Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Noura Erekat On the March

Reader and contributor "mackdee" sent us this video of (I thought) moderate HP blogger Noura Erekat protesting in Washington, DC. Take a look:

Here are Mack's observations:
"1. Noura say's "Palestine has been occupied since 1948" " the indigenous people have been run out" @ 3:24 of the video. Doesn't sound like she believes in two state solution now does it? Doesn't sound like she feels Israel has the right to exist now, does it??? IN any size or shape! So it's more then just the so called occupation of Gaza and West Bank.

2. According to Noura, The occupation is no different then the Genocide in Darfur. She claims double standard against Palestinian people. See US is racist according to her.

3. Noura protesting the embargo by U.S. against Gaza. Calls for embargo against Israel. But she's an activist. Most activists usually don't believe in Collective Punishment now do they??? Confusing double standard here, I think.

4. Noura, claiming The US is going to turn Iraq into another Palestine.

Gee, another HP blogger who turns out to hate Israel beyond any reasonable standard and is not particularly in favor of the two-state solution. Color me not very surprised.

1 comment:

  1. Is there any one on the HP who really favors the two state solution?

    With Noura Erekat writing for it, one to wonder about the extent to which that is true.


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