Friday, September 17, 2010

BDS Episode VI: Return of the Milazzo

Linda Milazzo is keeping up her screeds for the Palestinians, and it's an invaluable opportunity to take a look at the BDSer mind in writing, where they can be held accountable for what they say. Check out my conversation with her:

Read this post carefully. First, let's talk about my favorite subject: me.

I am not on the HP doing this job because of a grand principle like "human rights" and "equality". I am on there because I see hatred and bias against Israel, and I am fighting that every day through my posts and this blog. I classify myself (much as I hate labels) as an Israel supporter and a Zionist. Therefore, it makes sense that I would post heavily about Israel, because that is where I feel my voice is needed the most (I also post sometimes about the New England Patriots).

But Ms. Milazzo here isn't telling the truth. She claims she is on the side of human rights. But when I ask her about why she only goes after Israel, and not all the other human rights abusers, she just starts YELLING and dropping buzzwords like "genocide", "equality" and "apartheid". Why does she do this?

Because she's caught in her own web of lies. Genuine human rights organizations go after all forms of human rights abuse. Say what you will about Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, but they try to hit as many places as possible. But Milazzo doesn't care about any other group of people's human rights besides the Palestinians, she as much as said so herself. So Milazzo is a liar. She is not a human rights advocate, she is a Palestinian rights advocate. She doesn't care about Israeli human rights (such as, say, the right to not be shot at by rockets), or anyone else's rights besides the Palestinians. Hence the consternation when her hypocrisy is brought to light.

I hope those of you who may have to confront BDSers in the future can learn from this conversation. Milazzo is really exposing the BDSers for what they are: hypocrites and liars.


  1. I'm afraid you're wrong. Let's get it straight and as I mentioned in the last thread, the anti-Zios are not Palestinian rights advocates. They are anti-Israel advocates. Let's imagine there was a peace agreement tomorrow morning between the Palestinians and Israel. Would the anti-Zios stop their anti-Israel activism?

    Of course not. Their opposition to Israel's existence is not going to disappear should peace magically come to the Middle East. And those convinced of Israel's wickedness are not going to allow any thing to change the way they perceive Israel.

    After all, they are anti-Zionists, not Palestinian rights advocates for a reason.

  2. Well, I think you are both right. They are anti-zionists, anti-Israel, and,
    OK, I'll say it, anti-Jew.
    Make no mistake about it, their hatred covers anything and everything that has to do with Israel, Zionism or Jews.
    They can spin it any way they want, but their own comments on HuffPo reveal the truth and depth of their well as their lack of humanity.

    When called out, they will claim that they do not support "inhumanity of any kind" and they will deny support for Hamas, but never once have they condemned the "inhumanity" of rocket attacks, nor will they condemn suicide bombers, or snipers. But certainly, they will excuse and defend them.

    How can anyone who calls themselves a "humanitarian" excuse or defend a parent who encourages, and is proud of their CHILD becoming a suicide bomber? How can any "humanitarian" excuse and defend the out and out murder of people ambushed by bullets for simply driving in their car? How can any "humanitarian" excuse or defend the random rockets intentionally shot into civilian areas with the intent to kill as many civilians as possible?

    The "humanitarians" that excuse and defend these acts are NOT "humanitarians". They are people blinded by hatred and seeking revenge for their "cause".

    I liken them to the mentality of the "pro-lifer" who thinks it is absolutely fine and good to walk into an abortion clinic and kill 10 people, for the sake of "saving" one fetus. They feel absolved from any wrong doing, because they too, consider themselves "humanitarians".

    If this is "humanity", if this is "being a humanitarian",
    it is one trait I would be happy to NOT posses.

    Don't give up your voice Matt, you DO make a difference.

    Good Yontif!

  3. Hi, thanks for your comments. Norm, I think it depends on whether the BDSer is coming from the left or the right. If they are coming from the right (as in, a Hamas supporter), then yes, they are anti-Israel advocates and they will not stop if Israel is destroyed.

    But I honestly think that if a BDSer comes from the left, they are not anti-Israel but rather intensely, intensely, pro-Palestinian, to the point where they ignore all evidence that the Palestinians aren't helpless victims. Zach and I see this every day on the HP, when rational, thinking human beings claim that Palestinian violence is either made up by Israel or totally justified.

    I think BDSers from the left aren't actually interested in Israel's destruction, but they refuse to acknowledge that the Palestinians ARE interested in Israel's destruction, and that like it or not, they are supporting the Palestinians in that goal. Of course none of us can know for sure unless we read the minds of BDSers, but that's the impression I'm getting.

  4. HuffPo removed Milazzo's comment...hmmm.

    They seem to be removing alot of comments made by anti-Israel posters that have been linked to from here...double hmmm.

    I think the other side is getting tired, and losing some support. I think their minds are cracking from all the lies they have to keep defending...



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