Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ayed Morrar Rewrites History

I've already talked briefly about the article by Ayed Morrar, the HP's resident Palestinian activist. In this post I wanted to highlight a statement he made that was not in the earlier post.
"It is little known that the second intifada began not with guns and suicide bombings against civilians, but rather with protest marches to Israeli military checkpoints inside the occupied West Bank, and with civil disobedience in the tradition of the US civil rights movement. Israel responded by firing over 1.3 million live bullets in one month into crowds of protesters. When ordinary people could no longer afford to risk protesting, small groups turned, in anger and despair, to armed resistance."
This argument is classic Palsbara: Rewriting history in order to make the Palestinians look like righteous victims, no matter what the truth really is.

Unfortunately for Mr. Morrar, we can all read the history books and we know that the reason your spin on the second intifada is "little known" is because it is not true. Let's ask Mitchell Bard about what really happened:
"The violence started before Sharon's September 28, 2000, visit to the Temple Mount. The day before, for example, an Israeli soldier was killed at the Netzarim Junction. The next day in the West Bank city of Kalkilya, a Palestinian police officer working with Israeli police on a joint patrol opened fire and killed his Israeli counterpart.

Official Palestinian Authority media exhorted the Palestinians to violence. On September 29, the Voice of Palestine, the PA's official radio station sent out calls "to all Palestinians to come and defend the al-Aksa mosque." The PA closed its schools and bused Palestinian students to the Temple Mount to participate in the organized riots.

Just prior to Rosh Hashanah (September 30), the Jewish New Year, when hundreds of Israelis were worshipping at the Western Wall, thousands of Arabs began throwing bricks and rocks at Israeli police and Jewish worshippers. Rioting then spread to towns and villages throughout Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip."
 Still, you have to admire the Palestinians' chutzpah. First they said that the Second Intifada was started by Sharon's "desecration" of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Then they said that it was caused by Mohammad Al-Dura's death. Now they are saying that it was not caused at all but was a reaction to the oppressive Israelis wrecking unarmed demonstrations that never took place.

Even more insulting is his claim that it was "small groups fighting back" as if the whole thing hadn't been planned right from the very start. Which, of course, it was. The Palestinians themselves have admitted it. I should also note that this claim that terror groups are really "individuals" was also used by Sharmine Narwani. Is this the new line of pro-Palestinian argument? That anyone who hurts an Israeli is a lone individual, even if they were sent by Hamas? They must be getting rather desperate.

It's quite astonishing that Mr. Morrar would make so bold a declaration as this without even trying to find a source that might back up it. Wait, I take that back. It's not astonishing at all. We see it every day on the HP.

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  1. And who remembers history? In our post-modern world, all truth is relative. And the Palestinian Arab version deserves credence because they are the perceived victims. And that's how HP readers will look at Ayed Morrar's account of the Second Intifada.


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