Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christine Patterson Throws a Pity Party

Yesterday on the Huffington Post, reporter for the Independent Christine Patterson threw herself a little pity party. Poor Patterson, because, you see, the Simon Wiesenthal Center called one of her writings anti-Semitic. Oh woe is her, to be so falsely accused! 

Patterson complains at length about how the charge of anti-Semitism is thrown around just too much, and she is just one of the many innocent victims attacked by overly sensitive Jews. She also talks about a lot of irrelevant things, such as Israel's actions in Gaza, the construction of the Museum of Tolerance, and Simon Wiesenthal's biography. She talks about what kind of people wrote to her, including some Jews (!) so what she wrote can't be anti-Semitic. 

But Patterson leaves out one very small detail: what she actually wrote. And, courtesy of the Vicious Babuska, I will provide for you what Christine Patterson wrote:
"I would like to teach some of my neighbors some manners…I don’t care if they wear frock coats and funny suits and hats covered in plastic bags and insist on wearing their hair in ringlets (if they’re male) or covered up by wigs (if they’re female), but I do think they could treat their neighbors with a bit more courtesy and respect. I didn’t realize that goyim were about as welcome in the Hasidic Jewish shops as Martin Luther King, Jr. at a Ku Klux Klan convention. I didn’t realize that a purchase by a goy was a crime to be punished with monosyllabic terseness or that bus seats were a potential source of contamination or that road signs and parking restrictions were for people who hadn’t been chosen by G-d." [emphasis added]
 I think it should be obvious to anyone that this comment is racist against Jews, a.k.a. anti-Semitic. She compares Hasidic Jews to the Ku Klux Klan, the white supremacist group. Calling a group of people all racists is itself racist, and that's exactly what Patterson did here.

So go crash Christine Patterson's pity party. She'll get a lot of sympathy from her fellow traveler anti-Zionists, but there can be no doubt her comment deserves to be on the Wiesenthal Center's list. I think at some level she knows it too, or else she would have reproduced it in her column herself.


  1. Full of hate from beginning to end. But honestly is she surprised that we have a problem with anti-Semites? Wiesenthal's ideas need to be preserved and taught to younger generations. Never let your guard down.

  2. While I agree the hasidics aren't very welcoming to those outside their community, the comparison is ridiculous (but I also don't think that makes her a "top 10 antisemite"; finklestein for instance is far worse, even though he is jewish).

    I knew that her article was a pity party as soon as I realized she was too dishonest to even mention what she wrote that got her in trouble. She knew she crossed a line, and didn't even bother to defend her actual words, instead going after those who called her out.


  3. Sounds like Ms. Patterson needs to find herself a little uninhabited island somewhere to live. Wow. She simply despises anyone from the Middle East whether Jew or Muslim. She speaks of how she detests the upbringing of children, but I would question her own upbringing. For one to have so much hate and decent for anyone that is not like her, or does not hold the same values on a religious, political, or social level, is to me, far more troubling than most concerns she raises.

    As far as the antisemitic part of it, Ms. Patterson IS in fact an anti-Semite. Her description alone, is IMO, antisemitic to the core.

  4. What a comparison!

    She and her ilk lecture to us to be tolerant all the time. But tolerance turns out to be a one way street when she libels others for something they never did - in this case, Jews.

    Anti-Semitism? Res ipsa locquitur. It speaks for itself.


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