Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MJR and All the Young Jews

MJ Rosenberg has published another one of his showcase blog posts, this one about young Jews and (apparently) their growing dissatisfaction with Israel. Let's go through it, because it's pretty hilariously terrible.

Rosenberg starts off with citing Thomas Friedman as agreeing with his thesis, his one attempt at actual evidence. The fact that Thomas Friedman is (according to the HPers) a neo-con who lied us into war with Iraq is apparently no longer a problem, because Friedman wrote that young American Jews are becoming increasingly disinterested in Israel.

Rosenberg then cites "personal experience",
"I know it from personal experience. Having worked for 20 years on Capitol Hill, and in other "kid" environments since, I can say that of the literally thousands of 20-somethings I have worked with, only a few outliers thought about Israel at all. I also have two kids, who both began going to Israel at age 3 and their zillions of friends. They are not anti-Israel; it's more like they don't give it much thought."
Yeah, because when I think "kid environments", the first place I think of is Capitol Hill. I have no reason to think that Mr. Rosenberg's experiences aren't the truth, but I'm not totally convinced that his childrens' 'zillions' of friend don't think about Israel at all. But let's see what else he has to say.

Then Rosenberg talks to a 24-year-old involved with J-Street. What does she have to say? "These kids would be with J Street if they cared about Israel. To get them interested in J Street, first you have to make them interested in Israel." Wow, where have we heard this before? Sounds like this young J-Streeter was preaching to the choir. We know from his last blog post that Rosenberg thinks the only people who actually care about Israel are the ones who (like him and J-Street) constantly criticize it. Again, hardly an unbiased source.
"The Israel lobby can preen about its polls showing support for Israel all it wants. But it's clear which way the wind is blowing. Young Israel supporters are like Trekkies. They exist, they go to conventions, but they are outliers. When the current 20 and 30 somethings are in charge of America, the lobby's base will be reduced to Orthodox Jews and the Christian right. Actually, just Orthodox Jews because the Christian right does not donate campaign money and, when they do, their top causes are bashing gays, fighting choice and repealing evolution."
 I actually think this analogy is pretty good. There are relatively few fervent Israel supporters among the young, because most young people today don't really care about any kind of political cause, including Israel. But while the Trekkies will go to conventions, everyone in America knows who Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock are. They might not dress up like them, but they like them at some level. Ditto with Israel. Most Americans and especially American Jews (as actual evidence shows) support Israel, even if they don't take to the streets or visit Israel themselves. As for Mr. Rosenberg's doom and gloom predictions, I guess we'll have to wait and see. But I don't think they'll pan out.

Mr. Rosenberg concludes with his usual talking points: Israel should end the occupation, Israel should grab the two-state solution now, I don't know what they are waiting for.

So what can we take from this blog post? The HP is continuing their agenda of trying to convince its readers that Israel is weakening. We see this with blog posts talking about BDS successes, Palestinian political movements, and now a post long on baseless predictions and short on actual evidence. Well, keep trying, HP. You haven't convinced us Israel is friendless yet.

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  1. Good ol' MJ Rosenberg and his usual detours into solecisms and non-sequiturs.

    I was waiting for him to tell us something that for once actually made sense! Not today.

    He'll have to try again.


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