Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Narwani Back on the Boards

Sharmine "Dignity Rockets" Narwani has posted a couple of informative comments on Ahmed Moor's recent thread. As you might not be surprised to here, she can't even pass one thread without attacking Israel's existence under the guise of 'criticism.' Here is the first:

"Take apart Oslo" huh? Of course Narwani is saying that the Palestinians should undo everything they have done for peace because it will show the "truth," that Israel is really controlling the West Bank just as much as they have in the past. Naturally her comment about ending the occupation "on their own terms" doesn't strike me as particularly peaceful, especially considering some of her comments in the past. But maybe it is open to interpretation. Here is the second:

Bullet points on this one:

1. Usual slander on Israel that they need to "discover their humanity," but that probably won't happen because those Jews are just so gosh darn evil. This coming from a Hamas supporter, of course.
2. Notice how her belief that "complete justice" for Palestinians involve massive amounts of free stuff just given to them without anything in return. And of course we know that she won't accept anything less than "complete justice" for there to be any peace. And then people like Ms. Narwani wonder why the Palestinians still don't have a state.
3. And of course, yet another call for the destruction of Israel through the "one state solution." Another less-than-moderate comment from ol' "Dignity Rockets."

And the last:

Ah, of course. Another anti-Zionist who will defend to the death the concept of a state exclusively for Palestinian Arabs recoils in disgust at the idea of Jewish sovereignty. So much for a critic of Israel. I see that she and Ahmed Moor were made for each other, they both would be very happy with Jews ground under the heel of the Palestinians where they belong. I do not accept Narwani's weasel words about "equal representation." No one who interviews the leaders of Hamas can be that ignorant about what the Palestinians really want.

Welcome to the Huffington Post, where such discriminatory views and less-than-honest defenses of them are just part of the everyday discourse.


  1. "I am quite honestly not certain why you or any sane person actually worries about the occupiers."
    "It is time Palestinians ended this occupation on their own terms."

    Israel hater, Jew hater, history denier.
    Back with a vengeance, while supported and protected by HP.

    Despicable would about sum it up.

  2. Of course when the cat is let out the bag, what the anti-Zios want is for Israel to disappear.

    They wouldn't be anti-Zios if they didn't live up to their description.

    Sharmine Narwani fits it to a T.


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