Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Narwani Hits the Hardline

Man, Sharmine Narwani is writing so many informative comments, it is like she is providing us with enough material for this blog all by herself! Check out the latest:

And then this one:

So let's take a look at these statements in summary:

-"I'm right. You're wrong."
-"My side is the righteous one. Your side is not."
-"We get everything we want. You get nothing. There is no room for compromise. If you don't like it, deal with it."
-"There is no partner for peace on the other side."
-"Give me what I want now, before I even think about giving you anything. Otherwise someone might get hurt."

Now, if it were someone on the Israeli side who was talking like this, what would we call them? I imagine the most common labels would be "conservative" and "hardliner." It is interesting, though not surprising, to see Ms. Narwani exposed as what she is: A pro-Palestinian hardliner. Not different in any real way from Avigdor Lieberman, she is even more hardline than Abbas. Which is saying something!

More Palestinian than the Palestinians? In a big way. According to an AWRAD poll, two-thirds of Palestinians said that adjusting "the 1967 border through agreement to equivalent exchange of land" would be at least "tolerable." Even more pointedly, nearly half (47%) would also acquiesce to "moving [Israeli] settlers to large blocs and exchanging land." Not that you would know that from listening to Sharmine Narwani, of course. She is still up on her soapbox demanding ethnic cleansing of Jews from the West Bank. Her way or the highway. I guess she learned it from the best.


  1. Sharmoota is a perfect illustration of why there is still not peace in that region, her mentality parallels the mentality of those who voted Hamas into office, she's repulsive. How do they let her blog on the huff?

  2. Sh is a mouthpiece for a faction of the Palestinian power atructure that is losing power and influence as the talks proceed - thus the louder her protestrations as she sees her future as having to succeed strictly on nerit in academia. It's a cold world, she should buy a coat.

  3. She does represent the view of the majority of Arabs who believe Israel has not yet given enough.

    And its not really peace they want.

    Her point is correct: the unelected PA leadership represents no one but themselves.

    What is the point of the current talks? You don't have to agree with Sharmine Narwani's extremism to understand she hits the mark in her discussion of what's going on.


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