Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Linda Milazzo Lies Like a Rug

I know the title of this blog post seems kind of harsh but there is no other way to describe this comment by our old buddy Linda Milazzo:

Ms. Milazzo is correct that Israel's military is supported with American aid, but that is where her honesty ends. Let us start with Israeli settlements. The United States government not only does not provide aid to settlements but specifically forbids Israel from using aid for that purpose:
"By law, U.S. loan guarantees cannot be used to finance Israeli settlement building in areas occupied after the 1967 War. In the mid-1990s and then again in 2003 and 2005, the United States reduced loan guarantees to Israel by an amount equal to Israel’s estimated spending on settlement construction in the West Bank and Gaza Strip"
As for the rest of it, I don't know if it is even worth providing sources. Anyone who has researched the topic on websites other than Electronic Intifada will know that the loan guarantees and military aid are loaded down with all kinds of restrictions, most notably that they must be spent in America on American products. From my link above:
"Israel uses almost 75% of its FMF funds to purchase U.S. defense equipment. By law, Congress must be notified of most new purchase agreements. The Department of Defense’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) is charged with managing U.S. arms sales to Israel....For the most part, Israeli dependence on American equipment has been beneficial, though at times, some Israeli observers (like many other foreign recipients of U.S.aid), have expressed concern that U.S. military aid comes with its own conditions."
 I could go on but I think at this point Ms. Milazzo's dishonesty (or ignorance, I'll be charitable) has been pretty well established. But I did want to make you noticed the "owned by AIPAC" crack. A little ZOG anyone? 


  1. Here is an instance of how anti-Zios cannot be bothered to bring up the truth about US taxpayers money really affects Israel - presumably because it would show Israel in a good light. And they do not ever want to show Israel is both a decent country AND a friendly ally of America.

    For them, any "debate" must always be to Israel's detriment.

  2. I just have to wonder how it got to the point where the left started hating the Jews.


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