Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MJR Back to His Usual Fare

MJ Rosenberg cranked out one last pre-election attack on "the lobby" in the pages of the Huffington Post. Surprisingly enough, he talked about how a Republican victory in the House of Representatives is a good thing because Republicans are not as pro-Israel as Democrats. This is an unusual exchange, because we are used to hearing about how Republicans are more pro-Israel than Democrats. Rosenberg explains his thinking:
"With very few exceptions, Democratic liberals who are antiwar doves everywhere else in the world are the most zealous hawks on Israel, the most ardent defenders of atrocities in Gaza, the most enraged opponents of Judge Richard Goldstone. Some are hawks out of conviction. More do it for campaign dollars."
Right, so here is the leftist conspiracy theory in action: The liberal democrats are better than the Republicans but "the lobby" has gotten to them as well. Oh no! Rosenberg consoles himself with his belief that the Republicans are not as pro-Israel as the Democrats and so Obama will have more room to manuever in his endeavor to make peace. I guess the whole "democratic liberals are zealous hawks on Israel" doesn't apply to the most liberal democratic president that we have had in a while. Very informative.

Anyway, in his last paragraph he hits a couple of themes that I wanted to share:
"Bottom line: the Republican surge could free Obama from the handcuffs that Gary Ackerman, Anthony Weiner, and the rest of the "Israel, right or wrong" crowd puts on him. The only question is: will he put them back on himself?"
 Here we have the return of the "Israel right or wrong crowd" expression, which is pretty loathsome for anyone who wants to promote actual dialogue. What was that about restoring sanity? And of  course, there is the combative language of "handcuffs on Obama" from which he needs to be freed. Does that sound like a conspiracy to anyone? No?

Still, it is nice to see Mr. Rosenberg going back to what he knows. What is even more informative is the way the HPers reacted: They didn't seem particularly bothered by a leftist like Rosenberg praising the Republicans, a group for which they usually hold unabashed hatred and little else.

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  1. I read the comments after this post (2 pages of them at that time) and was stunned by what I found. Not the vitriol or self-righteous nature of MJR's fan club, which is a given by now, but the way that the commenters were NOT COMMENTING ON WHAT HE ACTUALLY WROTE. They weren't talking about Democrats or Republicans beyond cursory mentions, and just used the comments to discuss at length all the ways that Israel is the worst nation on Earth and AIPAC should be banned etc., which is not even what MJR was writing about. It reminded me of a post at ForeignPolicy.com last year where the writer (a far-Left Israeli journalist and political activist) started his article by discussing rioting in an ultra-Orthodox section of Jerusalem and then, without pause, pivoting into how badly Israel was isolated throughout Africa and the world, and how sick Israel was with having to deal with the intractable Palestinian issue. The commenters who actually read the article pointed out that the writer didn't know what he was talking about in regards to religious issues in Israel, while several reliably anti-Israel posters didn't talk about the ultra-Orthodox issue at all, because their point was to build on the article's sudden jump from something that they didn't care about (unless it would undermine Israel) to something they did care about (undermining Israel). The posters here couldn't even pretend that the GOP taking over the house was a salient issue, let alone whether MJR's unfriendly GOP/Obama puts the hammer down on Israel in ME negotiations thesis (which sounds like an asinine pipe dream even for him) was correct, or what a GOP House majority would mean for any other part of President Obama's agenda between now and 2012. And the end result illustrates a simple fact: many HP commenters aren't really interacting with the world beyond the effort needed to type and hit enter at their computer screens. They've made up their minds, and all that's really left is to point out their hypocrisy and stupidity to the many people who HAVEN'T done so.


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