Monday, November 15, 2010

MJR/ADL/GB Saga Continues

In light of the recent thawing of relations between the HP, MJ Rosenberg and the ADL, I thought I would take a look at an article which Rosenberg wrote for Talking Points Memo which was then reposted on the HP. As you might not be surprised to hear, it did contain praise for the ADL but also a lot of hate for other "mainstream" Jewish organizations. Let's take a look.

Rosenberg begins by recapping the Glen Beck saga and praising the ADL again before getting to the meat of his article:
"But where is the American Jewish Committee. One would think that given its history (back in the 1930's, it both opposed establishment of a Jewish state and urged other Jewish organizations to not to boycott the German regime). it would be first in line to condemn Beck's attack on Soros."
By itself this would not be such an issue. Sure, one would think that the AJC would jump on the bandwagon to attack Beck since (at least by Rosenberg's perception) it's such a cut and dried issue. After demonstrating that David Harris doesn't like Soros for his attack on J Street, Rosenberg tries his hand at explaining it:
"The main reason is that they have redefined anti-Semitism as not supporting the government of Israel. For Harris, it does not seem to matter if you hate Jews, so long as you don't criticize Israel. Foxman, who unlike Harris lived through the Shoah, sees it differently. He knows anti-Semitism when he sees it."
At best, this is Rosenberg jumping to conclusions and making personal attacks without evidence. At worst it is his usual tactic of using very weak evidence to try to prove broader conclusions. After all, the AJC has gone after Oliver Stone, Louis Farrakhan, and Bishop Babini , but none of those are as reviled by the left as Glen Beck, so I guess they do not count. This paragraph is so fascinating because it is so very, very personal. It is not unusual for Rosenberg to make personal attacks like this but as I said before, it is quite fascinating for Rosenberg to declare that Foxman "knows anti-Semitism when he sees it," when in July he was declaring that Foxman was just another shill for Israel.

I shouldn't be surprised, though. Even though this is not written on the Huffington Post it is a very stereotypical Rosenberg article. Start with some breaking news and then push the talking points that "mainstream" American Jewish organizations only care about helping Israel and bashing its enemies. If you can slander them by contrasting them with another American Jewish organization (like the ADL) even better. The ADL are good guys (for now) because they did something Rosenberg likes. But give them a little bit of time and they'll be lumped back in with the rest of the Jews.

Then Rosenberg pushes it just a little bit further:
"Note to Harris: I forbid you, and the whole AIPAC single-issue crowd, from ever using the term Six Million Jews again. Six million Jews were killed but you may not use that figure. You must reduce that number by two-thirds. Because two-thirds of the six million were secular or socialist or Communist or converts to Christianity or anti-Zionist or socialist Zionists or assimilated or whatever you think Soros is. You must limit yourselves to invoking those Jews whose counterparts you defend today. If you have no interest in defending these people, as Jews, in life, you are forbidden to invoke their memories in death."
 There will be more to say on this paragraph but I find it interesting that because Harris has yet to jump on the bash Beck bandwagon, Rosenberg can go out on a limb like this. Maybe this is how he makes his living, by attacking people more powerful than he does with little evidence, but if so it is never been demonstrated more clearly than right here. But then this really gets me:
"The rest of us can still mourn all six million Jews who were murdered in the Shoah, even the "bad Jews" you don't like. After all, we defend the ones who are still around."
I'm sorry, but this is total bullshit. Coming from someone like Bradley Burston, okay. Someone like Alon Ben-Meir, okay. Even some like Mya Guarnieri would be all right because she still believes that she is doing what is best for Israel. But MJ Rosenberg? No way. No way in hell.

The man practically makes a living by attacking and insulting Jews. Jews in Israel, Jews in America, wherever there are Jews whose politics he doesn't like, he'll be the first one slinging insults, including ones with anti-Semitic implications. And now he has the gall to contrast himself with the AJC as one who defends the Jewish people?

Maybe he doesn't consider Israelis to be Jews. Maybe he doesn't consider settlers to be Jews. Maybe he doesn't consider Eric Cantor, David Harris, Benjamin Netanyahu, or the 95% of American Jews who are supporters of Israel to be Jews. If so, then he's right, he does "defend the ones who are still around." But here in the real world, he spends the vast majority of his public life attacking other Jews, usually at the expense of the Jewish state. Just to demonstrate this, here are some of his tweets:

Now in fairness he does criticize the Palestinians...once:

But can't even do that without working in an anti-AIPAC talking points. Thanks for the thoughts Mr. Rosenberg but I still favor the AJC over you. They might be a little too far to the right, but at least they are honest about themselves.

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  1. In good ol' MR Rosenberg's world, if you don't share his political outlook, you're excluded from the company of Jews he considers righteous.

    Which apparently is a limited circle.


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