Friday, February 11, 2011

Ben Cohen Hits the Hardline Too

Huffington Post blogger Ben Cohen (who is not Ben S. Cohen of the AJC by the way), who we have encountered before, recently wrote a response to David Suissa's treatise on hypocrites, which we also wrote about. As you might not be surprised to hear, Mr. Cohen completely missed the point of Mr. Suissa's article. He didn't realize that Mr. Suissa was calling out the hypocrisy of so-called "human rights" groups, and instead used that time honored Palsbarist talking point: That anyone who criticizes the critics of Israel is defending the indefensible occupation. Along the way he accuses Mr. Suissa of telling "outrageous" lies, of gasping in horror that Mr. Suissa said the Palestinians have rejected peace offers, and referring to Israel as "the increasingly brutal state." What's also interesting is the following two sentences, placed apart from each other in the article:
"That does not mean I have to accept its atrocious treatment of the Palestinians, whose land they have stolen and people they have killed in over 60 years of occupation and war....CNN, MSNBC and Fox will show you footage of war, razed villages and dead Palestinian children, all the while telling their audiences that the Palestinians brought it on themselves."
This leads me to ask two questions: Does this mean that he considers Israel to be occupied Palestinain territory, seeing as how he said that it has been occupied for 60 years? And why would the major cable networks have a pro-Israel slant? Fortunately for me, Mr. Cohen answers the first question in a comment below the line:

I am reasonable certain that declaring that Israel has no right to exist and that the Palestinians should never recognize it is an extremist point of view. Ditto with declaring that all of Israel is stolen from them, and that the conflict is all one big "injustice" dealt to the Palestinians. Yet here we are on the Huffington Post, where such one-sided views are mainstreamed.


  1. Yup. And guess who promotes the view Israel is illegitimate?


    The worst anti-Semites in the world couldn't give it greater credibility.

  2. It seems that your blog consistently confuses political statements with genocidal statements.

    There is nothing egregious about asserting that a political system has no legitimate right to existence if it depends, for its existence, on the misappropriation of individual rights such as security of life and the quiet enjoyment of property.

    I assert that Israel is an illegitimate State until it acknowledges the claims of its indigenous people.

    International Law is unequivocal. Property and legitimacy cannot be earned through warfare. It does not matter who began the conflict, the aim of the Law is to eliminate War - to make it unprofitable.

    Until there is justice for the Palestinians who were cast aside in the creation of the Israeli State, Israel will remain illegitimate.

    This has nothing to do with hatred, it is a political reality.


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