the reality.”

US Eyes Iran As Possible Afghan Supply Route
“Israeli politicians (Joe Lieberman) and lobbyists need to get their claws out of our media and our politics here in the US. All the anti-Iran information you read is fed by the Israeli propaganda machine, publicly touted by Israel and known as "Hasbara". Most of it is conjecture and lies, including blatant mistranslations or outright lies from "anonymous" sources with no backing of substantive evidence. Israel is threatened by an alliance between America and Iran. Let's disregard their concerns for our own.
Long live America and Iran!”

Lieberman Now 'Gushing' For Obama
“This guy works for Isr-ael -- go back to your own cuntry”

Israel Invades Gaza: Info, Updates, Video
“Isr.@el is dr0pping dep1eted ur@.nium on Gaz.@ns!!!
TH@T'S GEN0C!DE!!!!!”

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