Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ahmed Moor Calls for Dissolution of Palestinian Authority

Ahmed "Destroy Israel" Moor has returned to the HP with a blog post provocatively entitled It's Time to Dismantle the Palestinian Authority. Before we even started reading the article, you should know two things: one, it's written by Ahmed Moor and two, it was crossposted on Mondoweiss. So that should give you an idea about the target audience and content of the post.

Moor's first half is mostly about the economic recovery in the West Bank and how it's a giant lie, propped up by Israel and world money. He claims the economy is in a bubble and held captive by Israel. He accuses Israel of exploiting Palestinian captive markets and forcing the Palestinians into a market of only buying Israeli goods. Not being an economist, I can't really claim any of Moor's statements aren't true, but his history of misleading facts in the past makes me question his statements at face value.

Moor then presents his argument for why the PA should not longer exist,
"But if the Palestinian Authority cannot secure economic growth, and it cannot promote Palestinian institution-building (and appears to actively destroy them), and it cannot create a Palestinian state, why does it exist?
The answer is well-known to many people: The Palestinian Authority exists to secure the Israeli occupation against Palestinian resistance (the PA killed the Goldstone report). It exists to act as an intermediary between the ruling Jewish race and the governed Palestinian race in an apartheid state."

Now, remember, Moor is supposed to be "pro-peace". But he seems to have a problem with a) the economic growth in the WB (which he believes to be an Israeli plot), b) the failure of the PA to create a Palestinian state (more on this later) and c) that the PA is stopping Palestinian "resistance". And, of course, he throws in the totally wrong and slanderous apartheid analogy. Apparently, Moor doesn't like the PA cracking down on Palestinian terror. Let's keep reading.

"People are beginning to understand that there will never be a viable Palestinian state. Today the Palestinian grassroots are organizing around a full enfranchisement movement, or the one-state solution, in Palestine/Israel....It's time to let the mask slip away. Benjamin Netanyahu -- not Salam Fayyad -- is the unelected Palestinian Prime Minister. It's only by recognizing that reality that we can begin to fix our apartheid country."
Moor returns to his one talking point: destroy Israel in the form of the one-state solution. Force Israel to take the Palestinians as citizens, even though that is not what the Israelis or the Palestinians want. But if you don't want a one-state solution, if you want the Jews to have what every other distinct group of people have, you support "apartheid".

So once again, even though Ahmed Moor starts his article off as criticism of the Palestinians (for once), he clearly lays out that: the PA sucks, it's Israel's fault the PA sucks, let's get rid of the PA and Israel. As usual, the HP finds people to publish who call for Israel's destruction.

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  1. There is a third option: the Palestinian Arabs can move to Jordan which is already a Palestinian Arab state in all but name.


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