Thursday, December 16, 2010

Narwani Demands Humanization for Some

HP blogger Nancy Kanwisher has gone and spoken to Palestinians in the West Bank and posted her experience on the HP here. I didn't get to watch any of the videos, but what's interesting about Kanwisher's article is that while she advocates the value of speaking to both sides, she only speaks to the Palestinians. Anyway, old "Dignity Rockets" Narwani came in to sing Kanwisher's praises, and posted this interesting comment. Read the first paragraph.  

Yes, pro-Israel types "can't bear" to see the Palestinians as humans. Good for Kanwisher and Narwani to reveal the humanity of the Palestinians, and suck it, Zionists!

Of course, Narwani herself can't see the humanity of the other side, the Israeli settlers. Remember this post, which we blogged about three months ago?

"The settlers are armed, crazy and dangerous." "They are not innocent civilians."

I guess the Palestinians are humans, but the settlers aren't. Hypocritical Sharmine Narwani.


  1. Not for nothing did Larry Summers, when he was Pres. of Harvard, label Kanwisher and her ilk anti-Semites long ago. She's been kissing Chomsky's ass so long I wonder if there will be room for Sharmine?

  2. I engaged Kanwisher on her blog. She's in over her head. She's a hanger-on that has used her position in academia to find a cause and rise to mouthpiece status. She's very uninformed. She should stick to neurobiology.

  3. narwani needs some dignity from above

  4. Sharmine Narwani is truthful: she thinks the Palestinians are the good guys and the Israelis (Jews) are the bad guys. In that respect she's a good deal more honest than her anti-Zio fan contingent.

  5. In all due respect NormanF, "honest" is not a word I would use in reference to Narwani or anything she says, as well as the rest of the pro Palestinian propaganda machine called the Huffington Post.
    It is her opinion yes, and she makes no bones about that, but honest?
    It is "honestly" her "opinion", but hardly "honest" in regard to "truth".

    99% of the anti-Zio posters are "honest" in that same regard, that they think the Palestinians are the good guys and Israelis (Jews) are the bad guys. That only makes it their "honest opinion", but most of what they say is lie after lie.

    I just love the incredible hypocrisy of those who get called out and then state the total bullshit line, "I'm talking about *Israel*, not *Jews*".

  6. Anonymous, I prefer the real enemy who airs his views without artifice and pretend to those who like to pretend they don't hate you when they really hate you in secret. And yes, most of them are hypocrites which makes their anti-Semitism even more loathsome. I'm tired of people who tell me they love the Jews when in fact they are doing nothing of the kind.

  7. Norman, we are both coming from the same place. You just happen to be more tolerant than I am, and probably nicer.
    As much as I understand what you are saying,
    all of the people that post on HuffPo and claim "I don't dislike *Israeli's*,
    BUT....", given them enough rope and they will always hang themselves.
    There will come a time where they will out themselves as severe haters,
    and probably never even realized that *WE* knew it all along.

    So I guess my point is that whether are "up front" about it,
    or if they "try to hide it"
    We know who they are and what they are all about.


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