Friday, December 24, 2010

MJ Rosenberg on Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia

MJ Rosenberg, fresh off a borderline anti-Semitic article of his own, has decided to preach about anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in America. We'll go through the article at length, but here's his thesis: There is no anti-Semitism in America, except from the right. There is plenty of Islamophobia, but it's the Jews' fault. Ready? Here we go.

This article, unlike most of Rosenberg's posts which are highly focused, is fairly rambling and disconnected. It starts with a complaint about how right-wing columnists such as Abigail Esman will criticize leftist anti-Semitic statements, like the ones from Helen Thomas, Rick Sanchez and Oliver Stone, but not rightist anti-Semitic statements like the ones from Mel Gibson and Glenn Beck. Here's Rosenberg's statement:
"Esman cites by name the trinity of Helen Thomas, Rick Sanchez and (Jewish film maker) Oliver Stone as evidence. Naturally, the 90-year-old Thomas is Esman's marquee example of anti-Semitism even though her offensive remarks were not made on television or radio but to a rabbi with a camcorder at a White House party. (It was almost surely a set-up by a right-wing "pro-Israel" Israel activist with an agenda.)
On the other hand, Esman does not even mention Glenn Beck, whose reach dwarfs anything the Thomas/Sanchez/Stone trio can even dream about. It was Beck who devoted a full week on his program, watched by millions, to raw, old-fashioned anti-Semitism."
I have two points to make about these paragraphs. Number one, MJ Rosenberg himself made no comment on Helen Thomas' second statement that caused Wayne State to pull her award, the one about "Zionists running the White House, banks," etc. He might have not commented because it's too similar to his own writings, but whatever. That statement, made to an audience on a podium, could not possibly be considered a "set up". Rosenberg is being hypocritical, because while Esman criticized Thomas but not Beck, he criticized Beck but not Thomas. They are two sides of the same coin. Second, if you follow the link about Glenn Beck's anti-Semitism, it is all about anti-Semitic myths used by Beck to attack George Soros. Some of the myths include "media control" and "government control". What's funny about that is that if you switch Soros for "the Israel lobby", you would think you were reading MJ Rosenberg. Again, two sides of the same coin, Rosenberg criticizes right-wingers of doing what he himself does.

But then Rosenberg reaches the heart of his article, that Islamophobia is far worse of a problem than anti-Semitism (in America). He writes that anti-Semitism used to be a problem in America (I can't speak for America, but on the HP it is definitely still a problem) but now it's Islamophobia. He writes,
"How many Jews do any of us know who are afraid of being attacked because they are Jews here in the United States?
If Jews experienced the weeks of undiluted hate that Muslims experienced during the phony "Ground Zero mosque" controversy, we would be packing for Israel, or to whatever refuge would have us.
But Muslims are attacked. Their mosques are burned. And the right incites this hatred, using powerful media outlets (Fox News and hundreds of radio stations) to get the message across. "
Now, I'm not going to make sweeping statements about the country in general. I know on the Huffington Post, there are "waves of undiluted hate" directed towards Jews, Zionists and Israel. I know that according to FBI crime statistics , there were a little over 100 anti-Muslim incidents in the US and a little over 1,000 anti-Jewish incidents in the US in 2008/9. I know that while Fox News is making anti-Muslim statements, the President, the Congress, numerous celebrities, and numerous other organizations are making extremely pro-Muslim statements. I know that recently there was anti-Semitic graffiti sprayed on Indiana University buildings, and students at various University of California campuses don't feel comfortable openly supporting Israel. And, of course, I know that "playing the victim" is one of the worst ways for Jews to gain sympathy, but apparently it's now OK for Muslims to do that, even though they are experiencing a fraction of the attacks Jews in America are.

How does Rosenberg explain the crime statistics? According to a comment he left on the thread, it's because Jews are too sensitive.

I'll summarize. Jews are only "called names" while Muslims are demonstrated against and "called names" by Fox News. Jews bring it on themselves when their synagogues dare to support Israel. Jews aren't scared and Muslims are.

Clearly, MJ Rosenberg has far more concerns for Muslim feelings than Jewish feelings. But let's move on.

Next is a classic MJ Rosenberg move, attacking the Israel lobby:
"The pro-Israel lobby itself is, no doubt, quite pleased about the Islamo-hatred in this country (the ADL's Abe Foxman was the leading respectable agitator against the Islamic center near Ground Zero). For them it's a zero-sum game. Those who hate Muslims are more likely to admire Israel.
That is why the lobby is silent about Glenn Beck."
Naturally, the pro-Israel lobby loves Islamo-hatred because they hate Muslims as well. More on this in a second. I need to point out that, surprise surprise, Rosenberg lied when he said the lobby "is silent" on Glenn Beck. Abraham Foxman, the epitome of the lobby, criticized Beck's Soros segment. When confronted with this truth, Rosenberg and I had the following conversation:

So when confronted with evidence that he was factually wrong about the ADL and Glenn Beck, Rosenberg declares that "taking back criticism was even worse" and therefore it's OK that he lied in his article. Despite this post, though, Rosenberg added an update to his article:
"POSTSCRIPT: I was wrong about Abe Foxman and ADL. It was worse than I thought. First, he condemned Beck. And then, almost immediately, and probably after huge ADL donor, Rupert Murdoch complained, he retracted his criticism and called Beck "a strong supporter of Israel and the Jewish people." 
My apologies for not conveying the full extend of the ADL's support for Glenn Beck and his anti-Jewish tirades."
So Rosenberg isn't so far gone that he won't blatantly lie in his articles. Keep posting on his blog posts and keep him honest.

This post is already very long, so I'll just point out that Rosenberg then quotes the despicable Max Blumenthal whose most recent article has the thesis that the Israel lobby is inciting anti-Muslim statements. He criticizes the Israel lobby for allying with anti-Semites like Glenn Beck just because those anti-Semites are pro-Israel. The irony of this statement is not lost on me, of course, because "anti-occupation" Jews like Rosenberg are often more than willing to ally with anti-Semitic fellow travelers in their efforts to change Israel.

Anyway, just another one note MJ Rosenberg article. Lobby bad, me good, left good, right bad. Snoozer.


  1. Why don't you marry MJ Rosenberg already? Your obsession with all things MJ makes me queasy.He isn't Justin Bieber, for crying out loud.

  2. Hilarious.You say Rosie lied by saying Foxy didnt criticize Beck on the grounds that he, Foxie, did criticize Beck but then took it back. OK.So if I say Norman Finkelstein refused to condemn a Hezbollah attack on Israel, but, in fact, he did but retracted it immediately, I'd be lying.I guess MJ is the rare person who never lies if this lie is all you can come up with.You boyz need a life.Your legions of readers worldwide are sad.

  3. I wish that I had some way of smiting the anonymous.

    That would make for a terrific Christmas present!

    But, noooo....


  4. Rosenberg used an "Israel" tag for his article.
    But the article isn't about Israel.
    It is about Jews, Muslims, and Glenn Beck.
    And bigotry.

    This proves that Rosenberg equates Israel with Jews, and that they are one and the same.

    So much for the claim that criticizing Israel is not the same as criticizing Jews.

    It most certainly is the same. As we always knew.

  5. Anonymous & Anonymous...

    MJ Rosenberg is slime. *Former* AIPAC member, self loathing Jew.
    I can only imagine that his parents/grandparents, must be turning in their graves over his hatred for who he is, what and where he came from.

    "You boyz need a life.Your legions of readers worldwide are sad."

    Meanwhile, you are here...reading AND commenting. So I guess you just put yourself in with the "sad" contingency.

    Seriously, for you to come to this particular site, for what can only be the sole purpose of spewing more hatred, is, IMO, beyond "sad".

    It is hatred and racism so deeply rooted that you might consider seeking professional help.

    Why don't you go to Stormfront where people share your views if this site upsets you so?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Good ol' MJ Rosenberg would be one of those Jews who would find his head separated from his body if he is ever unfortunate enough to meet a Muslim terrorist. His being pro-Muslim and anti-Israel wouldn't be enough to save him. There are Jews who are in denial of reality today just as there were Jews who were in denial in the Nazi time.

    History will not be kind to them.

  8. How ridiculously pathetic are the anonymous dweebs? No balls, no spine to reveal who they are, internet jihadists LOL... sad lot indeed.

  9. "Anonymous said...

    Why don't you marry MJ Rosenberg already?"

    I had no idea that MJ Rosenberg is gay! That explains why he's such a moody queen.


    The latest NY State hate crime report is out, the antisemitic attacks far, far outweigh the antimuslim attacks. Anti gay attacks are also up, and anti black attacks are down slightly, so trying to blame the increases in attacks against jews and gays by "rednecks" is doomed to failure..


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