Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The HP's Resident Pandela Speaks

The Huffington Post has dug around and they have managed to procure a "Pandela" of their very own. He is Ayed Morrar, who co-founded Palestinian Popular Committees Against the Wall and Settlements. Looking into Morrar's background a little bit, his work mostly involves protesting the security fence near his village, as documented in this movie. 

Mr. Morrar has recently written an article for the Huffington Post promoting his movie and life story, and by extension his cause (whatever that may be). It goes without saying that the use of the security fence in Bi'lin is not something that I am particularly inclined to defend, especially since it doesn't appear to hold military significance. But Mr. Morrar, like other Palestinian activists before him, can't simply stick to the story and need to embellish. Before we continue, it goes without saying that this article is not written by an objective writer, so it is very possible that Mr. Morrar is changing the story or leaving out pertinent details. Let's take a look and see.

Morrar explains that his movement was non-violent (as documented in the film) and was able to achieve success against Israel's decision during their campaign from 2003-2004. The problem is that he then tries to make a comparison between himself and Abdullah Abu Rahma, the third Pandela in recent months. In his words: "Today an Israeli crackdown on unarmed Palestinian protesters is threatening this growing movement." The problem of course is that as we have documented, Rahma's demonstrations really are not peaceful at all. So it seems dishonest for Mr. Morrar to make that comparison, as if to say that the two movements are exactly the same when they are not.

I also thought that this was interesting:
"Young women, led by my 15-year-old daughter Iltezam, ran past armed Israeli soldiers and jumped In front of the bulldozers that were uprooting our ancient olive trees."
One cannot help but wonder how loudly Mr. Morrar would cry if one of those young women were to be run over by those same bulldozers, like Rachel Corrie did. The cynic in me also wonders if that was what they were really hoping for. Click below to continue.

Mr. Morrar continues with some distortions:
"But following Budrus's success and faced by a growing numbers of civilians protesting the confiscation of their lands, Israel has responded with military might, attempting to quell this new movement. Twenty Palestinians have since been killed during unarmed demonstrations against the construction of the Separation Barrier."
We have already been over how those "unarmed demonstrations" really aren't, and it is rather classic Palsbara for Mr. Morrar to simply that Israel "responds with military might" to mere unarmed protests. Mr. Morrar continues by describing Israeli raids into the town of Ni'ilin, which pose the same problems as the rest of the articles. Most notably a lack of context (Mr. Morrar doesn't even try to speculate on why Israel might be doing this) and no proof that he is telling it like it is. It's not like Nilin has been free of controversy before.

Before we break to the second part of this post, I wanted to demonstrate how far Mr. Morrar sticks out his neck:
"Palestinians' wishes are simple -- we want what is ours, our land, with true sovereignty. We want freedom, equality and civil rights -- what Martin Luther King, Jr. called in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail "our constitutional and God-given rights.""
This is exactly the problem with Palestinian "activists" who hold no power and represent no one beyond a few dozen people. This is what Mr. Morrar says the Palestinains want. But the people who are actually in power say something quite different. So who are we supposed to believe exactly?

It also demonstrates the second problem with Palestinian activists. Their activism, as well their devotion to "constitutional and God-given rights" only extend so far as it is Israel who is denying them it. They have nothing at all to say when the PA executes homosexuals or when Hamas oppresses the people of Gaza. Are they hypocrites? Or are they merely scared? Either way, they are abusing the language of human rights with their double standards leveled against their national enemies. How very convenient.


  1. This "Pandella" article is a perfect illustration of Palestinian propaganda, at it's finest. And it's exactly what I took it for. Starting with his distortion of history that the second Intifada started out peacefully. That article is full of holes.

  2. The Pandelas don't call for democracy and tolerance in their own society. Nor do they call for acceptance of Israel and compromise peace with it. If they did, they would be more than propagandists trying to score anti-Israel points for the benefit of gullible Western audiences.


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