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Ahmed Moor: Destroy Israel! (Part 4)

Ahmed "Destroy Israel" Moor is back again doing what he does best....trying to destroy Israel! And of course the Huffington Post is all too happy to give him a platform to preach his poisonous lies. This latest article is titled, "Israel's Jewish Character Is Subject for Debate." So right from the beginning you know that this is a standard-issue Ahmed Moor article. He begins by setting up a subsection of The Great Anti-Zionist Strawman.
"The Israelis want the feckless and illegitimate Palestinian Authority head, Mahmoud Abbas, to affirm Israel's "right to exist as the Jewish state." But that raises the question: Does Israel have a right to continue as a race-exclusive state?"
It would be hilarious if I knew that he wasn't being so malicious. Israel is not and was never intended to be a "race exclusive" state, unlike, say, Jordan, Egypt and Palestine. If you check the writing of early Zionist leaders they always expected that non-Jews would live there as equals. And compared with all the other states in the region Arabs and Christians are treated better than anywhere else. But this doesn't stop Ahmed Moor's hate-train for even a second. He declares that Israel is "the Jewish state for the Jewish people," which is surprising, considering how most AZs don't consider the Jews to be a people at all. But then he really goes to town:
"To be a non-Jew in the Jewish state is to be a second-class citizen. The ideology that underpins the existence of the Jewish state -- Zionism -- is a racist doctrine....Zionism is the belief that Jewish people ought to be privileged in Palestine/Israel solely because of their race."
So I will begin by pointing out the double standard at work here. To be a non-Muslim in a Muslim state is to be treated worse than an Arab Israelis worst nightmare. There are many other examples of states that have an identity in which "outsiders" are not one hundred percent equal in every way and yet Mr. Moor has no problem with them. You don't seem him berating the Palestinians for wanting an Arab and Muslim state and you never will. I say this not to change the subject or deflect away from the subject. I say this because Mr. Moor has made it clear that it is only the idea of a state for Jews (and no other nation) with which he takes issue. And that, by definition, is anti-Semitism.

Second, I find it interesting that Mr. Moor considers Jews to be a race, as we see in the first sentence. The Jews themselves don't even think that, and yet Mr. Moor doesn't seem to mind dictating to the Jews who and what they are. This is only one of many strawmen that he sets up in his mission to tear down the Jews and their desire for the same rights that other groups of people (including the Palestinians) take for granted.

The last point I wanted to make regarding this paragraph is Mr. Moor's deliberate vagueness. He rails against Zionism as a "racist ideology" because non-Jews are "second class citizens" but he does not provide specific ways in which they are discriminated against. He won't, of course, because the only examples he would find is things like marriage laws and government financing. Annoying, yes. Discriminatory, certainly. Worth destroying Israel over? Definitely not. So Mr. Moor is going to keep his audience in the dark because that is the only way that he can convince them that he is right. It is a very telling tactic on the part of the anti-Zionists.

Of course it only gets uglier from there. Click below to continue.

He then sets up a series of strawmen and relies on the endless waving of the "my rights!" flag.
"I don't believe that militia that purged my people from their lands to create a racially pure Jewish state had a right to do so. I don't believe that the Jewish state has a right to exclude me from living as an equal citizen on the lands of my forefathers. I have a right to exist in Be'er Sheeva -- that's where my family is from. But, I am barred from doing so because I am not Jewish."
Again with the "racially pure Jewish state?" Sounds like someone has lost touch with reality...again. Of course reasonable people no longer buy the "ethnic cleansing" Palestinian narrative as straightforward reality, so Mr. Moor is only preaching to the choir here. I'm not even going to bother busting it because it clearly is just a sideshow: Mr. Moor doesn't really have a problem with how Israel came to be, even though it helps him score emotional debating points. Even if Israel's creation was completely peaceful he would still want it gone. Because it is a state for the Jews, and he finds the idea of Jewish rights abhorrent.

As for Mr. Moor's complaints about being excluded as living equally in the land of his ancestors: Guess what? That's the way the world works. No Israeli Jew can live in any other country in the Middle East beside Israel. What about their rights? Oh wait, they're Jews, so he could care less about their rights? I can't live in Germany and you don't see me whining and moaning about it!

Furthermore, the idea that Mr. Moor has "the right to exist in Be'er Sheeva" is laughable. That's because countries have laws, Mr. Moor. You know, the law, the talking point you wave when it is convenient for you and then ignore when it isn't? Israel has the right to limit immigration to whomever they like, the same way your home state of Lebanon does. That's called "sovereignty" you can look it up. You don't have "the right to exist" in Be'er Sheeva or anywhere, technically. Otherwise you would have to admit that Israel has the right to exist too, and we can't have that, can we?

You are not barred because you are not Jewish. You aren't even barred, technically. You can apply for immigration to Israel, if you want. Just don't be surprised when they don't let you in, because you have now proven your self to be an enemy of Israel and everything it stands for. And yet you demand favors from them! Hilarious.
"I believe strongly that all people are equal, irrespective of race or religion."
Yeah...that clearly isn't true. All people are equal....except for the Jews. According to the UN, all people have the right of self-determination and to a nationality. But that is exactly what Mr. Moor seeks to deny the Jews, and only the Jews. The Palestinians are a people, and Mr. Moor would not think twice about a Palestinian state for them. Does he take issue with the idea of "the Arab League?" But by the logic that he put forward in this article, he has a problem with a Jewish state no matter where it is! Just by being a Jewish state makes it illegitimate, in his view. To deny the Jews that basic right is simply racist. There is no way around it, though I am sure that Mr. Moor would love to find one.

As for the rest of this article, he hits all the usually talking points. "Colonialist entity" shows up, of course, as does mentions of "the Israel lobby" controlling Obama and accusations of Israel as a "racist state." Here are a couple more paragraphs that I thought needed sharing:
"It is time for the world to reject Zionism and Jewish privilege in Palestine/Israel. It is time for all the people in Palestine/Israel to live as equals. It worked in South Africa, and it has to work there."
Here's a suggestion, Mr. Moor: When you are trying to convince us that two entities are really one, don't refer to them as two names with a backslash in the middle. You're only shooting yourself in the foot. Heck, even HP talkbackers are smart enough just to refer to it as "Israel" or "Greater Israel." That way at least you will back up your thesis that all the people who live there are the same nation, even though they would disagree with you. Doing it like that is just pathetic.
"I will never affirm the right of a Jewish person to purge my grandparents from their lands for being the wrong race. But I will work with that Jewish person's grandchild to create a non-racist, egalitarian future for all of us."
I find it interesting that Mr. Moor (again) needs to use a strawman. No people were removed from anywhere in 1948 for "being the wrong race." They moved because there was a war on. A genocidal war at that. One must wonder: If Mr. Moor had to choose between his grandfather being "purged" and six hundred thousand Jews dying by violence, which one would he pick? Don't tell me, I don't want to know. 

As for his commitment to "fighting racism" that's a joke and a half. Let's ignore for a minute the fact that this entire article is racist, when was the last time he spoke out against the anti-Semitism and racism in the Palestinian Authority? Or anywhere in the Middle East? The truth, of course, is that Mr. Moor doesn't care one whit about racism or about fighting it. He doesn't even much care about equality, based on his singling out of the Jewish people for the removal of their rights. He only cares about wiping out the Jewish state by any means necessary. He has made that more than clear at this point. I wish that once, just once, anti-Zionists like him would just come right out and say what they mean. It would be refreshing. And then this dialogue could actually get somewhere.

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  1. The Arabs are the most racist people on earth.

    They deny the Jews what they claim for themselves and they are neither honest, factual or ethical when they attack Zionism and Jewish self-determination.

    If they were, there would be grounds to take them seriously. Since they aren't, they deserve to be dismissed with utter contempt. The Ahmed Moors of the world are the ones who stand in the way of ending a conflict that has dragged on for over a century because they will not reconcile themselves to seeing Jews not just as their equals but as human beings.

    And until they do, peace will remain a mirage on the horizon in the Middle East.


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