Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Alon Ben-Meir "Thank Yous" Racist Comment Toward Israel

Recently Alon Ben-Meir, who works at the Center for Global Affairs is what one might call an anti-Israel Jew, in the sense that he is usually balanced but leads toward articles with the general tone of: "Israel had better shape up or its in serious trouble!" His most recent article isn't all that different, it says that Israel may be a good position now but that won't last.

Then this comment was posted. Read it, and then check out Mr. Ben-Meir's response.

Notice most particularly the posters' claim that there is "no difference" between Israel supporting its troops and a mob of racist Southerners lynching an innocent black man. He is also claims that Ben-Meri had "better target" Israel supporters in the USA who hold views that he doesn't like.

And all that Ben-Meir has to say is "thank you for your feedback?" Really, it wasn't enough to say: "I see where you are coming from but your demonization goes too far?" And if that isn't insulting enough he also makes a parting shot at unspecified other "views" that are unreasonable. One can only wonder exactly what kind of views he was referring to, since he doesn't make any other comments like this on the thread. I checked.

The next time Ben-Meir claims to be "pro-Israel" I for one intend to remember this exchange.


  1. Another Theobald Jew cowering in fear of an anti-Semite and mumbling something of how I agree but I don't have the courage yet to say so.

    Jewish anti-Semites are even more despicable than their non-Jewish counterparts in being conflicted about how far they should go to destroy their own people. Thankfully, their comrades in arms have no such inhibitions.

    Let's remember them the next time you see them criticize Israel.

  2. My mother always says, that no one can be more genuinely antisemitic than a Jew. The older that I get, the more that I see the truth in her words.


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