Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Families and Flotillas

When Jews kill Arabs and Turks:

And over the next couple days:

When Arabs kill Jews:

Any questions as to what kind of news story the HP is more interested in?


  1. And when Arabs kill Arabs, you can count the number of interested posters on the HP on one digit of one hand.

    If Israel isn't the story, the anti-Zios are simply not interested in hearing about it.

  2. Umm...Japan is kind of a big deal right now.

    Unless there was something of a similar scale going on when those idiots decided they couldn't wait until the flotilla wasn't in international waters, you can't make a reasonable argument that a single stabbing attack should be front page headline news.


  3. Amake, there were multiple news stories and blog posts posted on the flotilla raid for days after the event happened. You see any about the Itamar massacre on the world page today?

  4. No. However, I don't believe you can make an argument that the two are comparable. After all, one was an act committed by a government against members of another country - a NATO member country that quickly made it's extreme outrage clear and there was fighting over who should handle the investigation and so on and so forth.

    The other was a killing that most of us are presuming was committed by Palestinians for nationalistic reasons because the family murdered were settlers. However, not even Hamas has taken responsibility for the killing so right now it's being treated largely as sad and brutal murders but not as something that has the same implications or (newsworthy "hook" quality) as other crimes. In part because there's so much else going on in the world now but also because outside of right wing pro Israel people nobody seems to be viewing this as an evil that implies something deep and foreboding about the Palestinian people. Horrible killings for no good reason (even against babies) happen every day, all over the world. I wish it weren't true but it is and I think you know it. Even on a local, American level every day you read about parents stabbing and poisoning their own children, gang rapes and murders and assaults on levels that sicken you but don't make it beyond page 5.


  5. Curious Amanda/Amake616.....what determines which name you use when you post here? Are you just trying to appear to be two different people?


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