Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mya Guarnieri's Latest Complaint

Mya "Sue Happy" Guarnieri has been absent from the Huffington Post for twenty days, and as I am sure you aware many important things have happened during that time. The settlement freeze ended, obviously, but also six Israelis were murdered by Hamas and four more were injured in other shooting incidents. Did it occur to Ms. Guarnieri to write about these things? Of course not, because not even the settlement freeze was an anti-Israel enough story for her. Fortunately, she has found recently found a topic in Israel's decision to disallow Maired Maguire from coming in.

Who is Ms. Maguire? She is a "peace activist" (aren't they all) who is distinctive because she is also a Nobel Peace Laureate. Unfortunately, she also sailed on the famous Gaza flotilla and subsequently got deported. Under Israeli law, anyone who is deported is not allowed back in for ten years. Ms. Guarnieri seems to be under the impression that Ms. Maguire's Peace Prize makes her above the law. Kind of ironic, since Ms. Guarnieri is always demanding that Israel follow international law, she seems to be willing to make an exception for Israeli law.

Also interesting is that Ms. Maguire lied. In the article she claimed "that she contacted Israeli authorities after she'd arrived Ireland. They informed Maguire that she wouldn't be barred from entering the country." But Ms. Guarneri also quoted an Interior Ministry spokesperson who said, "A few months ago [Maguire] was on the Rachel Corrie [a ship on the Freedom Flotilla]. After that she was deported. So she knows that she can't come to Israel. She says that she [checked] with the embassy before but she didn't do that." And I know it's a he said, she said, but considering the flotilla's history of lying and the ease with which something like that could be checked I am disinclined to believe Ms. Maguire.

Ms. Guarnieri and Ms. Maguire's friends claim that it was politically motivated. Don't worry if you missed it on the first time through, they repeat themselves a lot. Of course, the problem is that everyone else who is part of Ms. Maguire's group can go in and do whatever they want. This might be because they aren' know...criminals. But maybe Ms. Guarnieri thinks that it is just a coincidence.

One last thing before we finish, not the flawed logic of Ms. Maguire's lawyer here:
"All of her activities [in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories] were done in a peaceful and nonviolent form and all of her activities should be protected under the right to express her opinion," El-Ajou added.
Right, so again, not actively hurting people only makes one a saint when one is a pro-Palestinian activist. For the rest of us, it's considered to be the bare minimum. Just because Ms. Maguire isn't a terrorist doesn't make her above the law (as the Israeli spokesperson said) and it certainly doesn't mean that she can go wherever she wants whenever she wants. Peace prize or no.

But what really gets me is "the right to express her opinion." Israel is not stopping Ms. Maguire from expressing her opinion about anything. She is perfectly free to say whatever she wants. She just can't waltz into Israel after breaking Israeli law. The two issues are completely unrelated, and it says a lot about Ms. Maguire's case that she is resorting to the usual weak cries of "free speech." Yes, in Israel there is free speech. But there isn't free entry. Every country in the world has it, so you'd better get used to it.

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  1. Every country has similar laws not only Israel. If you enter a country illegally and are caught and deported you can be banned from entry for a period of years. Ms. Guarnieri seems to be under the impression Nobel Prize winners are above the law.

    She should try it herself and see just where it gets her.


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