Friday, September 3, 2010

MJR and the "Firsters"

MJ Rosenberg's article about media coverage of Israeli vs. Palestinian violence is a typical thread, in that both sides argue back and forth about a variety of subjects. Something that came up during the thread is a death of a Palestinian teenage girl, who was shot by an Israeli soldier. The Israeli soldier was not convicted of murder, and the anti-Zionists took that to mean Israel is equally bad as Hamas, despite the numerous significant differences (i.e., this soldier is not a hero and suffered numerous other charges, the girl was in a combat zone and did not obey commands to stop, etc.). An interesting discussion.

Now, remember, MJ called the terror attack in Hebron "murder" and agreed with President Obama's condemnation of the attack. So now he comes on the thread and posts the following statement:

Let's take a look at this statement. First, it's clearly a strawman argument. No Israel supporter called the girl a "terrorist", or Palestinians in general "terrorists" as a rule. Second, Rosenberg calls Israel's supporters on the thread "Israel firsters", as in, loyalty to Israel first, all else second. Remember, Rosenberg calls himself "pro-Israel". It is difficult to understand why someone who is pro-Israel would choose to mock and strawman people who supposedly agree with him, even though there is a difference of degree. 

Now, what comments on this thread does MJ Rosenberg choose not to comment on?

No Occupation and land theft, no death of the settlers. Pretty easy, really.

An ahistorical myth that there were 'expulsions' of Jews from Arab countries. There were, however, Israeli false-flag terror operations to sow panic among Egyptian Jews to get them to 'flee' to Israel.

Nope, justifying terror and denying the Jewish Nakba aren't worthy of Mr. Rosenberg's time. Bashing the "Firsters" is far more worthwhile. 

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  1. The killing of the girl was an accident. No one in Israel celebrated the death of a human being. People were sad about it.

    Contrast that with the Arab happiness and joy at slaughtering innocent Jews. That was done with malice aforethought.

    It appears good ol' MJ Rosenberg doesn't appear to grasp the essential difference between an ethical Israel that values human life and the psychopathic society of its enemy that lauds death as an ideal, a way of life even.

    You think here is a place where he would come out to defend Israel because right and wrong have never been more clear.



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