Thursday, March 24, 2011

How Sharmine Narwani Reacts to a Bus Bombing

After thirty Israelis were wounded and maimed, and one killed, in a bombing on a civilian target in Jerusalem yesterday, Huffington Post blogger Sharmine "Dignity Rockets" Narwani poured out her grief for the suffering of Israeli civilians.

Ha ha! Just kidding! Of course she didn't!

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But what was awesome about this is that immediately like fifteen Huffington Posters proceeded to tear her a new one. No doubt she will go running to the mods crying about how they are being so mean to her and request that none of them reply to her ever again. Here are some examples:

Update: Here are the rest of the examples of pro-Israel posters responding to her. Remember to click to zoom in:

Now click on the link to the comment above and contrast with the status of the thread right now. Most of the above screengrabbed comments are gone. Not "deleted," with the notification that comment was there but is no longer. Just...gone.

Why? Or rather...why is the offensive comment by Narwani allowed to remain while perfectly acceptable reactions to her hateful remarks stifled by the moderators? Wouldn't we all like to know.


  1. Where did all those comments that you posted in response to her, go? What an opportune time by her to poke fun at Israel. Sure say's a lot about her, and that's no compliment.

  2. The separation fence does work. The Palestinians were so sloppy they couldn't even manage to murder a Jew yesterday though G-d knows they tried really hard. Its just incomplete and when its finished, homocide bombers and terrorists will no longer have easy access to Jerusalem.

    Let's see Sharmine Narwani shedding crocodile tears over the elimination of their freedom of movement to murder Jews then!


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