Thursday, September 2, 2010

MJ Rosenberg Weighs in on Hebron Massacre (Postscript)

MJ Rosenberg has recently added a postscript to his "condemnation with a but" article regarding the recent Hebron massacre. Here's a screengrab:

He really needed to use the "as a Jew" there, didn't he? So let the opposition to Mr. Rosenberg's self-righteousness commence.

Point #1: When I point out that children in Gaza are being used as soldiers and human shields, I am not defending their deaths, Mr. Rosenberg. That claim is another Palsbara strawman. What I am doing is condemning their deaths but I am condemning the people who are truly responsible: Hamas. Hamas has long acknowledged that they use children this way specifically so that people will blame Israel for it. Because I refuse to fall for their sick and diseased way of fighting a war, I am worse than a Holocaust denier? No thank you. Nice try.

Point #2: The evidence that Hamas uses human shields and used them during the Gaza War is now passed the point of debate. Not only have they admitted doing so, but military experts have acknowledged that this is what happened. There are videos and videos showing them do it. I could post links about it all day long, but that is not the point. The point is that there is truth, and there are lies. Mr. Rosenberg is the one refusing to acknowledge the truth, for the simple fact that it might mean blaming someone other than Israel for the deaths of Gazan children. And what do we call someone who refuses to acknowledge the truth, even though it may be right in front of his face. A denier. Sounds like Mr. Rosenberg is projecting like crazy. No pun intended.

Point #3: How much like a standard anti-Zionist Mr. Rosenberg sounds when he claims that this is "the next level" even above Holocaust denial. It sound as if he is trying to make up for being wrong with insults, hand-wringing morality and demonization of those with whom he disagrees. Yet wrong he remains, and the fact that he needs to try and win on the personal level rather than the factual just shows how low he is willing to go to let Hamas off the hook for their own actions. It takes a certain kind of person to try to accuse Jews of being "just like" anti-Semites for far less objectionable actions. I'm not going to tell you what kind of person that is. I trust you can figure it out on your own.

Let me just make my position clear: Hamas used human shields. That does not "justify" Israel's killing of children, in the sense that it makes the deaths of those children "okay." The deaths of those children are still just as wrong and terrible as any death of the child. The difference between me and Mr. Rosenberg is that I can remain clear-headed enough to recognize that Hamas engineered the deaths of those children specifically to make Israel look bad. And that is worse by far then merely killing children.

Maybe this is cold and heartless. But the facts remain the facts, no matter how much Mr. Rosenberg doesn't like it. And I for one will not be deterred, no matter what slanders he sends my way.

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  1. If MJ Rosenberg was around during the Holocaust, he'd probably have written articles criticizing Jews for being impolite as they were being hauled off by the Nazis


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