Thursday, September 16, 2010

Narwani Tells It Like It Is

A Zionist HPer points out the following:
"Most of the Arab countries expelled the Jews from their borders because they started to be seen as Israeli sympathizers and also it was easy to take the anger on the local Jews after the Arab defeat in 48 and 67. I know that this is well-documented.
It's not an exhausting pile of claims. Both sides had refugees. Wanna solve the refugee problem? Consider both sides as well."
She simply points out that there were a lot of Jewish refugees after 1948. How does Sharmine Narwani, voice of the Palestinian cause respond?

Dang, if only the Jews of 1948 could have looked into the future and saw how useful keeping their fellow Jews in refugee camps would eventually be. They would have learned the wise lesson that if you don't actually solve your problems and blame them on your enemy, people can be effective political weapons in your ongoing fight. Thanks, Ms. Narwani, for showing us how it is.


  1. Reading this and other posts by Narwani made me realize there's an interesting dynamic inside the pro-Palestinian HP faction. On the one hand, there are some intelligent commentators who try to inject reality into their advocacy; I don't like or support them but respect them exercising their free speech rights as adults (Hussein Ibish would fit here). OTOH, there are pro-Palestinian posters whose arguments are ridiculous, whose defenses of their views make zero sense...who are just objectively STUPID. And Narwani is definitely in this group, to the point where I'd argue the best counter to her would be "DON'T shut up, and PLEASE keep talking". Like Richard Silverstein all the time and MJ Rosenberg over the past several months, she's emerged as one of our best inadvertent advocates. I almost feel sorry for her side over being yoked to her pathetic analysis and refutable polemics. Almost.

  2. The Jews are not victims in Sharmine Narwani's eyes because they made a life for themselves. If you want to be a victim, it may confer upon you a sort of moral status but it will never win you the respect of others.

    Which is a point lost upon the Narwanis of the world.

  3. "There is a Palestinian refugee problem. Palestinians are kept in camps". I've got your "symetry" righ here Sharmine. This woman's rage is up simply because she sees Palestinians and Israels negotiating, wrecking her world view and her reason for waking up everyday crumbling at her feet. What a pitiful example of a human being.

  4. What puzzles me is, why is she allowed to write for the huffington post?


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