Friday, February 18, 2011

Sharmine Narwani On Jews

On the surface this comment doesn't seem too bad. Of course there is the denial of Jewish history and the absurd implication that Arabs and not Jews are the "indigenous" population. But when you dig deeper it is actually much worse. You see because the Palestinians have made it clear that Jews cannot become Palestinians. And let us not forget either that 99.99% of the "indigenous" Jews (i.e. the Mizrahi Jews from the Middle East) are living in Israel and are Israelis.

So what "Dignity Rockets" is really saying is that all the Jews in Israel are foreigners, which is all the Jews in the region. It's the same thing as what Helen Thomas was saying, but cloaked behind weasel words and ridiculous implications that there are "Jewish Palestinians."

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  1. Sharmine Narwani is clearly an anti-Semite.

    Let no one be fooled!

  2. Sharmine should be removed from her academic post. She is clearly an example of a Rejectionist and propagandist unable to accept Israel or any part of it as "Jewish State". She has shown she supports all "terrorism". cloaked as "resistance" against Israel whether it targets civilians or residential locals. She backs Iran, and any Country that doesn't recognize Israel and will take part in Jihad. Her hatred towards Israel is disturbingly ingrained and unwavering. As the saying goes, Jealously will get "her" no where. She like many other Arab propagandists can't accept Palestinian responsibilities for their ever consistent Rejectionism, barbaric actions and failures. If people like her could only grow up, then real peace would be more likely, but instead she prefers the mud slinging add fuel to the fire mentality. She definitely could use Anger Management course.

  3. I suggest that what Sharmine is suggesting here should be considered.
    Were there Jews who became the first Christians?

    Without doubt, and it became a huge movement, sufficient to spread to Rome and almost all of Europe.

    Were there Jews and Christians who subsequently converted to Islam during 13 centuries of Ottoman rule - undoubtedly.

    The justification of Jewish "ownership" of Palestine entails recognition of these people.


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