Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MJR and Israeli Spies

In his self appointed role of showcasing more of Israel's faults and calling it "tough love", MJ Rosenberg has highlighted an article from the Washington Post about Mossad agents acting badly in America. The Washington Post article describes how Mossad agents want to get contacts on possible terrorists in America, but rather than approaching potential sources as Israelis, they pretend to be Americans. This is considered a no-no in the intelligence community.

Now, this is a somewhat interesting thing, but it's (as always) interesting to see how MJ presents the findings. In the first place, he has an inflammatory headline. He titled his article, "Washington Post: US Intelligence Agencies Outraged by Israeli Ops Here". Go ahead and read the actual WP article. It talks about one intelligence agency (the CIA) and quotes one anonymous retired CIA official and one named retired CIA official. Hardly an definitive statement across the board, but that doesn't stop Mr. Rosenberg from exaggerating like crazy.

And speaking of sources, this article is very short on them. The part of the article Mr. Rosenberg quotes, about how Israel is the least helpful friendly ally, has no sources whatsoever. The only part of the article that contains evidence comes from Philip Giraldi, who according to one of the HPers makes a second career out of anti-Israel conspiracy theories. He's also a favorite of David Duke. So, again, I'm not saying this story isn't true, it's just the article relies extensively on one retired crackpot and a bunch of anonymous sources, so we should take it with a grain of salt.

The last thing that is interesting about this article is this last section,
"The Israeli right, and its enablers here, are out of control which only adds to the awe I feel for the brave Israelis of the left"
This is the second crack about "Israel firsters" MJ has made in as many days. I find this comment particularly fascinating in a couple different ways.

1. It reveals that Rosenberg reads the comments on his articles. He knows who I am! Tee hee!
2. That means Rosenberg reads the comments, both pro and anti-Zionist. But who does he decide to belittle and insult in his articles? The Zionist "side" in the discussion. Even though Mr. Rosenberg considers the massacre in Hebron last week to be an atrocity, he doesn't bother addressing the HPers who consider the violence to be completely justified. Even though HPers were actively campaigning for Israel to be destroyed, the "pro-Israel" Mr. Rosenberg can't be bothered to throw out a line saying "By the way, I think Israel should remain a Jewish state".

Is Mr. Rosenberg required to respond to every person who comments on his articles? Absolutely not. But when he takes the time to write a comment, a postscript, and then a line in one of his articles about the pro-Israel people on the HP, but none for the virulent anti-Israel and anti-Zionist people, it really makes his claim of being "pro-Israel" seem like BS. Not that those of us paying attention need more proof of that.


  1. 'It reveals that Rosenberg reads the comments on his articles. He knows who I am! Tee hee!'

    Do you jack off to this?

  2. Good ol' MJ Rosenberg could at least make an intelligent case for the anti-Zio position. But if all you can do is accuse the other side of being too partisan, well that's not really advancing a positive argument that YOUR side is better than theirs. And we're still waiting for MJ to make ONE for every one to hear.

  3. while i do read your web site , i wont give hp the satisfaction of having me click onto their web site.

    you guys are doing a good job though, all the same i can imagaine you guys making other posters pull their hair out good going : ))


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