Thursday, September 16, 2010

Milazzo Strikes Back

I pointed out my Nazi comparison observation of the California BDS blog post, and its blogger, Linda Milazzo responded:

Now, I think this post is a good example of the kinds of rhetorical arguments the BDSers usually engage in. Let's unpack them, shall we? 

The Strawman. If you look at the thread, you'll notice I did not accuse anyone of anti-Semitism, claims endless victimhood, or state Jews are being persecuted. Those are all made up by Milazzo in an attempt to delegitimize my observation: that once again Jews are being picked on for economic boycott for crimes that not all of them committed. If Ms. Milazzo sees that as anti-Semitism, maybe she should take a hard look at herself and her cause before complaining about "Jews, the eternal victims"

The Race Card. In her second paragraph, Ms. Milazzo seems to jump into my mind and reveal my innermost thoughts. How else could she know that I hate Palestinians and Arabs, only care about Jewish suffering, aren't bothered by Palestinian suffering, and I defend Israel's human rights abuses 'cavalierly'? I don't think Ms. Milazzo has gone through my comment history, I think she is taking this from my one post about how I disagree with the BDS movement. Notice how the race card is immediately played when someone stands up in opposition to BDS, a time honored tradition among leftist Israel haters. 

The Arrogance. Then Ms. Milazzo claims to know what's best for Israel (and for me). Sure, she's a Californian resident who has worked in the entertainment industry and advocacy groups, I'm positive she knows better than the Israeli government how to fix this sixty year old problem. This arrogance of the BDS movement is quite shocking, they seem to think that if Israel knows what's good for it, it'll do what the BDS movement wants. Sounds to me like the BDS movement is "making Israel an offer it can't refuse"...or else. 
Linda Milazzo is a Palestinian advocate who seems to be quite at home on the HP. Go to her blog post and let her know what you think of her movement and its goals.

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  1. The anti-Zios presume they know what best for Jews better than the Jews know what is best for themselves. Note only Jews are told to be perfect, to get to be on the side of the angels. That is not a demand made of any one else in this imperfect world of ours for a good reason - human perfection is an impossible standard to meet. But since in the minds of the anti-Zios, Israel can't meet it, then Israel has lost the justification for its existence and Jews had better get on with the program. This isn't about helping Israel. This is about waging another kind of war upon the Jewish State and the anti-Zios' worst offense is not their false rhetorical arguments but that they remain disingenuous about what they are doing. Their movement and their goals are perfectly clear.

    They just need to be honest about them.


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