Monday, September 27, 2010

Sharmine Narwani on Human Rights

On Sharmine Narwani's latest interview with Hamas leader Khalid Meshaal, a Huffington Poster called her out:

How do you suppose she responded to this? With excuses, of course:

Excuse #1: Criticizing Hamas for their human rights abuses is akin to Israeli propaganda, and asking Hamas about its genocidal intentions toward Israel is a waste of time because "no intelligent person" really takes them at their word.

Excuse #2: She wants to know Hamas' views on the world rather than their views toward their own people. This is someone who claims to care about the suffering Gazans.

Excuse #3: If Hamas is mistreating their own people, it must be to "protect their position" from "external pressures." In other words, they are defending themselves, and it is someone else's fault. That's pretty standard issue apologizing for oppression if I have ever heard it, especially since I don't see how forcing Gazan women to wear religious garb is necessary to secure Hamas' rule.

Now, it would be one thing if Ms. Narwani would ever write an article that was critical of Hamas and sympathetic with the people of Gazan. But she doesn't! Oh sure, she'll write about Israel mistreating the Gazans, but never their own government. This is someone who claims to be "pro-Palestinian" of course.

This post, more than any other by Ms. Narwani, only proves her true motivations. She is just not interested in justice, nor human rights, nor even the welfare of the Palestinian people. She only wants to defend Hamas, Hezbollah, and the other "resistance movements" dedicated to killing Jews, Americans, and anyone else who gets in their way.


  1. Of course. She defends these movements precisely because of their radical character.

    And every knows they will never make peace with Israel.

    But a lot of people in the West have great difficulty believing people in other parts of the world can be sincere in their extremism.

    They are. And this gets lost in the softball questions that Narwani tossed at the leader of Hamas.

  2. OUTSTANDING catch, guys. I sent a bulk email to my mail list on this one. If the subject matter weren't so serious, and the potential consequences so deadly, this would make for a hilarious skit on Saturday Night Live. "How many ways can one website subvert rational discourse on the most conflicted region of the world? Let us count the ways..."

    As I said in my blogpost on Narwani's latest game of tonsil-hockey with Meshaal (, it could buy the services of a fake interviewer (a la infomercials; "How did you create such a wonderful product?"), but why would it need to? It has the loving services of an "interviewer" from the #1 most-read blog in the world, which claims it is a "news" organization, and it comes to them - for free. What a deal!

    Again, GREAT catch, guys.

  3. Interesting that when asked why she doesn't touch on the topics that
    RozTip mentions, she not only says
    "I will leave that to my distinguished colleagues...." but goes on to say that her "distinguished colleagues" are "far more proficient at "ENTERTAINMENT" interviews"....

    Not only is she spouting unwarranted and arrogant superiority over all of her "distinguished colleagues" ("at other US news organizations"), but I find it an odd/interesting notion to refer to it as "entertainment".

    Does this woman actually think that
    >executions and torture of Palestinians by Hamas is "entertainment"?
    >suicide bombings, largely carried out by children and teens, is "entertainment"?
    >implementation of Sharia, often times barbaric in nature is "entertainment"?
    >Zionists rule the world conspiracy theory, "entertainment"?
    >Indoctrination of YOUNG CHILDREN for war and SELF SACRIFICE ...

    She goes on to say that *if* she engaged in such *entertainment*, it would involve the Hamas Charter, but then goes on to try to debunk the charter by claiming "no intelligent person buys that tired rhetoric any longer". WHAT????
    How she can fail to see, and worse yet, deny the seriousness of this, is beyond comprehension.

    This woman is completely and totally delusional. She is in denial so deep that she can not see or think like a rational human being.
    She is beyond offensive.

    "Narwani's latest game of tonsil-hockey with Meshaal "

    How right you are!
    Narwani is like the school girl blushing, with butterflies in her stomach to be in the company of one she adores. Like a girlish crush, where she will not do or say anything to spoil her own fantasy.

    I find her lies, her denial, her hatred, her enormous ego and her overwhelming arrogance, adding up to be one appalling individual.
    And one who does no justice what so ever to the Palestinian people.

  4. Wow, Anonymous, tell us what you really think :D


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