Friday, October 22, 2010

MJ Rosenberg Starting to Wake Up?

In his most recent blog post, MJ Rosenberg complains about the steps some pro-Israel people are taking to get the candidates they support elected, also known in some circles as the democratic process in action. He discusses what he called the "pro-Israel" lobby creating the Emergency Committee for Israel, an expressly right-wing organization, and running ads against Democratic candidates. I've already blogged earlier today about the obvious implications of his post as interpreted by HPers ("the Jews are controlling American democracy") and then I read this post by Rosenberg on the thread:

It's too late, Mr. Rosenberg. You reap what you sow. When you complain about certain American Jews forcing our government to take action against our best interests, you can't be surprised when your loyal readers assume you're talking about American Jews in general, not just "the hundred thousand" members of the lobby. The cat is out of the bag, and when the American brownshirts come for you, all the claims of you being a "good Jew" won't do any good.

It's amazing that Mr. Rosenberg makes a living by publishing the "Jewish lobby" conspiracy theory every single week on the HP, playing on old fashioned anti-Semitism, and yet doesn't think that it will have an effect on his readership. He honestly seemed to think that he could manipulate the HPers into believing that it was only the Jews who thought differently from him who were disloyal Israel-firsters and that the rest were all right. That is not the way that these things work.

Jews are allowed to be right wing. They are allowed to support Israel. They are allowed to do both of those things without being accused of disloyalty to America. The only person bringing up the anti-Semitic trope of dual loyalty is you, Mr. Rosenberg. By creating the strawman of "the lobby representing all Jews", you are making life far more dangerous for American Jews than it would have been if you had never opened your mouth. I don't think most people believe AIPAC represents all Jews, or they would not have until you suggested it.

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  1. Matt - what's wrong with a single issue lobby?

    Good ol' MJ Rosenberg thinks its wrong for American Jews to be concerned about Israel.

    Note he never takes issue with any other single issue lobby. Why?

    Its a question he needs to be asked.


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