Monday, January 17, 2011

Huffington Post Blogger Exploits MLK Day For Anti-Israel Agenda

The Huffington Post came alive with articles to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday today, which connected his life and legacy to all kinds of topics including the living wage, President Obama, and anti-gay bigotry, among many others. In the Huffington Posts' "World" section, however, the Huffington Post blogger stable spoke with one voice when they published not one but two articles comparing Palestinians (specific or in general) to Martin Luther King Jr. Yes, it appears that there are no holidays that are free from Huffington Post bloggers trying to use its message against Israel.

The first one is by Majida Abu Rahmah, who we have come to know as the local Palestinian propagandist spokesperson on behalf of the rioters protesters at Bi'lin. Her article is the pretty standard fare: Her husband, one of the ringleaders behind the protests there, was arrested and found guilty by Israel and isn't it so very very sad and unjust. This is now the eighth article that she has written about him that has been published on the Huffington Post, though her supporters would no doubt claim that she is being "silenced" somehow. Anyway, take a look at how she uses MLK's legacy for her own personal gains and to spread an anti-Israel message.
"As the people of the United States commemorate the non-violent leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King in a struggle for equality and recognition, they must be reminded of the Palestinian sisters, fathers and husbands held as political prisoners by Israel. The courageous individuals who continually pursue justice, such as Abdallah, keep the spirit of Dr. King alive in villages and cities across the West Bank."
 Notice how she doesn't want "peace," but "justice." She doesn't want the two sides to stop fighting, she just wants Israel to stop arresting Palestinians. She doesn't want murderers of Israelis to face justice for their crimes, after all they are "Palestinian sisters, fathers and husbands" so no big deal. I hardly think that Martin Luther King Jr. would approve of such blatantly one-sided moralizing.

The second article, by Ryan J. Bell, is much better. It's about what Rev. Bell describes as "the Palestinian Martin Luther King," Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish.  Dr. Abuelaish sure sounds like the real deal, he even passed the acid test of being willing to criticize his fellow Palestinains, if you can believe it. Take a look at the article if you are feeling like a cheer up. I do find it interesting that the Huffington Post never publishes any articles about Israeli Mandelas/Gandhis/MLKs though. I wonder why that is?

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  1. These people seem to think Munich never happened. The Palestinians owe us justice for that...and that's just for starters. She can kiss my ass, and so can the Palestinians.


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