Friday, November 19, 2010

Phyllis Bennis Whips Up Israel Hatred

The HP blogger Phyllis Bennis, a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, has published a virulent anti-Israel article that is nothing more or less than the Palestinian narrative of the peace process. She makes no attempt to understand the Israeli point of view, and leaves out critical facts that are required for a full understanding of the situation. Let's go through her post.

First, Bennis complains about the US incentives promised to Israel in exchange for a settlement freeze. She calls the incentives, F-35 stealth bombers, a "bribe" and then  posts this: " F-35 Stealth Bombers free of charge to Israel, that is -- this offer will cost U.S. taxpayers $3 billion more, money that could instead pay for 600,000 new green jobs here at home." (emphasis NOT added). Now, I'm not an economist, but I have a question. Who makes F-35 stealth bombers? That's right, the United States of America. The government is essentially buying stealth bombers and giving them to Israel, and that is allowing aircraft manufacturers in America to keep their jobs. If we didn't make stealth bombers, regardless of who we gave them to, those workers would lose their jobs. So Bennis' claim is disingenuous.

Bennis then complains about the US is promising to protect Israel from the UN's wrath, and how unfair that is. Of course, she has no problem with the UN's clear track record of bias against Israel, nor could she possibly understand how that track record may have something to do with why Israel wants the US veto.

Bennis then repeats the Palestinian narrative line for line, "Settlement expansion - which translates into house demolitions, land grabs, and population expulsions - will be allowed to continue at its current record pace in Occupied East Jerusalem". First of all, east Jerusalem is at a minimum disputed and at a maximum 100% part of Israel. Bennis illustrates the usually Palestinian apologist hypocrisy when she expects Israel to obey international law completely, but doesn't follow the exact definition of "occupied territory" when describing east Jerusalem. Jews building in east Jerusalem are not settlers, they are Israelis building homes in Israel. They are no more settlers than Israelis living in Tel Aviv.

Bennis writes, "**So with U.S. complicity, Israel's illegal settlements -- all of which are illegal, whether in the West Bank or East Jerusalem, whether tiny outposts or the giant settlement cities -- will continue." Once again, the exact international law (that Jews building homes in disputed territory isn't illegal) goes right out the window the moment it becomes inconvenient for Bennis and the Palestinian narrative. And, of course, Bennis contradicts herself because earlier she complained about how the US is "bribing" Israel to stop building settlements. I guess you can't win either way.

Bennis then advocates for the BDS movement and all the other anti-Israel movements out there. Once again, the HP becomes home for the Palestinian narrative, long on anti-Israel rhetoric, and short on facts.

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  1. Israel hasn't built a new settlement in 17 years and the existing ones would be throttled back.

    So then - what is the anti-Zios' real beef with Israel? It can't be because Israel has unilaterally changed anything on the so-called West Bank. It hasn't.

    But the truth like everything else, gets left by the wayside as they continue to bash Israel for offenses it hasn't committed now and won't commit in the future.


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