Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sharmine Narwani Returns, More Extremist Than Ever (Part 2)

If you haven't read the first part of my response to "Dignity Rockets'" latest work on the Huffington Post, please do so now and then come back. Now that she has finished talking about the oh-so-terrible narrative of accepting Israel that prevails in the Arab world, she is moving onto talking about those brave few who resist it! She begins by referencing President Nasser of Egypt, remember him?
“We are awaiting aggression by Israel and any supporters of Israel. We will make it a decisive battle and get rid of Israel once and for all… This is the dream of every Arab.”
- Gamal Abdel Nasser, President of Egypt
(Washington Post, July 27, 1959)
What a guy! Anyway back to Narwani, she names some names of Arabs who have found their pride once more:
"From Qatar to Hezbollah to Syria, we are now seeing a language of "pride" -- a desire to forge a new narrative of possibilities. These entities are not complaining about the status quo -- economic, political, social stagnation -- they are offering solutions."
Wow, Hezbollah, now that's a bunch of stand up guys. Here is their solution: Be exactly like us or we'll kill you. Just ask President Hariri (oh snap!). Now it is kind of funny that she references Qatar, because Qatar has been buddying up to America recently, which one would think is the opposite of Arab pride, what with all the America-hate over there and such. It's also an absolute monarchy, just in case you thought Ms. Narwani actually cared about democracy and human rights and all that stuff. But hey, they're making money and hosting the World Cup! This in addition to the cheerleading for anti-Western regimes calls into question her objectivity when writing this article. In case you weren't already questioning it.

Moving on, she now believes that the answers will come from these courageous Arabs and not from America:
"It was not Washington's input that was necessary to form governments in Lebanon and Iraq after elections -- the deals were struck with the assistance of Riyadh, Damascus and Tehran. And it will not be the State Department that will ultimately solve the Palestine-Israeli issue either. I predict an entirely homegrown solution to that enduring conflict -- the idea will come from the region, if not the enforcing of it."
First of all I should say that if someone other than America comes up with a peace plan and it works, I say go for it. No skin off my teeth if it is someone in Syria who gets the Nobel peace prize instead of an American president. But I think this is kind of an ironic thing for Ms. Narwani to say. After all, the last peace plan to come out of the region was the Arab Peace Initiative, which many anti-Zionists tout as proof that the Arabs really want peace and Israel doesn't. But if Ms. Narwani had it her way, she would definitely not accept the API, because it continues to allow Israel to exist and maintain its claims to its land. Which she just explained in this article is only a "myth" that should be challenged. How confusing!

She continues to praise Islamic dictators in her concluding paragraphs. What gives the Arabs pride?:
" Local corruption and economic, political and social decay are the root causes of this popular dissent, but it would be foolish not to recognize that these have been fueled by a new "chutzpah" derived from watching uncensored news (Al Jazeera) for the first time -- or bursting with pride at a perceived Israeli loss against Hezbollah in 2006 -- or frankly, just watching Turkey and Iran curb external hegemonic aspirations in the region. These events have inspired pride and honor in a part of the world that values these attributes highly."
It's always funny to watch critics of Israel approach the events of 2006 now that it is in the past. At the time and often since they scream it was a "slaughter," a "massacre," and so forth. And in fact this media damage was the reason why Israel eventually backed down. But once Israel did, now they "lost" to Hezbollah, even thought it was really the anti-Israel PR machine that did the fighting. Which is it Ms. Narwani: A glorious victory of "freedom fighters" over the Zionists, or a mass slaughter of civilians?  Gee, could it be that Israel's enemies are dependent on that image of the victim in order to triumph over Israel and to have pride in themselves? Which in turn requires more battles and thus more "victimization" in order to maintain? And how does this lead to peace again? Hm...

Anyway, it's pretty standard issue "Dignity Rockets" this time around. More Palestinian than the Palestinains, more Iranian than the Iranians, more Arab than the Arabs, when all is said and done. She's clearly right at home on the Huffington Post.

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  1. Honor is more important than life to the Arab mind. The Arabs can lose everything but they still have their honor. This is what Sharmine Narwani defends - saving face defines the value of an Arab more than building an open, progressive, tolerant and advanced society. Her viewpoint will ensure the Arab World will not join the 21st Century in our lifetime.


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