Wednesday, August 25, 2010

War With Iran? Ahmed Moor Tells Us Who To Blame

Over the past couple of weeks there has been much speculation about an American and/or Israeli attack on Iran. Of course this is hardly the first time the issue has been discussed but it is the first time that ol' Ahmed "Destroy Israel" Moor has weighed in on the topic. This time he doesn't even wait for the war to begin before blaming the Jews for it, in his blog post titled, "America Cannot Go To War For Israel." Usually he is more eloquent than this but in this article he really goes off the rails. Check out his first paragraph:
"The mongrel dogs of war are foaming at the bit. For years they've cowered in their damp trenches, bristling in the heat. But they're back now. They've gathered their sagging flesh and cast their milky, crusty eyes at Iran. The mongrel dogs of war are planning another war.

"The Zionists Benjamin Netanyahu, Jeffrey Goldberg and George Will want young American men and women to attack Iran on behalf of Israel. These are the same men who wanted young American men to attack Iraq. But Iran is not Iraq, and many thousands of Americans will die in the next war. This will not be a cakewalk or a slam dunk. And no enwreathed children will greet Americans in the streets with lily-white flower petals."
Have you got that? The dogs of war who manipulate America into violence are the "Zionists," they are one and the same. At this point I shouldn't even need to tell you that "Zionist" has long been a code word for "Jew." Compare and contrast this with a similar piece by Juan Cole about which Yaacov Lozowick asks, "If this isn't anti-Semitism, what is?" Moor has made it clear, if there is a war, it will be the fault of the Jews. I at least wish that for once he has the courage to come right out and say it. I guess that is too much even for the Huffington Post, though.

Just in case you thought this was an isolated incident, he repeats himself:
"Mahan Abedin -- a fellow at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government -- explains what a Zionist-propelled American war on Iran may entail..." [Emphasis mine]
Mr. Moor goes on to call Netanyahu "dangerously delusional." This might be true, but considering that Mr. Moor apparently believes in conspiracy theories involving Jews manipulating the American government, I'm not sure he should be throwing stones. Oh, and while we're on the topic who was it that hosted a Holocaust denial conference again?

Mr. Moor continues with his usual attack on Israel:
"America must not attack Iran; it also has an obligation to forestall an Israeli attack. The UK's Sunday Times reported that the Israelis may use nuclear weapons against Iran. This will be the first time nuclear weapons have been used since 1945. The wars on Lebanon and Gaza in 2006 and 2008, respectively, and the flotilla murders demonstrate the irrationality of the Israeli leadership. The Israelis must be disarmed before they strike Iran with nuclear weapons. The hypocrisy has gone on for long enough."
Oh my gosh I know! When people try to hurt you you it's, like, so irrational for you want to stop them! Can I take it then that his fellow Palestinians have never responded to Israeli violence with violence of their own? Or are they too "rational" for that?

Finally, let's get to the "meat" of what Mr. Moor is saying:
"Iran does not pose any threat to America. The men pushing this war lied to us about Iraq, and they're lying now about Iran. The warmongers and profiteers must be forced back into their kennels. They must be discredited and shamed. America cannot fight another war built on lies. America cannot afford another war for Israel."
Okay so again Israel = warmongers and profiteers = dogs. Awesome. But what I am really interested in Mr. Moor's implication that there is no reason for America to want to fight Iran besides the will of the Jews, sorry, the Zionists.

The truth is that America doesn't trust Iran with nuclear weapons, and neither does much of the world. Iran has long been known to provide arms, supplies and training to terror groups from Turkey to Mumbai, and there is a very real possibility that they can use those same proxy groups to use a nuclear attack with no fear of retaliation.

There is also a political reason. Iran acquiring nuclear weapons will spread its influence into areas of the Middle East that America wants as well. That may not be a good reason to go to war. The HPers would certainly think so. But it is an America-first reason for it.

Thirdly, there is the problem of nuclear protection. Imagine if Iran had nuclear weapons when 9/11 happened. American wanted to go after the Taliban in Afghanistan but Iran stopped them with the thread of nuclear war. Ditto for Iraq. Again, people like the HPers would probably be quite happy about American power being checked like that. But others, including those in the American government are probably not happy with the idea of terrorists striking at American and then hiding behind Iran's nuclear skirts.

Don't expect Mr. Moor to consider any of these possibilities though. He has trained himself and his readership well: If there is war, blame the Jews first.

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  1. That's the stock response of the anti-Zios. You don't have to consider why a nuclear Iran would be a danger to the world not just to Israel.

    As we know from history, those who target the Jews for annihilation seldom stop with them. But its a point wasted on the Ahmed Moors of the world.


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