Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why Was This Comment Deleted?

I posted this comment this morning in the Mahmoud Abbas thread:

As you can see, it is now gone. Anyone care to explain what was so abusive about it?


  1. I can not begin to tell you just how many posts of mine that are not abusive have been deleted. Anything that I posted that went back to how the British treated the Jews pre- partition goes poof after a few days. My posts about why Israel isn't a theocracy get removed in less than 48 hours. Posts about Jewish claim to the land get deleted. Posts about Palestinian propaganda, about the Mufti during WWII, the truth about the massacre of Jenin... etc... all go poof most have no flags nor are part of any exchanges that can be considered offensive.

  2. Most comments that are truthful and telling about the conflict or the people, that are on the positive side of Israel or her people, get removed...
    especially those that can not be argued by anything other than ad hom.

    As this is disheartening, to say the least, it is certainly not unexpected.
    So I will ask again....

    When does HP finally come out as an "opinion source" in regard to the I/P conflict???

    There is no denying the strong bias towards Gaza, WB and the Arabs....and the comments that support such....
    and the even stronger bias against Israel, Zionism and Jews...
    and the comments that support such.

  3. OK guys, here's a very weird one for you, and maybe a *first* in regard to commenting.
    I took this off of HP on Nov. 5. One of our friends on HP posted a comment, which was CHANGED!

    Below is the *changed* comment, which was printed.....followed by his protests....
    ****both of his protests were removed within minutes, or never appeared
    anywhere other than in my "friends comments".

    This is how it appeared in the comment section:

    "If you really want to see deception, state the following:

    1. There was a country called Palestine before 1948.
    2. East Jerusalem was majority Arab before 1948.
    3. The West Bank was formally Palestine, not Jordan.
    4. Most Israelis are descendents of Europeans.
    5. The indiginous Arab population in today's Israel were simply ethnically cleansed and expelled during the war of independence in 1948."

    ****This is his first protest:

    “I did not post this, someone at the HP changed this post to be the exact opposite of what I posted.”

    ****This is his second protest:

    "The moderator at the HP completely changed my post to read exactly opposite of what I posted. This is my intended post: “If you really want to see deception, state the following:

    1. There was never a country called Palestine before 1948.
    2. East Jerusalem was majority Jewish before 1948.
    3. The West Bank was formally Jordan, not Palistine.
    4. Most Israelis are descendents of the Arab countries they lived in.
    5. The indiginous Arab population in today's Israel were not simply ethnically cleansed and expelled during the war of independence in 1948.”

    What a load of crap this is!!!!
    From all of his posts, I can assure you, he would NEVER post what
    was printed as *his comment*.
    I have removed his name, but can provide it.

  4. 2nd Anonymous,

    Can you take screengrabs of these posts and send us them and his name at so we can investigate further?

  5. Strange when your comment wasn't even flagged as abusive!

    I'm at a loss to understand why it was deleted.

    Perhaps HP's moderators can explain why they removed it.

  6. Yes Zach.
    I will be happy to!
    it is coming now, via gmail.

  7. I'm on my 9th ID as they have banned me for making too many pro Israel posts. These Moderators are clearly culling the comments to make it look like the public agrees with them.

    These scumbags make me sick.

    Saint Poopypants

  8. I need help. I started to notice comments getting "deleted" that were either harmless or really IMPORTANT to have been said. I really looked more into it when I saw comments about moderation going on, and those were deleted. That got me curious and "deletion" was rampant! (With this particular story.)

    I wanted to write an article about this and restore all deleted comments I saw myself, obviously elsewhere (I found out they were deleted after I had already loaded the page when I hit "reply"). I did this on purpose after learning I could view this from that first comment I tried to reply to but was gone.

    Now, my problem: Some comments are being restored.

    Also, I've experimented by hitting reply over and over. Sometimes the comment is "deleted" and sometimes the reply box does appear.

    Now, for one thing, I wonder if there really is a story, mostly because I don't know if I can find out which ones really will stay deleted (after a time that shall be deemed final).

    Mostly, I want to be factual if I do indeed post this (if there's a story here, even if minor I want good deleted comments back up, somewhere). I don't want to unfairly bash HuffPo (it COULD be quite the exposé).

    Does anyone have any insight on what is happening? On the coding? Are they temporarily hidden while moderation is simultaneously happening (and the error message is wrong - it happens a lot)? And why the changes back and forth as I hit the reply buttons?

    Thank you SO much for your help! (If anyone can help, I fear likely no.) I'm trying to help others because the article in question is SO IMPORTANT. Some arguments brought up are, IMHO, like I said, important.

    To respond to me, please contact me through my site (only because I obviously can't share my email or my private FB and Twitter is an obvious bad choice). I WILL check back here, but I may be unable to (who knows?). Thanks!


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