Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MJR Objects to Name Calling

In Rosenberg's latest post, some insults are being thrown back and forth as is usual on the Internet. But then MJR himself steps in to bring it back up:

Ha ha! Mr. Rosenberg is so right, we shouldn't call each other names. Unless, of course, your name is MJ Rosenberg.

I am consistently amazed by MJ Rosenberg. He claims to be pro-Israel. But when HPers who are undoubtedly also pro-Israel (if, perhaps, more pro-Israel than him) post, he implies that they are more loyal to Israel than anything else (the "firster" accusation). Fairly insulting, I would think. On the other hand, when HPers call Israel all sorts of names, make things up about Israel, openly call for its destruction, and support violence against its inhabitants, heaven forbid you call those HPers "Israel or peace haters"! Mr. Rosenberg will be there to make sure you keep the discourse civil.

Throwing insults is a childish thing, but on the Internet where there is no accountability they are a common enough thing ("ziovermin", etc.). I myself am guilty of throwing the occasional personal attack. But you would expect an HP blogger of Mr. Rosenberg's stature to either keep himself out of the fray, or treat both sides equally. Not insult one side and defend the other.

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  1. Considering that good ol' MJ Rosenberg posts on anti-Zionist websites, we can see he is hardly an unabashed pro-Israel advocate. And remaining neutral on matters related to Israel tells you which side he doesn't much sympathy for. MJ and pro-Israel are a contradiction in terms.


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