Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Alon Ben-Meir Gets Back on the Soapbox

In an ideological sequel to his previous freak out, Alon Ben-Meir has returned to the Huffington Post ready to waggle his finger like there is no tomorrow. His article is entitled "The Blind Leading the Blind" and in short is about how every Jew on the planet except for him is an utter moron:
"American Jews must open their eyes -- and help Israel to do the same -- to witness the unpleasant realities of the region and the state, and to recognize that they will not disappear simply because they are wished away. Israel and world Jewry today are acting like a reckless gambler, unnecessarily risking the future even though Israel already has the chips it needs to realize all its dreams -- if both sides could only open their eyes and grasp them."
Oh my gosh I know! If only everyone was as smart as Mr. Ben-Meir then everything would be just fantastic, wouldn't it? Seriously, compare this article with his other one and you will see that it is pretty much the same thing: Mr. Ben-Meir cannot understand why people don't agree with his ideas about where Israel should be headed. He also dips into armchair psychology. Let's take a look:
"The psyche of a people with a history under almost constant siege has served as the key unifying agent between Israel and the American Jewish community. The narrative of the Jewish people surrounded by hostile enemies, and needing the constant support and vigilance of its brethren to survive, is indeed a powerful one... Israel was supposed to change all this. The Zionist ideology was about Jews not cowering in fear of those who would threaten them, but rather about binding together in strength...But the sense of vulnerability within Israel, and among Jews worldwide, has become so deeply engrained [sic] that it is hard to recover..."
There seems to be some contradictions here. On the one hand Jews are only imagining that they are under threat because they need to. But on the other hand Israel is under threat, but only because American Jews are blind and not smart like Mr. Ben-Meir. And the whole point of Israel's existence is for the Jews to gather together in strength. But if they gather in strength too well then they aren't flexible enough to make the changes that Mr. Ben-Meir feel is necessary...sigh. The contradictions continue:
"Instead, Israel -- and the United States -- is even more isolated than it was before, and the mediation and influence of the United States, Israel's most critical benefactor and ally, is being questioned as never before....However, those who point to a supposedly all-powerful Jewish lobby as the key source of the Administration's concerns are mistaken....American Jews make up only 2.2 percent of the United States -- support for Israel is an American interest, certainly not strictly a Jewish one."
So on the one hand relations between Israel and America are deteriorating, because of the right-wing attitudes of American Jews. But on the other support for Israel is not only in America's interests but is supported by the vast majority of Americans. So don't get on anyone's case about a Jewish lobby. But what the Jews say are still important, to the point where they are leading Israel toward disaster (as mentioned in the first paragraph).

To sum up, it's your usual Ben-Meir article. Lecturing everyone else for not being as smart as he is and not seeing that voting Kadima endlessly will lead to peace, while jumping from one issue to another. Though I have liked his writings in the past, this time he fails to convince.

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  1. The reason peace doesn't exist today has nothing to do with Israel and everything to do with Arab hatred of the Jews and Israel.

    That's the elephant in the room that Alon Ben Meir won't address.


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