Friday, December 17, 2010

MJ Rosenberg Brings Out the Anti-Semites

Our old buddy MJ Rosenberg has published his first blog post in quite a while, and I can't say I missed him. In this post, he's going with what he knows best, complaining about AIPAC and its hold over America, sorry I mean America's government, sorry I mean some Senators and Congresspeople. Maybe at some point Zach or I will have time to do a full fisking of his work, but I wanted to at least show you the parting thought:

"But, for now, the bottom line is money. The U.S. government dances to Israel's tune because it is afraid to risk campaign contributions from a few dozen fat cats. That is the whole story."
Yes. The US government "dances" for Israel because And where is the money coming from? MJ doesn't say, but you know who he means. Wink, wink. 

Anyway, here's one of Rosenberg's readers pursuing his thoughts to their logical conclusion:

Shall we count the anti-Semitic tropes in this post? We've got AIPAC tentacles controlling our political system, the Jewish lobby enslaving congressman (at least Rianna comes out and tells the truth about who is in AIPAC), and of course, media control by "pro Israelis".

But you know what? I honestly can't blame Rianna. If I was a loyal MJ Rosenberg reader, I could draw no other conclusion from his writings. There's really no other explanation.

Rosenberg, of course, would be shocked to hear his readers are starting to believe anti-Semitic ideas. And while he responds to pro-Israel posts in the thread, he can't be bothered to respond to this one.

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  1. Its never Palestinian rejectionism that is the reason there's no peace today in the Middle East. Its the Jews' money intimidating ignorant American leaders into blindly supporting Israel. Which goes to show the truth and reality have no real connection to each other. I'm not sure good ol' MJ Rosenberg can be bothered to see his obsession with AIPAC brings out the worst on the HP. If you don't care hard enough to search for the truth what you get is the lie that Israel's US lobby is the villain keeping peace from happening. And let's not look for Rosenberg to get off that discreditable hobbyhorse of his any time soon in the foreseeable future.


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