Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Huffington Post Blogger (Appears To) Deny Armenian Genocide

Over the break I spotted an article by a relatively new Huffington Post blogger named Elmira Bayrasli, who wrote an article titled "Turkey's Answer to the Armenian Question." Right from the title the article struck me as a little bit odd and after reading it became clearer that Ms. Bayrasli was either a denier of the Armenian Genocide or was writing from the perspective of one. Check out some passages from her article:
"Turkey dodged yet another bullet in the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday when a resolution "recognizing" the Armenian "genocide" failed to reach the floor for a vote...

"There is no doubt that something horrible happened to over 1.5 million Armenians in eastern Anatolia in the spring of 1915. It is a vexed issue, fraught with intense emotion. Armenians and their sympathizers maintain that it was genocide. It is a charge the Turks deny.

"That the House resolution labels the Ottoman Empire's actions "genocide" does not make it so. It is a point of semantics, in which there are no legal ramifications. It is nothing more than political pandering to a very effective ethnic lobby."
As if all that wasn't enough, take a look at some more rehashing of her "the lobby" point. Sound familiar?
"Had Resolution 252 gone before legislators, it, in all likelihood, would have passed. That is exactly what the powerful Armenian-American lobby is determined to make happen."

"Passionate Armenian-Americans have lobbied to label Ottoman actions as genocide for decades...."
 Actually Ms. Bayrasli's overall point is a reasonable one: That recognizing the Armenian Genocide does have wider geopolitical consequences and that the Turkish government should open their archives to let everyone know the truth. That being said I do find it a little odd that how she says that it is a "label" of genocide instead of a recognition of fact. Regardless, I found quite a lot of the language in this article to be rather unsettling. It certainly sounds like Huffington Post sanctioned genocide denial, and not even subtle enough to disguise itself as objective historical truth seeking. But perhaps I am simply misreading Ms. Bayrasli.


  1. And this HP blogger:

  2. Isn't that like the "all powerful Jewish lobby?" Next thing you know, they'll be the denying Holocaust! No wait, they're already into it.

    Its not just anti-Semitism that's to be found on the fruits of the rotten HP tree.

  3. I will be contacting my rep to support this resolution when it comes up again.


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