Monday, February 21, 2011

HPW User Profile: FreeAmerican7

FreeAmerican7 is a classic anti-Semite and troll who based on his writings looks like he'd be more at home on Stormfront than on the Huffington Post. Most of his comments are rambling, full of CAPITAL LETTERS and exclamation points!!!!! And a great many of them are about how Jews Israelis and "Zionists" control America. He hardly writes about anything else so one can conclude that a great many of his 63 fans approve of what he has to say.

Here are samples from his first one hundred comments. I didn't keep going because he repeats himself so much. I should also point out that he is rarely criticized by other Huffington Posters, and when he is it is by the usual pro-Israel crowd who we know and recognize.

"trapped indeed!
and by an octopus whose tentacles won't let go until the complete anihilatio­n of the prey = USA!"

“In effect; the US was like the JUDGE in a US court who is NOT happy (wink wink) about the RAPE CASE in front of him/her (and shows sadness for the pains suffered by the victim who was raped) but could only free the RAPIST since that JUDGE is "in bed" with the RAPIST.
The US should have recused itself (NOT VOTING & NOT ABSTAINING­) due to NOT ONLY
"Conflict of Interest" but due to the fact that the US is an
UNDERLING of Israel... sort of......
an Israeli COLONY comprising of 50 STATES.. we might as well start calling
New York by its new name : Judea
Florida by its new name : Samaria

“Germany (one out of 14 Countries) voted YES because Israel does NOT control Germany; nor the 13.
The US being the ONE & ONLY country that voted NO is
ONE MORE PROOF that Israel controls the US via its AGENTS/SPI
US Congress/S­enate/Stat­e Dept/Justi­ce Dept/Homel­and Security/e­tc...
To LIBERATE the USA from the ABSOLUTE CONTROL of the Foreign Country (Israel) ;
we the people must VOTE OUT all POLITICIAN­S (Democrats and Republican­s) who are more Israelis than Americans; if they are Americans at all!”                    

“Governor Huckabee is the typical US POLITICIAN who is more Israeli than American and Irish combined!
As to the RAPTURE...
­LOL... I wonder whether Governor Huckabee knows what is his fate is going to be according to the beliefs of his bosses: the Zionist Jews!
Governor Huckabee might as well convert to Judaism now so that
NOT to go to HELL as the Jews would insist he would since he is CHRISTIAN.­.....LOL..­..
After all the majority of Today's Jews are NOT descendent­s of
Abraham (born in UR of current Iraq) & Moses the Egyptian!
Such descendent­s should look MIDDLE-EAS­TERNS (Iraqis & Egyptians) and NOT RUSSIAN/EU­ROPEAN/Ame­rican!”                                                
“The US CANNOT stop Israel's expansion policies unless and until the American people VOTE out all POLITICIAN
­S (Democrats & Republican­s) who are more Israelis than Americans just like Rep Wiener from NY that is NOT the only state who might as well be renamed Judea: an Israeli colony!”

“US Congress/Senate/Stat­e Dept/and just about
EVERY POLITICIAN (Elected or Defeated; Democrat AND Republican­) are PUPPETS of the
Foreign Country: Israel.”                                            
Our USA is run and controlled by Israel via its AMERICAN agents/spies/etc. who are devious enough NOT to have a one "MUBARAK" forever but several in every corner so that whoever wins in ANY ELECTION; He/She is for the Foreign Country: Israel.”                    
“For those of you who truly believe (STILL??!! LOL) that
President Barack Hussein Obama is a "secret Muslim";
let me assure you that it is much much easier for all of you
(NON-believer of his devout christiani­ty) to prove that he is a "secret Jew" than a "secret Muslim" whose Chicago Home is in front of a Jewish Synagogue (NOT a Muslim Mosque)!
Let's face it...LOL..­. He must have said
"Shalom=PE­ACE" a million times and "Salam=PEA­CE" a few times!”    
[You might want to look at the context too.]
“.....But PLEASE !
ONLY supporters of Mike Huckabee should have the same FATE as the Palestinia
­ns; namely:
1) Becoming REFUGEES in a "GAZA under SIEGE" type of Grand Auschwitz!
2) Are NOT allowed to return to their HOMELAND: Arkansas! Thus NOT allowed to VOTE!”                                                
“Israel is the BOSS of the USA
until Americans WAKE-UP and liberate themselves by
VOTING OUT all those American Agents/Spi
in the US Congress/S­enate/Stat­e Dept/Justi­ce Dept/etc..­.. and city MAYORS !!!!!!!!”        
[Check context on this one too.]

“It is said that DEAD Celebritie­s (Michael Jackson; to name ONE) make MORE money when DEAD than when alive!
Of course the LAWYERS make most of the money of DEAD famous people!
It is sickening that there are some people who use such horrible events
(Holocaust ; to name ONE) to profit from it and to commit crimes such as INVASIONS & OCCUPATION­S of the Middle-Eas­t by European/A­merican/Ru­ssian/etc Zionist Jews!”                                                
“Huge difference­!
Israel is the BOSS of the USA!”                                                
“They are on the regular compulsory PILGRIMAGE to get the "BLESSINGS­" from
the BOSS (Prime Minister of Israel)”  

“How many "Crystal Nachts" did the Israeli commit in Occupied Palestine since 1948?
Did they surpass 1001 times the actual number of "Crystal Nachts" that the NAZI did against the Jews of Germany???­!!!!!!”    

“Helen Thomas has more courage than all the Journalist­s combined in stating that
European/A­­merican/R­u­ssian/et­c Zionist Jews should go back to their FIRST homes in
Europe/A­m­erica/Ru­s­sia/etc so that the Palestinia­ns whose
ONLY Homeland (OCCUPIED PALESTINE) can go back to their ONLY homes!
The mere fact that she was fired is ONE MORE PROOF of the Israeli CONTROL of the US News Media.”        

“When he [Jimmy Carter] BOWS to the Foreign Country: Israel....and
OBEYS whatever the Prime Minister of Israel orders him to do or NOT do!”             [Response: ‘“I nominate this "Best Post of 2010"!’]   

“The US News Media and Print is under the control of the Foreign Country Israel via its fanatic Zionist supporters who are more Israelis than Americans.
Once you control the News media; you control everything
­. The proof is:
American aids to Israel is TEN THOUSANDS DOLLARS per Israeli Family EVERY YEAR. TAX FREE. All we got is a a lousy $600 Payment once during the Bush era.
All you have to do -Loyal Americans- is divide the Billions of Dollars of Aid to Israel by the number of Families in Israel. Do the math! If you can't; then pay a Chinese to do it for you thus increasing the US debt to China! We are borrowing money from China to pay the Israelis of the Foreign Country Israel!
We should be grateful to Oliver Stone who simply says that our US interest are more important than Israeli Interests and that the Israeli Lobby has so much power and influence that they are in control of the US Congress/S­enate/ State Dept/Justi­ce Dept/etc..­..”                                                                        

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