Monday, August 30, 2010

Pandela of the Week

Another week on the Huffington Post means the story of yet another Pandela (aka Palestinian Manda/Gandhi/MLK) cruelly oppressed by the Zionist entity. This time there is not one but two articles about him: One by Robert Naiman and the other by Joseph Dana, both noted anti-Zionist bloggers. Oh, I'm sorry, this isn't a new Pandela, it's the same one: Abdallah Abu Rahma. So he now has had three article written about him, meanwhile stories about sexual terrorists only get one.

Anyway, what's different now is that Rahma has been convicted by Israel of incitement. Dana does the usual: Complains, covers up the actually very violent nature of the protests at B'ilin, complains some more, and so forth. Naiman on the other hand whines that the US media isn't covering the story. Wow, my heart bleeds for him. Here, let's take a look at the other side of this story:
"On the ground, the IDF company commander announces over a loudspeaker that this is a closed military zone, and presents the decree to the demonstrators. Protesters begin shouting, "with spirit and blood we'll redeem Palestine," and "soldier, murderer, the intifada will win."

At first, Israeli Left-wing activists appear at the front and begin shouting at soldiers, while two Palestinians attempt to climb onto of jeeps in order to hurt soldiers. In response, the company commander gives order and troops push back the demonstrators, hitting them with batons. Two Palestinians are injured. The shouts get louder, and suddenly the Left-wing activists move to the sides. Palestinians in the middle then begin throwing rocks at the soldiers."
Now once this reality sets in, it is much harder to make the case that Rahma is really a "Gandhi." Is this truly a peaceful protest, or is it merely not as violent as suicide bombings or drive-by shootings? 

Ultimately, this says less about this particular case than it does about Palestinian society in general, and their position in the world. The bar is set so ridiculously low that just about anyone can be a Pandela as long as he isn't a terrorist.

Just take a look at Rahma: He's a community organizer who leads peaceful (not really) demonstrations against the Israeli occupation. However, I should point out that Gandhi and Mandela were not always community organizers, they eventually came to lead the people and unite them. Has Rahma done that? Is there any kind of hint that he would do that if he could? Then what exactly has he done to earn the title of "Pandela?"

The truth, of course, is that Rahma has not done anything that dozens of Israelis have done. Peace Now holds truly peaceful demonstrations all the time. I saw one the last time I was in Israel. Is Yariv Oppenheimer an "Israeli Mandela" or an "Israeli Gandhi?" Of course not. But Mr. Oppenheimer is Israeli while Mr. Rahma is Palestinian. And that's the only difference.

Which demonstrates perfectly how low the bar is set. "Mr. Rahma! You aren't actively killing Israelis right now? Then by Palestinian standards, that makes you a Gandhi! Congratulations!" It doesn't much matter that Rahma has no power, or that his followers are maybe .00001% of Palestinian society, or that he could or would stop terrorism should it resume. Because he's a Palestinian, and not a terrorist, that makes him a Pandela.

As long as these ridiculous double standards continue, don't be surprised if nothing changes.

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  1. It's just a detail, but still: the correct spelling is "Gandhi."


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