Thursday, September 2, 2010

MJ Rosenberg Weighs in on Hebron Massacre

Yesterday the Huffington Post did publish the usual slightly higher number of Israel-Palestinian related blog posts but only one of them actually had something to do with the killing of four unarmed Israeli civilians on Tuesday. It was written by our old pal MJ Rosenberg, and though it was still odious, it wasn't quite as bad as I thought. I should remind you that Rosenberg claims to be "pro-Israel" before we get started. The title is, "US Condemns Murder of Israelis --But Never of Palestinians." So we know right from the start where he stands

Rosenberg starts off very strong, describing the victims as, "civilians who were simply driving in a car when Hamas snipers took them out." He also said that President Obama was right to condemn what he describes as "murder." So right then and there he should take some flak from the more extreme Huffington Posters, but that's where his condemnation of this attack ends and his main point begins.
"Of course, we rarely, if ever, officially condemn the killing of Palestinians by the Israelis...We did not condemn the Gaza onslaught in which the IDF killed 1,200 Palestinians (including 432 kids). We do not condemn the routine killing of Palestinian civilians by the army or the settlers. We did not condemn the the shooting of the American Jewish girl from Maryland who lost an eye for protesting the Gaza ship raid. We did, however, condemn the Goldstone Report for delineating what the IDF did in Gaza."
You know what, Mr. Rosenberg? If a group of Israeli soldiers lay in wait for innocent Palestinians, killed four of them, then held a rally with thousands of people taking credit for it, the US would have something to say. Let's not forget one little difference: Israel is America's ally and Hamas and the PA are....if not officially enemies of the USA, have certainly acted like it. I'm not even going to get into his specific examples, like Cast Lead, in which he shills the usual Palsbara line of "X Palestinians died" without bothering to clarify which were terrorists, which were human shields, and which were neither.

Before we continue with this article, I thought I would take a look at Mr. Rosenberg's Twitter feed, as it might give us more insight into his thinking about this latest incident than his article.

So unlike the article, there is nothing here to indicate Mr. Rosenberg even knew the attack happened, just endless complaining about US "hypocrisy." Makes one wonder whether his strong words toward Hamas were what he actually felt or whether they were just lip service.

Continuing with the article, Mr. Rosenberg repeats a familiar refrain:
"And we wonder why no one, except our government, considers us to be "honest brokers" between Israelis and Palestinians. Honest brokers would condemn all killings of innocent people."
Is there any entity that condemns all killings of innocent people, Mr. Rosenberg? Because the UN, for instance, condemned Israel for the flotilla raid and Cast Lead but hasn't said a word to Hamas about their numerous terrorist activities. Ditto for the EU and Russia.

Here's the truth: Yes, the US is biased toward Israel. So the Palestinians can either deal with it and work extra hard to achieve their goals....or they can complain and moan like MJ and get nowhere. The US may be biased but you are simply not going to find any other nation that (a) is less biased or (b) able and willing to make a change in the region. Remember, America provides money to both the PA and Israel. So who else is in a better position to broker peace talks? Nobody. I can't help but wonder if this is another anti-Zionist who's calls for "balance" is really a cover for "be more pro-Palestinian."

Things only get more interesting, though, as Mr. Rosenberg plays the race card:
"The fact is that we act like old fashioned colonialists. The Israelis are the "white guys" and the Palestinians are the "natives" and nobody much bothers with the deaths of natives. (I notice that every article on the supposed peace negotiations talks about the tremendous reduction in the number of violent acts against Israelis by Palestinians. The far greater number of acts of violence by Israelis against Palestinians don't merit a mention)."
 The only people who think that the Israelis are "the whites" are people like Mr. Rosenberg who try to strawman the opposition to death in this way. The fact is that America supports its allies, Mr. Rosenberg, as I said. Why do you think we fought a war for Saudi Arabia in 1991? Was it because we think they have some good ideas about how to treat women? Or maybe it is because after 40 years of airplane hijackings and murders of Americans the Palestinians don't have a whole lot of goodwill with the American people (except for sympathy of course)?

Nope! Must be because America is racist! Now why didn't I think of that?

That's pretty much it for Rosenberg's article. I guess it's useful to have it on record, since it is probably the closest an anti-Zionist blogger will get to a condemnation of a terrorist attack.

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  1. Good ol' MJ Rosenberg doesn't help himself a lot with moral equivalency arguments.

    Israel has never deliberately killed Arab civilians in cold blood. There is no equivalent to the praise of the butchery of Jews in Palestinian society in Israel. You will never see Jews hand out candy to children to emulate adults to commit murder.

    I guess its too much to ask ol' MJ to recognize that the Palestinians are absolutely amoral on the most basic questions of right and wrong. The side that supports them has no interest in seeing them be decent human beings.

    And we can all guess why. Its all Israel's fault!


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