Monday, January 3, 2011

Daoud Kuttab Reflects On the Year Gone By

Daoud Kuttab is back again with a blog post about a year in the life of the Palestinians. What I find interesting is that for someone who we know is willing to criticize the Palestinians when it suits him, Mr. Kuttab is unwilling to point out the very bad things that the respective governments of the Palestinians did over the past year. For the purposes of looking at this article, I'm going to use bullet points.

Here is what Mr. Kuttab did talk about:
-The settlement snafu.
-America's "bribe" to Israel that ended up not being necessary.
-America refusing to punish Israel for building settlements (horror!)
-Latin America countries recognizing a Palestinian state.
-Fayyad continuing to talk about a Palestinian state in two years (despite doing nothing to make it happen).
-One sentence about the division between Gaza and the West Bank.
-The "racist slide that Israel is undergoing."

Here is what he did not talk about:
-The diplomatic crisis that America and Israel underwent in the early part of the year because his fellow Palestinians would not talk without a settlement freeze and we were dumb enough to take them at their word.
-Once that settlement freeze began, the PA watched it go by without even attempting to start peace talks.
-Renewed violence from the Gaza Strip and the murder of four Israelis in the West Bank.
-The jailing of Walid Husayin for daring to criticize Islam.
-Hamas' continual refuse to recognize Israel, and Fatah's refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state or agree to land swaps.
-The relaxing of Israel's blockade of Gaza.
-The Gaza flotilla.

That last one in particular I cannot help but wonder why it wasn't included in Mr. Kuttab's article. Anyway, I think it is pretty clear that there is a great amount of spinning going on for an "unbiased" journalist. Notice also that there is very little in the article about what the Palestinians actually did in 2010, perhaps because they did not do anything except talk about talking and make demands. But that has been the narrative for a while: Palestinians don't do things, they have things done to them.

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  1. The Palestinians prefer being victims living off the world's pity for them.

    If the Jews had acted that way, there would be no Israel today. The irony of their own failure to change their lives are lost upon Daoud Kuttab and his legion of anti-Zio fans on the HP.


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