Friday, October 15, 2010

Daoud Kuttab's Comment

On his recent article discussed yesterday, HP blogger Daoud Kuttab made the following comment:

Let's take a look at this comment, as it matches Kuttab's article in its commitment to historical accuracy and factual reporting.

1. Jews do not believe they have a "right" to return to the Middle East and establish Israel. They wanted to, and they did. The only people who believe they have the "right" to land are the Palestinians.
2. Jews have a right to return to their state. The Palestinians have a right of return to their state after they establish one. But just as Jews cannot apparently live in Palestine so the Palestinians cannot force their way into Israel. 
3. As for the UN resolution, the UN changed the definition of refugee exclusively for Palestinians so that children can have the right of return to a place they have never been. Why should anyone expect Israel to accept that kind of injustice? 

Daoud Kuttab makes up facts to try to shore up the supposed "injustice" the Palestinians are facing. Really unfortunate an HP blogger would have to resort to such low tactics. 


  1. Incidentally, thousands of people have been displaced since the Second World War and have moved on to new lives. The only people on earth who refuse to accept the world has changed are the Palestinians.

    Israel is not going to commit national suicide in order to resolve a problem maintained by their leaders and the Arab World for the purpose of blaming Israel for its existence.

    With their enormous oil wealth, the Arabs could solve the Arab refugee problem quickly. That they don't want to is a commentary on the state of Arab civilization and its concern for its Arab brethren. You don't hear Daoud Kuttab criticize that as much as he criticizes Israel for not fulfilling a demand not asked of any other nation - no one asks India to accept the Pakistanis or the Czechs to accept the Germans but its somehow expected that Israel accept the Palestinians.

    Why the hypocrisy?

  2. Seems like all the Pro-Palestinian bloggers have the same MO.
    They could seriously Blog under one name.
    The rhetoric is the same.
    The story and lies never change.

    And I suppose if you *reply*, the reply will be taken as an *attack* and the threats of being banned from HP will be the sameas well.

  3. Having a refugee status doesn't give you a right to return anywhere. It does the opposite. It's called non-refoulement--being a refugee gives you the right to NOT be returned.


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