Sunday, September 5, 2010

MJR's Sterling Counter-Argument (and Backtrack)

Remember MJ Rosenberg getting mad about Hamas using human shields? I called him out on it, check out his response:

The sad part is that no anti-Zionist has been able to put forward a better counter-argument. But I do think it's informative to see what happens when Mr. Rosenberg and friends will do when confronted with an inconvenient truth. Say what you will about the pro-Israel crowd, but I have never seen them pull anything like that.

Even more interesting, that last comment was deleted but another soon appeared:

So have you all got that? First anyone who recognized that Hamas uses human shields is worse than a Holocaust denier, but now apparently everyone uses them including Hamas. Does this mean Mr. Rosenberg is changing his story when confronted with the truth? That "postscript" remains in his article. I also think it is interesting that he puts scare quotes around the term human shield, as if it was only alleged that either side used them.

In the end it sounds like he is taking the somewhat moderate position of condemning everyone unilaterally. But I find it very interesting that when confronted with a reality he didn't like, his first instinct was to attack and insult, and only later coming to grips with that reality. Very much a page from the anti-Zionist playbook.

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  1. MJ Rosenberg did not come to grips with reality, he modified his interpretation of reality until it agreed with his pro-Hamas agenda.


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